Regime change in Iran could cost the US trillions

    It's impossible to say with any level of precision what a US attempt to overthrow the Iranian government might cost, but our experience with Iraq offers some clues. Economic sanctions hurt millions of ordinary Iraqis. But Saddam Hussein was able to manipulate the shortages caused by sanctions to posture his regime as the sole source of sustenance for the population. As veteran journalist David Rieff noted in a detailed analysis of the 1990s sanctions regime, they "palpably failed to dislodge his [Saddam's] government and in fact strengthened him politically." After sanctions failed to displace Hussein's government, many proponents of regime change in Iraq placed their faith in Ahmed Chalabi and

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    Katy Perry criticises royal wedding dress

    American Idol judge Katy Perry has criticised Meghan Markle's wedding dress. Perry told Entertainment Tonight that the Duchess of Sussex's Givenchy gown needed "one more fitting". The pop star suggested it fell short of the bridal look Alexander McQueen designed for the Duchess of Cambridge's marriage to Prince William in 2011, adding: "Kate won!". Despite her criticism, Perry said she was "so happy" for the couple. "I would have done one more fitting," Perry quipped of the Duchess of Sussex's Givenchy gown. "I'm never not going to tell the truth! One more fitting, but I love you." The Duchess's wedding dress - which had been kept a closely-guarded secret - was finally revealed when she stepped

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    Water resistant sunscreen claims 'don't wash'

    Water-resistant sunscreen products work much less well after they have been worn in the sea, a consumer group has warned ahead of the summer holiday season. Which? tested two products claiming to be water resistant and found the sun protection factor (SPF) dropped by up to 59% after 40 minutes in salt water. Cancer Research UK welcomed the study, warning no sunscreen is 100% effective. But a group representing sunscreen makers called the research alarmist. Current UK tests allow manufacturers to claim a sunscreen is water resistant if the SPF drops by as much as 50% after two 20-minute periods of immersion. The tests are carried out using tap water. However, Which? said its more rigorous tests

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    Hacked: The Bangladesh Bank Heist

    It was a daring raid. Tens of millions of dollars stolen from Bangladesh's central bank via the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, transferred to accounts in the Philippines and then laundered through the Philippine casino system. The money, and the thieves, then vanished. And it was all done online. In this comprehensive investigation spanning several countries, 101 East examines one of the biggest bank robberies in modern times, to find out how cyber-hackers infiltrated the global banking system, and got away with it. The crime stunned the then-governor of Bangladesh Bank, Atiur Rahman. "It was like a terrorist attack, into the central bank," he says. "I couldn't believe it ... because nothing

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    How Michael Jackson's tilt defied gravity

    Fascinated by Jackson and his seemingly inhuman abilities, Yagnick and Tripathi began to investigate just how the pop legend was able to accomplish his feat. Along with another colleague, Dr. Sandeep Mohindra, they published their observations from a neurosurgeon's point of view on Tuesday in the Journal of Neurosurgery: "How did Michael Jackson challenge our understanding of spine biomechanics?" On the left, how the body is supposed to bend; on the right, how Michael Jackson did it When the human body bends forward with the back straight, the doctors explain, the erector spinae muscles that run parallel to our vertebrae "act like cables" and support the body as the center of gravity shifts.

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    Ariana Grande sends message of love to Manchester

    (CNN)Ariana Grande paid tribute to the city of Manchester on Tuesday to mark the one-year anniversary of the terror attack that killed 22 people attending her concert. Suicide bomber Salman Abedi carried out the attack as thousands of people streamed out of the Manchester Arena on May 22, 2017. The American singer Grande, who visited the injured in hospital in the wake of the bombing and returned just two weeks later to host a fund-raising concert, wrote on Twitter: "Thinking of you all today and every day I love you with all of me and am sending you all of the light and warmth I have to offer on this challenging day." Manchester will mark the day with a series of events including a memorial

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    Saudi Arabia starts withdrawing 1 Riyal notes from market

    The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) will start withdrawing SR1 banknotes from the market from Thursday, SAMA announced on its website on Wednesday. The SR1 banknotes will be replaced with one-riyal coins. The SR1 banknotes will, however, remain in circulation until these are withdrawn from trading in accordance with a specific time plan, the SAMA announcement said. The SR1 banknote accounts for 49 percent of the volume of traded cash, as it is often dealt between people and rarely deposited into banks, a section of the Arabic media quoted an official as saying.