• Manchester attack: Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry confirmed dead

    A teenage couple killed in the Manchester Arena explosion "adored each other", their families have said. "Inseparable" Chloe Rutherford, 17, and Liam Curry, 19, from South Shields were among 22 victims killed in Monday's suicide bomb attack. The pair were described as "perfect in every way for each other" by their relatives in a joint family tribute released through police. "They wanted to be together forever and now they are", it added. The statement, posted on Facebook, said the couple "lived to go to new places together and explore different cities". Chloe described herself as "ditzy", her family said, while Liam "would do anything for [her], including dealing with Chloe's demands for chocolate".

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  • Indian woman forced to marry Pakistani at gunpoint returns home

     National rallying cry against arch-rival Pakistan NEW DELHI: An Indian woman who said she was forced to marry a Pakistani at gunpoint returned to India yesterday after a court ordered her release. Uzma Ahmad was reunited with her family at the Wagah border crossing near Amritsar in northern Punjab state before heading to New Delhi where she called on Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. The case became a national rallying cry against arch-rival Pakistan with Swaraj calling Ahmad “India’s daughter” and leaving no stone unturned for her release. “I want to thank the foreign ministry and the home ministry of Pakistan. If Uzma is with us today, they have a role too,” Swaraj told reporters in Delhi in

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  • Inside the Philippines' 'baby factory'

    In the Philippines, one in 10 teenagers aged 15-19 are already mothers, according to the UN. While across the world teen pregnancy rates have been going down, in the Philippines it is growing rapidly. Dr Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila has one of the world's largest maternity wards, known as the 'baby factory', with an unusually high proportion of young mothers. Hear more on The Compass from BBC World Service.

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  • What is Iran's endgame in Syria?

    Iranians took to the polls and overwhelmingly voted to re-elect incumbent and so-called moderate Hassan Rouhani in last week's presidential election. But can we expect his next four years on the international stage to be any different from the previous years? According to Seyed Hossein Mousavian, a close friend and ally of Rouhani, while the focus of the first term was on the nuclear issue, the second term will focus on regional diplomacy. "I think in the second term he would really like to focus on the regional issues to bring peace, cooperation, engagement, diplomacy with the neighbours," says Mousavian, who also headed the Foreign Relations Committee of Iran's Supreme National Security Council.

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  • Juventus the final hurdle to history for Real Madrid - World - Sports

    Even for a man and a club synonymous with European Cup glory, Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid stand on the brink of history in Saturday's Champions League final against Juventus in Cardiff. Since the European Cup was rebranded and expanded into the Champions League in 1992, no team has been capable of defending the trophy. However, just 18 months into his first senior managerial role, Zidane is one match away from joining a stellar cast as just the 20th coach to win the competition twice. Moreover, a 12th European crown for Madrid would reaffirm their status as self-proclaimed kings of Europe with a third Champions League in four seasons. "I am the coach which means I am doing something right,

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  • Why India wants Justin Bieber to say Sorry

    Justin Bieber's first ever concert in India was one of the most-hyped of the year - and not just for Beliebers. But many of the 56,000 people who crammed into Mumbai's DY Patil Stadium for the Purpose tour were seriously disappointed. The Canadian popstar didn't even try to hide his lip synching, even wiping his mouth with a towel mid-song. His casual shorts and T-shirt also went down badly among some, who had expected him to make more of an effort. Fans spent between Rs 5,000 (£60) to Rs 75,000 (£906) on tickets and were seriously excited about seeing the 23-year-old live for the first time. Despite being home to 1.3 billion people, India isn't on most global megastars' list of countries to

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  • ANALYSIS: Hezbollah and Qatar – a story of forbidden love?

