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    Where are Libya’s billions under Qaddafi abroad and who benefits from them?

    The release by Belgium of the frozen Libyan funds interest has provided more confirmations about the presence of a real threat to Libyan funds frozen abroad, either from the host countries or by the Libyan Investment Corporation, the entity that manages the assets. The Libya’s sovereign wealth fund said five EU countries paid out money from frozen accounts in Europe that once belonged to Muammar Qaddafi despite international sanctions, according to POLITICO.

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    Boats in the desert? 6 photos you won’t believe were taken in Saudi Arabia

    Aerial photographs recent taken west of Umm al-Jamajm in central Saudi Arabia show breath-taking scenes of boats floating in the middle of the ad-Dahna Desert after heavy rains fell in the arid region and turning the area into a tourist destination in recent days. The shots were taken by photographer Thamer AlThumairy, who shot the unique photos of the boats near the Riyadh province of al-Majmaah using a drone to show the area from an aerial vantage point.

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    WATCH: Jordanian goalkeeper scores shocking goal in match against India

    Jordanian goalkeeper Amer Shafi gave viewers a match to remember in a friendly game against India, where he scored a goal for his team with a long kick from his penalty area. Indian goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu had passed the ball to Amer with a long kick himself, which Amer returned to Sandhu’s surprise who tried to block the ball, but to no avail, pushing the ball into his own goal.

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    Airline etiquette in the not-so-friendly skies

    (CNN) - I was sitting in an aisle seat on a flight earlier this year when a fellow traveler approached and politely said he thought I may be sitting in his seat. After assuring him I was in the correct seat, he then demanded to see my boarding pass. I already knew I was in the right seat, but it was confirmed when he made his demand. Knowing I was in the right, I refused to show him my pass. The real issue, I think, was that he didn't want to sit in the dreaded middle seat, so he thought he could cajole or intimidate me into moving. He didn't call a flight attendant, probably because he knew the aisle seat was mine. Instead, he behaved like a spoiled child, muttering under his breath and throwing

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    ‘I’m as Palestinian as I am Dutch,’ Gigi Hadid says

    DUBAI: Model-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid took to the stage at an event in Sydney last week to defend her heritage and express her “respect” for her Arab roots. The 23-year-old model, whose father is Palestinian and mother is Dutch, made the fiery statement during a promotional appearance for Reebok’s “Be More Human” campaign. “When I shot the cover of Vogue Arabia, I wasn’t ‘Arab enough’ to be representing those girls, even though I’m half-Palestinian,” Hadid told the crowd of her March 2017 cover for the magazine, according to Yahoo. Nov 14, 2018 at 3:09am PST The model also touched on her much-reported-on relationship with British singer Zayn Malik, saying the pair had discussed her background in the past.

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    Salman Khan injured; returns home

    Salman Khan came in for trouble recently during the shooting of the film Bharat. We are not talking about the political controversy that ensued over the use of the Pakistan flag during the shoot of the film in Ludhiana, but also of a physical injury caused to the actor. Well, Salman did not death-defying stunts, but the actor was normally working out in the gymnasium at the shoot when he hurt himself pretty badly. “It is not a very serious injury, but he needs a lot of rest and that was one reason why Salman came back to Mumbai to also get checked up to assuage himself and people around him that nothing was too serious.  Salman was in a lot of pain and could not complete the shooting schedule

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    Diver exposes the secret lives of sea creatures

    (CNN) - The Atlantic Ocean off the southern-most tip of Africa is so cold it feels like your skin is burning. But still Craig Foster slips into the frigid water every day, without a wetsuit or scuba gear, off to explore an underwater kingdom. He has now published a book, along with fellow diver Ross Frylinck, documenting his close encounters with these wild animals. But his most memorable encounter was with an octopus he befriended and accompanied on hunts. Foster said it took years of diving and learning how to completely relax around animals before they started engaging with him. Foster's octopus even made a cameo on the BBC's "Blue Planet II" documentary last year, where it demonstrated an