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    Tragic tale of nursing mother's snakebite

    A mother and her three-year-old daughter have been killed in India after the woman was bitten by a snake. Not realising she had been attacked, the woman began breastfeeding her child. Both died before they could reach a hospital. The news comes the same day as the World Health Organization declared snake bites a "global health priority". Between 81,000 and 138,000 people are killed by snake bites each year, with around half of all deaths in India. How big is the problem? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around five million snake bites occur each year, although venom is only injected in just over half of cases. From blindness to amputations, hundreds of thousands of people are

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    Your pictures of Scotland

    A selection of your pictures of Scotland sent in between 18 and 25 May. Send your photos to scotlandpictures@bbc.co.uk or via Instagram at #bbcscotlandpics All images are copyrighted.

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    Regime change in Iran could cost the US trillions

    It's impossible to say with any level of precision what a US attempt to overthrow the Iranian government might cost, but our experience with Iraq offers some clues. Economic sanctions hurt millions of ordinary Iraqis. But Saddam Hussein was able to manipulate the shortages caused by sanctions to posture his regime as the sole source of sustenance for the population. As veteran journalist David Rieff noted in a detailed analysis of the 1990s sanctions regime, they "palpably failed to dislodge his [Saddam's] government and in fact strengthened him politically." After sanctions failed to displace Hussein's government, many proponents of regime change in Iraq placed their faith in Ahmed Chalabi and

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    Lewis Hamilton: 'Women are the most beautiful thing in the world'

    Rival driver Vettel chimed in, contending the furore around grid girls was unnecessarily "blown up" and a symptom of the modern age. "I agree with Lewis, I like women, I think they look beautiful," said Vettel, adding he was "just not interested" by males occupying the role. "Bottom line, I think it's too much of a fuss nowadays," the German continued. "I think all the women that took part as a grid girl in the past did it because they want to. I'm sure if you ask any grid girl on Sunday if they're happy to stand there, their answer will be yes. "I don't think there's anybody that forces them to do it. So, it speaks a little bit for our times that sometimes there's a lot of noise for nothing."

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    'Wolf-like' creature puzzles US experts

    US wildlife experts are baffled by a "wolf-like" animal that was killed by a Montana farmer. The rancher near the town of Denton shot the creature last week when it came within several hundred metres of his livestock, said officials. State wildlife experts said they have been unable to pinpoint its species. After inspecting the creature, they said they doubt it's a wolf as its teeth were too short, front paws abnormally small and claws too large. Bizarre theories have circulated online that it could be a werewolf, a young grizzly bear or a relative of Bigfoot. In a news release, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) said it was a "young, non-lactating female and a canid, a

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    Hacked: The Bangladesh Bank Heist

    It was a daring raid. Tens of millions of dollars stolen from Bangladesh's central bank via the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, transferred to accounts in the Philippines and then laundered through the Philippine casino system. The money, and the thieves, then vanished. And it was all done online. In this comprehensive investigation spanning several countries, 101 East examines one of the biggest bank robberies in modern times, to find out how cyber-hackers infiltrated the global banking system, and got away with it. The crime stunned the then-governor of Bangladesh Bank, Atiur Rahman. "It was like a terrorist attack, into the central bank," he says. "I couldn't believe it ... because nothing

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    Julia Louis-Dreyfus will receive Mark Twain Prize for comedy

    (CNN)One of the most decorated Emmy winners will soon have yet another award on her mantel. Julia Louis-Dreyfus will later this year be honored by the Kennedy Center with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, an award given to the world's greatest humorists. The "Veep" star will be saluted at a gala performance on October 21. Louis-Dreyfus called the honor "insanely exciting" in a Tweet on Wednesday. After one commenter noted to the actress that the selection committee "must have seen the bit in episode two where you sh*t your pants and then everyone has to get in the car with you," she retorted: "I thought the same thing!" Last year, Louis-Dreyfus made Emmy history when she took home her