    The emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, described Lebanon’s Hezbollah as a resistance movement. He was quoted by the Qatar News Agency saying that it is “not wise” to be hostile to Iran, Hezbollah’s biggest sponsor. Sheikh Hamad Al Thani visiting Lebanon. (Supplied) A billboard in Lebanon saying 'thank you Qatar.' (Supplied) Last Update: Saturday, 27 May 2017 KSA 11:50 - GMT 08:50

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  • Pakistan’s new coal project to provide power for 200 years

    A new coal mining project in the Thar desert is expected to provide enough power to last 200 years. It's also bringing jobs and opportunities to a community which has faced drought and famine. But many people have concerns about being uprooted from their ancestral land. Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder reports from Tharparkar, Sindh.

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  • What Bin Laden documents reveal about his relations with Qatar

    The US administration has decided to speak out about Qatar’s relations with terrorism in the Middle East as the White House’s new administration tries to calm the situation and control the growing terrorism on the international level. During his visit to the Middle East, US Defense Secretary James Mattis, warned Qatari officials about their country’s continued support to the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic movements that are linked to extremist organizations such as al-Qaeda and ISIS.

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  • Pepsi and Nivea: Whose fault is it when ad campaigns go wrong?

    Marketing teams at some of the world's biggest brands haven't had the best of weeks. Pepsi faced criticism after being accused of appropriating Black Lives Matter with its Kendall Jenner ad. Nivea was also in trouble after using the slogan "white is purity" to advertise deodorant in the Middle East. We asked Lillian Sor, an executive at UK advertising agency Grey London, to explain how big marketing campaigns like these get made. Her clients include some of the country's biggest food and drink brands, along with high street shops. "We get commissioned to work by marketing directors at big brands," she explains. "They come to us with a business problem and we find a creative way to solve it."

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  • Here's what we know about Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany

    Donald Trump is no stranger to the limelight - and neither are his family. Daughter Ivanka is known for her many business ventures, including clothing ranges and books. And his eldest sons, Eric and Donald Jr. are businessmen, following in their father's footsteps. However, as the president's youngest daughter, Tiffany, looks to move to Washington DC this autumn for law school, we take a look at the life of the lesser-known Trump. She is the only daughter of President Trump and his second wife, actress Marla Maples, to whom he was married for six years. Tiffany grew up in California and went to school in Calabasas and boasts over one million followers on social media. This following has led to

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  • Three years of Narendra Modi government

    In May 2014, the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party came to power under the leadership of Narendra Modi, with the promise of development for all. Modi promised employment to millions of youth who join the job market every year, and to end corruption. In the past three years, more jobs have been lost than created, while the rise of far-right Hindu nationalists poses a danger to the unity of this diverse nation of 1.3 billion people. Did Modi deliver on his promises? Al Jazeera takes a look at the progress made in certain key sectors. India spends a little under three percent of the GDP on education, according to the World Bank data. Although there are still about 300 million people illiterate,

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  • US real estate agent sentenced for seven killings

    Todd Kohlhepp, who was arrested after a woman was found "chained like a dog" on his property in South Carolina, has pleaded guilty to seven murders. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors. Kohlhepp admitted killing four people at a motorcycle shop in 2003, and a married couple on his property in 2015. In 2016 he was arrested for kidnapping a woman and killing her boyfriend. As part of his plea agreement, which allowed him to avoid facing the death penalty, he also received a 30-year sentence for criminal sexual conduct and a 30 years for kidnapping. Kohlhepp, 44, is a registered sex offender who had built a successful real

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  • Manchester attack: CCTV shows bomber before arena blast

    CCTV images showing suicide bomber Salman Abedi on the night he attacked Manchester Arena killing 22 people, have been been released by police. Fourteen locations are being searched and 11 men remain in custody on suspicion of terror offences. Abedi's identity was known within two hours of Monday's attack, police said. The UK threat level has been reduced from critical to severe and soldiers deployed to support the police will be gradually withdrawn from Monday night. Prime Minister Theresa May made the announcement after leading a meeting of the government's emergency committee Cobra on Saturday morning. Armed police continue to guard hundreds of events across the UK over the bank holiday weekend.

