• Sean Spicer's resignation may mean the end of Melissa McCarthy's 'SNL' character

    Sean Spicer's resignation Friday doesn't just mean the end of his time as White House press secretary. It also likely means the end of one of the all-time great "Saturday Night Live" impersonations: Melissa McCarthy's Sean "Spicy" Spicer. "It is not too much to say that Melissa McCarthy turned in the most devastatingly effective political impression in recent 'SNL' history -- or maybe ever," said Bill Carter, a CNN analyst who has covered late-night TV for decades. McCarthy's impression of Spicer was so good that it became legendary even though she did it just four times. But it was clear from the first time she showed up behind the parody podium, in a surprise appearance, that McCarthy was going

  • Dali's moustache 'intact at 10 past 10', exhumation finds

    Salvador Dalí's moustache is intact in the "10 past 10" position, the surrealist painter's foundation has said, a day after his body was exhumed. "It was like a miracle," said Narcis Bardalet, who was in charge of embalming Dalí's body 28 years ago, adding that the hair was also intact. The body was exhumed in the north-eastern Spanish city of Figueres to settle a paternity case. A woman says her mother had an affair with the world-famous artist. If María Pilar Abel Martínez is proved right, she could assume part of Dalí's estate, currently owned by the Spanish state. 'A moving moment' Dalí's body was exhumed from a crypt in a museum dedicated to his life and work on Thursday evening. "When I

  • For Luis Fonsi, 'Despacito' is much more than a summer hit

    The music video includes a display of beautiful beaches and colorful buildings, with young and old Puerto Ricans dancing on the streets side-by-side. All of the the people who appear in the video are locals from La Perla and Old San Juan. In the lyric "this is how we do it down in Puerto Rico," Fonsi wanted to convey that he is showcasing the best of Puerto Rico in a time when the island is mired in economic problems. "I see the struggles, especially the economic struggles that Puerto Rico is going through," Fonsi said. "It's just coming together, the US government, the Puerto Rican government, and the people coming together and figuring out a way to do it the correct way so people can enjoy

  • Justin Bieber banned from China for 'bad behaviour'

    Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has been banned from performing in China, according to Beijing's Culture Bureau. In a statement, the ministry said it was not appropriate to allow in entertainers who have engaged in "bad behaviour." "Justin Bieber is a gifted singer, but he is also a controversial young foreign singer," it added. The statement was issued in response to a question recently submitted by a user of the bureau's website. "We hope that as Justin Bieber matures, he can continue to improve his own words and actions, and truly become a singer beloved by the public," the statement said. Analysis By John Sudworth, BBC Beijing correspondent To its list of hostile foreign forces - one assumes

  • 'Nashville' star released a song a week for a year

    (CNN)Charles Esten doesn't just play a singer on TV. The "Nashville" star is a singer and songwriter in real life who loves making music so much that he went on a mission to release one single a week for an entire year. Esten's song No. 52, "Long Haul," came out on July 7. Esten plays singer/songwriter Deacon Claybourne on "Nashville," which now airs on CMT.

  • Jake Tapper's 'The Outpost' picked up by Millennium Films

    Jake Tapper's bestselling book is getting the film treatment. Millennium Films announced Thursday that a film based on Tapper's book, "The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor," will be directed by Rod Lurie. Lurie, who served in the Army and is a West Point graduate, has previously directed projects including 2000's "The Contender" and 2001's "The Last Castle." The script is being developed by producer Paul Merryman and writing team Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson, who are best known for their Oscar nominated screenplay for 2010's "The Fighter." Tapper's "Outpost," which was published in 2012, tells the true story of 50 soldiers who battled over 400 Taliban in Northeastern Afghanistan during

  • Comic-Con day 1: Kingsman 2, Bright, Doctor Who and more

    A round-up of the film and TV events that made headlines on the first day of Comic-Con 2017. Kingsman: The Golden Circle kicks off proceedings The cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle tweeted a picture of themselves on stage after they discussed the new film and showed footage of the action spy comedy. Halle Berry stole the show though after she appeared to down half a pint of whiskey on stage. But there was disappointment from fans that 20th Century Fox's presentation didn't include anything about the eagerly anticipated Deadpool 2 - especially as the first film was launched at Comic-Con in 2015. Bright unveils its first full trailer Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Lucy Fry, Noomi Rapace and Edgar