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    WATCH: Woman violently arrested for not adhering to dress code in Iran

    Iran has ordered an investigation after a video surfaced showing police pushing and pulling a young woman who was resisting arrest for not adhering to imposed dress code. The semi-official ISNA news agency reported Thursday that Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli has requested a “comprehensive investigation and report” into the police’s handling of the matter. Another young woman shouts at the police to go easy on her, saying she has a heart condition. Masoumeh Ebtekar, vice president for women’s affairs, condemned the police’s “violent” approach to the situation.

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    Iran arrests official over public dancing

    The head of the department of Islamic guidance in the Iranian city of Mashhad has been arrested after people danced at an event in a local shopping centre. A video showed a crowd of men and women enjoying a performance by a singer. Mixing between the genders and dancing in public are severely restricted under Iran's Islamic laws. A judicial official said the shopping centre event, which was authorised by the Islamic guidance department, was an "offence against public decency". Mashhad is the location of an important Shia shrine and is a stronghold of particularly hardline clerics. The video of the shopping centre event shows hundreds of men and women crowded onto several floors around an atrium,

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    Haley's retort shows why she's unique in Trump's White House

    Navigating shifting dynamics For now at least, she is showing off her savvy in navigating the administration's ever shifting dynamics. She appears to have emerged from the combative approach unscathed -- a rare feat in Trump's orbit. "It's clear that in situations like this she is prepared to defend herself -- and publicly, if necessary," said John Negroponte, a former US ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush. Another source close to Haley said the ambassador "isn't going to let the President run over her like some of these star-struck men around the White House let him do." Haley, a former South Carolina governor who endorsed a Trump rival during her state's high profile

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    Ariana Grande teases new music

    Ariana Grande has broken her four month Twitter silence by announcing what looks like new music. The 24-year-old posted "no tears left to cry", alongside the date 20 April, suggesting new music is on the way. The message also popped on several billboards across the US. Ariana hasn't released an album since the Manchester Arena terror attack in May last year, when 23 people died at one of her concerts. The singer, who hasn't posted since 1 January, also told her 56.8m followers "miss you" before posting a tear drop emoji. Ariana's family - her mom Joan and brother Frankie - all tweeted the same emoji, while the singer also posed for a picture wearing a jumper with the slogan. Reports suggest Ariana's

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    Canadian who posted drug smuggling trip on Instagram sentenced to prison

    Crown prosecutor Tom Muir told the court that she was aware of her role in the crime, and was using it to support her lavish lifestyle. "She was not doing it for debt," he said. "It's for the lifestyle she wants to enjoy." At the time, police told CNN affiliate Channel 7 that the seizure was Australia's biggest-ever drug bust through a "passenger stream." Accomplice Isabelle Lagacé, as well as a third Canadian, 63-year-old Andre Tamine, also pleaded guilty to charges of importing drugs of a commercial volume into the country. Legace was sentenced to a similar period in November; Tamine will be sentenced later this year. Roberge and Lagacé appear to have documented much of their trip on Instagram,

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    Iraq orders air strikes against ISIS militants inside Syria

     The Iraqi Air Force carried out on Thursday air strikes against ISIS militants based inside Syrian territory, according to a statement from government sources. “On the orders of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, our air force carried out deadly air strikes against terrorist groups in Syria on the borders of Iraq,” the statement said.

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    Saudi Arabia launches first new cinema

    RIYADH: Saudi Arabia launched its first commercial movie theatre yesterday, ending a nearly 40-year ban on cinemas under a push by the crown prince to modernize the deeply conservative Muslim kingdom. A red carpet invitation-only gala event attracted senior government officials, foreign dignitaries and select industry figures to watch Marvel’s superhero movie “Black Panther” on a 45-foot screen at a converted symphony concert hall in Riyadh. Tickets will go on sale today for the first public viewings tomorrow, according to Adam Aron, chief executive of operator AMC Entertainment Holdings. Confetti rained down through the multi-storey atrium as he and the Saudi information minister announced the official launch of the theatre and proceeded into the 450-seat movie hall.