• Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates

    The latest news after three Gulf states and Egypt cut ties with Qatar and imposed a land, sea and air blockade. The latest developments since several countries, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, cut ties with Qatar on June 5. Qatar said it is worried Hajj pilgrims from the emirate face being badly treated if they travel to Saudi Arabia as the row over arrangements for the religious event intensified.

  • NHS call for equality over private hospitals' tax break

    NHS trusts are calling for equal treatment on business rates after research revealed private hospitals get discounts worth £52m over five years. A study suggests more than one in four private hospitals are charities, giving them an 80% rebate in business rates. But NHS trusts all have to pay in full, and will face a £300m increase in rates over the next five years. University Hospitals Birmingham Trust, the worst hit, is appealing against a rate rise of more than £2m this year. A spokesman for the trust, which operates the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, said: "The trust believes there is an anomaly in how NHS trusts are treated for business rates when compared to other organisations such as universities,

  • Johnson & Johnson faces $417m payout in latest talc case

    Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $417m (£323.4m) to a woman who says she developed ovarian cancer after using products such as baby powder. The California jury's decision marks the largest award yet in a string of lawsuits that claim the firm did not adequately warn about cancer risks from talc-based products. A spokeswoman for Johnson & Johnson defended the products' safety. The firm plans to appeal, as it has in previous cases. "We will appeal today's verdict because we are guided by the science," Carol Goodrich, spokesperson for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc, said in a statement. The evidence around any link between talc use and cancer is inconclusive. Johnson & Johnson, headquartered

  • Matt Dawson: I had to have heart surgery after a tick bite

    When former England rugby player Matt Dawson was bitten by a tick in a London park early last year, it caused a bacterial infection to spread through his body. "I had two days where I felt awful. Very feverish, on the sofa, crashed out," he said. Eventually he went to hospital where he was diagnosed with Lyme disease: "It was a really scary time for me and my family. Such a tiny creature caused me to end up needing heart surgery." Lyme disease is a bacterial infection, passed on to humans by infected ticks. While it is difficult to estimate the total number of UK cases, they are understood to have increased more than fourfold in the past 10 years. The peak season is April to October, though they

  • Beatles' original Eleanor Rigby score up for auction

    The original score for The Beatles' song Eleanor Rigby is expected to fetch £20,000 at auction. It was handwritten by producer George Martin and signed by Paul McCartney, who wrote the lyrics. Rigby's name is inscribed on a headstone in a Liverpool graveyard, where McCartney first met John Lennon at a church fete. Deeds for the grave and a miniature Bible, dated 1899 and with her name written inside, will also be sold. They were discovered by a relative when the estate of two of Rigby's half-sisters was left to the family. Paul Fairweather, from Omega Auctions, said it was an "incredible coincidence" for both lots to come up for sale at the same time. "I expect there to be fierce bidding from

  • Crowd zorbing and cake throwing, plus other weird things at UK festivals

    Pink served up some of the strangest things seen at this year's V Festival in Essex. She was swung onto site by a crane - before jumping down to the stage below. The singer then disappeared off-stage before returning inside a giant inflatable ball to zorb over the crowd. And it turns out plenty of the artists Newsbeat spoke to backstage have seen their fair share of strange things at festivals. Awkward dad dancing "A video went viral of a dad dancing to one of our songs," James McVey from The Vamps told us. "It had millions of views and it was us playing live at a festival, he was loving it." Warning: Third party content, may contain ads When the queue for the loo is really long DJ Locksmith

  • Forklift truck used to steal ATM in Arkansas

    CCTV has captured thieves using a forklift to remove an entire ATM in Arkansas, US. Conway Police are appealing for information about the incident, which targeted a bank's drive-through area.