Two women took kids to a mosque to mock Islam. Then they recorded a hate-filled video showing it all.

    They can be seen picking up pamphlets and literature from outdoor stands as they walk the property of the mosque, even encouraging their dog to urinate on the property. It's unclear on the video what the group had allegedly stolen to warrant charges. They refer to themselves in the videos as "patriots" and "infidels," and say they are removing items from the mosque to expose "the infiltration of the Arabic Muslims coming in and destroying America." A 24-minute video full of hate "The Muslims are nothing but devil, Satan worshipers," one of the women says at the mosque, pointing at flyers on a community message board at the mosque. At least one of the children seems to take the message to heart.

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    Jennifer Lopez recalls sexual harassment early in her career

    (CNN) Jennifer Lopez knows first-hand what it feels like when a man in power tries to take advantage of you in Hollywood. Lopez, a vocal advocate for the Time's Up movement as Hollywood and other industries crack down on sexual harassment, shared her story in a new interview with Harper's Bazaar. "I haven't been abused in the way some women have. But have I been told by a director to take off my shirt and show my boobs? Yes, I have," she told the magazine. "But did I do it? No, I did not." Lopez recalled being "terrfied" when she stood up to her harasser. "I remember my heart beating out of my chest, thinking, 'What did I do? This man is hiring me!'" she said. A representative for Lopez confirmed

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    How I saw Stephen Hawking's death as a disabled person

    Stephen Hawking was a renowned scientist famed for his work on black holes and relativity. He published several popular science books such as A Brief History of Time. Prof Hawking was also a wheelchair user who lived with motor neurone disease from the age of 21. Yes, he was an award-winning scientist, but a lot of the coverage after Prof Hawking's death has created a narrative of an "inspirational" figure who was "crippled" by his condition and "confined to a wheelchair". As a disabled person, I've found this discourse troubling and somewhat regressive. I'm tired of being labelled an 'inspiration' Stephen Hawking's death has reminded me why I'm tired, as a disabled person and a wheelchair user,

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    Profile: Osama bin Laden

    Reportedly the architect of the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden accused the US of waging a war against Muslims and called for the overthrow of autocratic Arab regimes.  This is his story:  Divorced parents Born to a billionaire father in Saudi Arabia, 1979 was the turning point when Osama went from being a business administration student to becoming a fighter in Afghanistan. Childhood: Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1957, Osama was the 17th child born to Mohammed bin Laden, a Yemeni immigrant who owned the largest construction company in Saudi. Osama's mother, Alia Ghanem, was from Syria and was briefly Mohammed's fourth wife before divorcing when Osama was four. Osama was raised in Jeddah as

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    Kuwait, Philippines reach deal on domestic helpers

    Workers to retain passports - Kuwait calls to lift labor ban, Manila in no hurry KUWAIT: Kuwait and the Philippines signed a draft deal to regulate the work of domestic helpers, a Kuwaiti diplomat said yesterday. Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Consulate Affairs Sami Al-Hamad told KUNA that the deal, which was signed on Friday night, came as a result of a meeting between a visiting Kuwaiti ministerial delegation and Filipino authorities in Manila. The deal will ensure the rights of both employers and employees, said Hamad. The deal may end a two-month crisis sparked by reports that abuse by employers in Kuwait had driven several Filipinos to suicide. The Philippines stopped sending workers

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    Ruler of Dubai steps in to help family stranded in desert

    A family has thanked the Ruler of Dubai for towing their car of out the sand after they became stranded in the desert. Hanna Karen Arroyo said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, stopped in his famous white Mercedes G-Wagen and lent them a hand on Saturday. "My friend and I got stuck on the desert of Dubai and we got rescued by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid," she wrote on Twitter. She shared pictures of a young Emirati attaching a tether between the Ruler's car and her Honda Pilot 4x4. The car appeared to have its front wheels partially stuck in sand just off a two-lane road. Hanna and two friends are pictured with a smiling Sheikh Mohammed just afterwards. Rescuing

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    Man beheaded in India for naming village square after PM Modi

    DUBAI: A 70-year-old man was beheaded after his son named a village square in India’s Bihar after the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week, local press reported. The attack was the result of political rivalry which took a violent turn in the northeastern state after opposition party Bihartiya Janata Party (BJP) took power. Reports stated that Tej Narayan Yadev named the village square after Modi while other villagers wanted it to be named after the president of the Rashtriya Janata Dal political party, Lalu Prasad. The incident took place Thursday night when approximately 40 villagers attacked Yadev’s house armed with weapons demanding he change the square’s name to Lalu Prasad. As