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    Britney Spears granted permanent restraining order

    Britney Spears has been granted a permanent restraining order against her former manager, Sam Lutfi. The 'Toxic' hitmaker sought protection from Sam Lutfi - who looked after her career from 2007 to 2008 - for herself and her family last month and now a judge has granted a five-year order forbidding him from contacting her and her relatives and from making disparaging comments about them online. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny rejected arguments from Sam's lawyer, Marc Gans, that the order would be a restraint on his free speech as none of his controversial Twitter posts - which largely criticised Britney's circumstances and the people around her - were made directly to individuals or could be considered harassment. The 37-year-old singer's dad, Jamie Spears - who has control of his daughter's affairs because of a court-ordered conservatorship - admitted while giving evidence that he has a "strained" relationship with the 'Womanizer' hitmaker.

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    US says Iran removed unexploded mine from oil tanker

    The US military on Friday released a video it said showed Iran's Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the oil tankers targeted near the Strait of Hormuz, suggesting the Islamic Republic sought to remove evidence of its involvement from the scene. The US Navy rushed to assist the stricken vessels in the Gulf of Oman off the coast of Iran, including one that was set ablaze Thursday by an explosion. The ships' operators offered no immediate explanation on who or what caused the damage against the Norwegian-owned MT Front Altair and the Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous. Iran has denied being involved in the attack, calling it an “unfounded claim” in the US' “Iranophobic campaign.” However, Iran previously used mines against oil tankers in 1987 and 1988 in the “Tanker War,” when the US Navy escorted ships through the region.

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    The history and evolution of the Royal Ascot dress code

    Royal Ascot is one of the world's most prestigious horse races and a highlight of the British summer social season. Each June, more than 300,000 visitors travel to the five-day event -- among them Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family, including Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. According to Elisabeth Murray, a fashion and textiles curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, it's the royal presence that sets the tone for Ascot's famously strict standard of dress. (Think long skirts for women and waistcoats for men.) Guests of the Royal Enclosure, where the most formal dress is required, as well as more flexible areas,

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    Is Iran on the verge of another revolution?

    This week, amid the fallout of tough US sanctions and growing political uncertainty, many Iranians are marking the 10th anniversary of the Green Movement. Ten years ago, mass protests erupted after suspicions arose that the general elections had been rigged in favour of the incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Reformist candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mahdi Karroubi rejected the results and their supporters took to the streets to express their anger at what they saw as the trampling of democratic procedures in Iran. Today, 10 years later, many are wondering whether Iran is on the eve of another Green Movement or even a revolution. Indeed, some scholars have pointed out that there are many

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    World Court rejects UAE demands for immediate measures against Qatar

    THE HAGUE: The United Nations' highest court for inter-state disputes on Friday rejected a United Arab Emirates request for immediate measures against Qatar in a dispute over alleged discrimination between the Arab neighbors. In a 15-1 vote, World Court judges rejected the UAE's request for immediate action to keep Qatar from blocking access to a UAE website that allows Qataris expelled from the UAE to obtain permits to return. By not allowing access to the site, Dubai argued, Doha was aggravating the dispute.

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    The rise of female Sharia judges in India

    Mumbai, India - Earlier this year, Maya Rachel McManus, a British Muslim, walked down the aisle in Kolkata on her wedding day and exchanged garlands with her partner. Later, her marriage was solemnised by female qazis, or judges, who govern Islamic law.  "Maybe my multicultural wedding would have been frowned upon if the qazis were men," McManus told Al Jazeera, adding that the couple was not satisfied with the male judges they had approached.  Along with her husband, Maya decided that she wanted women to perform her wedding rites. "This was the first time one of our qazis solemnised a marriage," said Noorjehan Safia Niaz, cofounder of Bhartiya Mahila Muslim Andolan (BMMA), an organisation that

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    Netflix's first Arabic original series sparks uproar in Jordan

    Netflix's first Arabic original series shot in Jordan has stirred controversy in the Middle Eastern country as the prosecutor seeks to ban it after viewers accused it of presenting an immoral image of the kingdom. "Jinn" is a supernatural drama about teenagers who encounter good and evil genies during their school trip to the ancient city of Petra. While the five-episode show debuted worldwide with much fanfare, it has sparked uproar among many Jordanians, who took to Twitter to express their anger and call for its censoring. Following the show's release last week, Jordan's top prosecutor has demanded that the cybercrimes department at the Ministry of Interior to take "immediate necessary measures to stop the broadcast" of the series because it includes "immoral scenes".