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    UAE expat community show support to family after husband dies on Emirates flight

    The UAE’s expat community has come together in a time of need after a young British family residing in the country lost a husband and father onboard an Emirates Dubai-bound flight. The late man, a New Zealand resident, died on a flight from Christchurch to Dubai on March 18, reported The National. The family currently awaits autopsy results at a hotel in the emirate. Upon hearing the news, social media platforms buzzed calling for support to the young family.

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    British police reveal new details on deadly attack against Egyptian student

    British police have uncovered new details about the tragic death of Egyptian student Mariam Abdel Salam in Nottingham, who died after being brutally attacked by female thugs. Rob Griffin, a Nottingham police official, said at a press conference on Monday evening that investigations into the incident had found that the perpetrators were six girls who all participated in the attack against the Egyptian girl. The police official said that the girl was subjected to a similar attack last August, which left her with a broken leg. This was also confirmed by Mariam’s mother when she spoke to Al Arabiya stating that her daughter was subjected to a similar assault by the same girls, but the police was unable to identify them.

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    Remains of missing Australian found in Canada

    The remains of a missing Australian woman have been found near the Canadian resort town of Whistler, British Columbia. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) say walkers found the body of Allison Raspa in a partially frozen lake on Friday. The cause of death has not been confirmed but police say they do not consider it suspicious. Her family in Australia have been notified of the 25 year old's death. She was reported missing from the area on 23 November 2017. Raspa was last seen leaving a bar in Whistler, about 120km (75 miles) north of Vancouver, on 22 November, around 23:30 local time. Her mobile phone was recovered the next morning in Alpha Lake Park. The local RCMP and Whistler rescue crews

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    Trump praises US military sales in talks with MBS

    WASHINGTON: Saudi Arabia’s crown prince received an effusive welcome at the White House yesterday from US President Donald Trump, who hailed a “great friendship” with the kingdom and praised US defense sales to Saudi Arabia as a boost to American jobs In Oval Office talks, Trump and Prince Mohammed bin Salman discussed an agreement last year for $200 billion worth of Saudi investments with the United States, including large purchases of US military equipment. Trump said the military sales contributed to the creation of 40,000 American jobs. The talks were part of the first visit by the prince to the United States since he became the heir apparent last June to succeed King Salman. Trump produced

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    Prince Alwaleed: how I spent my days during purge detention

    Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has revealed his typical day in the Ritz-Carlton Riyadh during his 83 days of detention as part of an anti-corruption crackdown in Saudi Arabia. Alwaleed, who was the most prominent among hundreds of Saudi businessmen, government officials and princes who were swept up in November, also described the moment when he was caught up in the purge. In a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg Television, he denied he was mistreated during his detention, saying: “Doctors used to come twice a day. We had the best food service - best food, best everything." He added that all is forgiven after his three-month detention. "I am not a person who is going to say I forgive

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    Maya Ahmad: Sleepless in Sri Lanka

    Arab fashion icon Tamara Al-Gabbani wants to inspire people to be happy DUBAI: Lebanese makeup artist and vlogger Maya Ahmad has been soaking up the sun on vacation in Sri Lanka. “I do not want to leave this place,” Ahmad wrote on Instagram on Monday. “Most amazing vacation and the weather was PERFECT!” She waxed lyrical about the view of coconut trees and the ocean from her room at Shangri La’s Hambantota Resort on Sri Lanka’s south coast: “Waking up to this is priceless!” she wrote. “I can’t sleep, so here is another photo from today,” she wrote, posting an image of herself in a flowing white blouse-skirt combo from Missguided, the UK fashion label founded by Anglo-Indian designer Nitin Passi and favored by celebs including singer Nicole Scherzinger.

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    Teaching boys that 'real men' would stop rape

    Isaac, a 15-year-old boy, watched as a group of men grabbed a young girl. It was a bustling new year's eve in Kibera, Kenya's largest slum, and he knew she was in trouble. He also knew he didn't have the strength to fight off those older, larger men. Having been taught to intervene if he sees predatory behaviour, Isaac called over another man to help confront the group. "Everyone started arguing," explains Isaac. "The group said the girl was their 'catch' and they had to rape her." After 20 minutes, they decided to let her go. "The stories you hear are shocking," says Anthony Njangiru, a field co-ordinator for the Kenyan non-profit Ujamaa, which trains boys like Isaac to help stop violence against