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    'Why we're only publishing women in 2018'

    When author Kamila Shamsie challenged the book industry to publish only women in 2018 to help address a gender imbalance in literature, just one publisher took up the challenge - the Sheffield-based company And Other Stories. It was almost three years ago that Shamsie suggested "a concerted campaign to redress the inequality" in publishing. Arguing that there was a gender bias in book awards, reviews, top publishing jobs and prestige afforded to authors, she suggested that 2018, the centenary of women over 30 in Britain getting the vote, would make a good Year of Publishing Women. Women would be prominent in review pages and blogs, shop windows, festival line-ups and prize shortlists, she predicted.

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    Scott Baio accused of harassment by another 'Charles in Charge' co-star

    (CNN)Scott Baio has been accused of harassment and assault by his former "Charles in Charge" co-star, Alexander Polinsky. Polinsky and his attorney, Lisa Bloom held a press conference on Wednesday. He was joined by his former co-star Nicole Eggert, also a minor at the time, who has also accused Baio of misconduct when they worked together from 1987 to 1990. Polinsky claims Baio began verbally harassing him on the set of their sitcom when he was about 11 or 12 years old. He said Baio would direct homophobic slurs at him, and on one occasion, he was thrown to the floor by Baio when he went to sit on his lap. "Scott Baio began a pattern of abuse that was unrelenting. Mr. Baio repeatedly told me

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    People can't stop watching Hallmark's cheesy TV movies

    In "Cooking with Love," a TV producer falls in love with a cocky celebrity chef. In "My Secret Valentine," a woman bonds with a secret admirer at her family's winery. In "Very, Very Valentine," a flower shop girl is romanced by a mysterious man at a masquerade ball. These movies, in all their schmaltzy glory, premiered this month on the Hallmark Channel, which has distilled your warm and fuzzy feelings down to a science. The network best known for its G-rated romantic comedies posted its highest ratings ever last year. And it's eyeing an even bigger 2018. "We have grown by leaps and bounds," said Michelle Vicary, the executive vice president for programming at Hallmark parent company Crown Media.

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    Viola Davis is an acting great but says she doesn't get paid like one

    (CNN)Viola Davis is one of the most revered and decorated actresses in Hollywood, but the star of stage and screen says her paychecks and opportunities don't necessarily reflect her esteemed position. "I have a career that's probably comparable to Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Sigourney Weaver," Davis said at the Women in the World Los Angeles Salon on Tuesday. Davis is a two-time Tony Award winner, a Golden Globe winner, an Oscar winner and became the first black woman to win the best actress in a drama Emmy in 2015. "People say, 'You're a black Meryl Streep.

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    Rich and poor life expectancy gap widens

    The life expectancy gap between England's richest and poorest neighbourhoods has widened since 2001, a report says. On average, a boy born in one of the most affluent areas will outlive one born in one of the poorest by 8.4 years. That was up from 7.2 years in 2001, the Longevity Science Panel (LSP) found. The government said it was tackling the issue, and added cancer survival rates were "at an all-time high". The LSP report said the results were concerning and required further investigation to understand the causes. But its authors said income inequality was the biggest factor. 'Most unfair outcome' The LSP looked at data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2015. This divides England

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    'Annihilation' director, star respond to whitewashing criticism

    (CNN)The director of "Annihilation" is refuting claims his new movie "whitewashed" characters and said there was "nothing cynical and conspiratorial" in the casting of the sci-fi drama. Despite having a diverse cast that includes actors Gina Rodriguez, Benedict Wong and Sonya Miznuo, advocacy groups American Indians in Film and Television (AIIFT) and Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) argue the film is not true to the novels. In the "Annihilation" novel, Leigh's character is described as being half-Native American. The film is just the latest project criticized for hiring white actors to play ethnic roles.

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    Amy Schumer marries chef Chris Fischer

    Singer Elle King and Andrew "Fergie" Ferguson announced they were marrying in April 2017. King even said she skipped out on her wedding to go to a rock concert instead. In May she revealed the couple had actually married three weeks after they met in February 2016.