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  • Zayn Malik defends Gigi Hadid after 'racist' Snapchat video

    Zayn Malik has defended his girlfriend Gigi Hadid in a single tweet after her sister Bella posted a Snapchat video of her. In it, Gigi holds up a Buddha-shaped cookie, squints her eyes and smiles. Bella has since deleted it after fans called the model racist against Asians. But it's still been widely shared online. Critics were keen to highlight Zayn's Asian heritage, prompting him to defend her. After being questioned by fans about the video, Zayn replied to one saying: "Trust me.. she likes asians ;)". Gigi Hadid was named international model of the year at the 2016 Fashion Awards last December. But this isn't the first time she's been criticised. She had to apologise after co-hosting the American

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  • South Africa: Jacob Zuma 'plans second home in Dubai'

    South Africa's embattled president Jacob Zuma has been planning to set up home in Dubai, according to emails published in South African media. The reports suggest deepening ties between President Zuma and the controversial Gupta business family. But the president's spokesman has dismissed them as an utter fabrication. Pressure on Mr Zuma has been mounting in recent months because of corruption scandals, cabinet sackings and his handling of the economy. Senior members of Mr Zuma's governing ANC tabled a motion of no confidence against him on Sunday at a closed-door meeting of the party's national executive committee. But the chairman of the meeting blocked the move because it was not on the official

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  • US official: Russia apologized after Russian jet performed barrel roll over US plane

    Washington (CNN)A Russian fighter jet recently conducted an "unprofessional" intercept of a US KC-10 tanker aircraft in the skies over Syria, prompting Russian officers to apologize, Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian told reporters at the Pentagon Wednesday. A US military official told CNN that the incident took place approximately two weeks ago and that the Russian fighter had performed a "barrel roll" over the US plane. Harrigian, who oversees US air forces in the region, said that the Russians apologized for that particular incident after the coalition communicated its displeasure about the unprofessional intercept.

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  • Scarlett Moffatt to host Streetmate dating show reboot on Channel 4

    Scarlett Moffatt will host a reboot of Streetmate for Channel 4. Originally presented by Davina McCall back in the 1990s, the programme helps single people to find a date with someone they see on the streets. "I can't believe Channel 4 have asked me to present this iconic dating show," said Scarlett. Channel 4 have signed the 26-year-old to co-host an entertainment show alongside Alan Carr, although further details have yet to be revealed. "I remember watching Davina on Streetmate when I was younger and thinking females can present entertainment shows too, I want to do that when I'm older," said Scarlett. "It's such a fun show and it's two of my favourite things to do, chat to randomers and a

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  • Dubai firm dreams of harvesting icebergs for water

    DUBAI: A Dubai firm’s dream of towing icebergs from the Antarctic to the Arabian Peninsula could face some titanic obstacles. Where many see the crumbling polar ice caps as a distressing sign of global warming, the National Adviser Bureau Limited sees it as a source of profit, and a way of offsetting the effects of climate change in the increasingly sweltering Gulf. The firm has drawn up plans to harvest icebergs in the southern Indian Ocean and tow them 9,200 kilometers (5,700 miles) away to the Gulf, where they could be melted down for freshwater and marketed as a tourist attraction. “The icebergs are just floating in the Indian Ocean. They are up for grabs to whoever can take them,” managing

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  • Iraq radio show finds talent amid rubble of Mosul

    It’s a radio talent contest with a mission: showcasing the skills of Mosul’s youth after years of jihadist rule and a months-long battle for the city. The recorded lyrics of competitor MC Rico, a rapper from Iraq’s second city, filled the studio of Al-Ghad-Arabic for “tomorrow”. “We saw a lot of horrors when we were young. I wish I hadn’t grown up, because when we grew up, we saw even worse.” The three judges in the Al-Ghad Star contest concentrated hard on the music, nodded their heads and took notes. “This kind of song makes me think Mosul can bounce back,” one said. MC Rico is one of 93 competitors in the contest, all aged between 15 and 25. He is one of the six who made it through to last

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