• South China Sea: Beijing calls KFC, Apple protests 'irrational'

    In Changsha in Hunan province, residents held up a banner outside a KFC restaurant that reads: "Get out of China, KFC and McDonald's." On Tuesday, police in central China's Henan province detained three people outside a KFC outlet over organizing a disruptive boycott. Meanwhile, a campaign of smashing iPhones has taken off on social media, in protest against U.S. tech giant Apple. Defiant rap and patriotic mango Since the South China Sea ruling was handed down, a musical video compiling Chinese citizens rapping "South Sea arbitration, who cares?" has gained nearly 4.9 million views on social media platform Weibo, China's equivalent of Twitter. At one point the video, which was backed by the Chinese

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio raises $45 million with the help of his famous friends

    (CNN)Not surprisingly, Leonardo DiCaprio has some wealthy, famous friends. As it turns out, they're also generous. DiCaprio and his pals raised $45 million for his environmental foundation at the actor's third-annual charity gala in St. Tropez on Wednesday night. DiCaprio will also donate a portion of the money raised to families of the victims and survivors of the terrorist attack in Nice, France last week. Mariah Carey and Chris Rock were in attendance. Rock posted a photo on Instagram captioned, "new couple alert." Clearly a joke considering Carey is engaged to billionaire James Packer, who was also at the party. Jonah Hill, Tobey Maguire and Edward Norton all posed for photos with the man

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  • How people in Turkey feel, one week on

    "State of emergency means military rule and so does the coup, so what is the difference? I don't know who was behind the coup. You want to believe it was Fethullah [Gulen] because there were so many dead and injured. But then you see tens of thousands of government personnel had their jobs taken away." Ridvan, a 26-year-old cook "Those who did this to us are in the wrong. But Turkey will deliver unto them justice, God willing. The state of emergency doesn't make me concerned. This is a coup that was against Turkey in its entirety. We will make them all pay for their actions. This coup won't affect my daily life." Ali, a 70-year-old teacher "I'm worried because the people's freedoms will be limited.

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  • Mud run health probe into diarrhoea outbreak

    Public Health England is investigating why dozens of people suffered bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea after taking part in an "extreme" obstacle race. About 3,000 people took part in the X-runner mud run, which involved open water swimming, at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham on 9 July. The health body is trying to identify the cause of the illness which affected a number of competitors. Event organisers said water quality test results had been "normal". One runner named Sarah said she had been suffering from sickness, diarrhoea, headaches, fever and aching limbs and was still not well more than a week after the event. She said test results had ruled out food poisoning and still

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  • Shakespeare Lives - Ballet, Opera and the Bard

    Great music and performance from the world of ballet and opera, presented by Ore Oduba. We join Royal Ballet stars Lauren Cuthbertson and Edward Watson as they rehearse The Winter’s Tale. Also featured; the potion scene from Kenneth MacMillan’s classic Romeo and Juliet and music from Verdi’s two great Shakespearean operas Otello and Falstaff. Watch live and on demand via the BBC Live page

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  • Saudi FM Adel Al Jubeir responds to Iran criticism in Brussels

    During his lecture about terrorism and hosted by Egmont Research Center and organized by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels, Saudi Foreign Minister Ade4l al-Jubeir received a question by the Iranian General Consul who repeated baseless accusations. Watch the response from AL-Jubeir.

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  • So hot in Saudi you can fry an egg on the road

    A video from Saudi Arabia shows a group of Indian workers preparing a meal of fried eggs on the main

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  • US Election 2016: Who are the next generation of Trumps?

    "Congratulations, Dad, we love you!" shouted Donald Trump Jr. His father had just clinched the presidential nomination at the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland. The 38-year-old was among four of Mr Trump's five children in attendance. His offspring are taking on an increasingly visible role in his campaign - but who are they? Time to meet the family. Donald Junior Donald senior has three children - Donald Jr, Ivanka, 34, and Eric, 32 - from his first marriage to Ivana Trump, a daughter - Tiffany, 22 - from his second marriage to Marla Maples and a son - Barron, 10 - with his wife Melania. He also has eight grandchildren. Ivana Trump, nee Zelnickova, was a Czech model and Donald Jr grew

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  • Rebels: Boy beheaded in Syria 'a mistake'

    (CNN)- Gruesome video footage has emerged of Syrian rebels beheading a young boy, in what leaders of the group involved called an "individual mistake." The video that emerged on social media showed a visibly frightened boy lying in the back of a truck alongside what appeared to be several rebel fighters. The rebels claimed the boy was a prisoner from Liwa al-Quds -- a pro-regime militia force made up mostly of Palestinians in Syria -- and that he was captured from an unofficial refugee camp north of war-torn Aleppo. The footage then shows one of the men taking a knife to the child's head. The boy appears to be quite young, perhaps around 10, though CNN cannot verify his age or identity. 'Individual

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  • Two Muslim Women Kicked Off JetBlue Flight for ‘Staring’ at Flight Attendant

    In what would have been a shocking but is now an all-too-familiar Islamophobic incident, two Muslim women were led off a passenger plane as a flight attendant did not like the way the women ‘stared’ at her, according to DailyMail. On Saturday, two Muslim women in hijabs onboard JetBlue Flight 487 between Boston and Los Angeles were escorted out of the airliner by police as one of the flight attendants was concerned about the way the two women were looking at her. A video showing the two women being escorted out for questioning was posted on YouTube on Monday by Mark Frauenfelder, taken by his friend Sharon Kessler. In regards to the incident, Kessler told DailyMail that "it was a terrible moment

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  • Why ice cream won't help your sunburn but oatmeal will

    After catching some rays on the hottest day of the year, some of us may be feeling a bit pink today. Obviously the best way to avoid sunburn is to wear sunscreen but what if you forgot and got burnt? There's lots of advice on what to do and some of it can be a bit misleading. Newsbeat's been speaking to Dr Nisith Sheth from the British Skin Foundation who tells us what is good - and what isn't - for burnt skin. Ice cream When your skin is burning up, it may be tempting to cool off with the coldest thing you can find on the beach. But Dr Nisith Sheth says putting ice cream on your skin is not a good idea. "Whilst the cooling affect of the ice cream may reduce the inflammation, the contents of

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  • “I Flew to the USA Not Knowing I Would Be Sharing a Stage With Barack Obama”

    It was the aftermath of the January 25th uprising when Mai Medhat’s startup idea sparked, while she was heading off to 'crash' Egypt’s Startup Weekend with her now business partner Nihal Fares. “I wasn’t invited, but we crashed the event because we really wanted to see it,” says the determined 28-year-old entrepreneur, who shattered the glass ceiling shaped by apathy, powerlessness, and traditional social mandates by crafting her own startup, Eventtus, in the midst of a convulsed, post-revolutionary Egypt. In less than five years, her online event management company set up its second office in Dubai, racked up 8,000 events under its belt, and raised two rounds of investment led by giants including the likes of Vodafone.

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  • Fruit of labor

    A farmer plucks dates in a farm in Wadi Al-Dawasir, about 600 kilometers south of Riyadh, the traditional way. With the summer getting hotter, the annual date harvesting season has begun in most parts of the Kingdom.

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  • The Bernie Sanders supporters now backing Hillary Clinton for US president

    Austin is a Democrat island in a Republican state - a very liberal city in the middle of the extremely traditional, conservative Texas. Hillary Clinton is now pretty certain to be the Democratic candidate for US president, ahead of the more left of centre Bernie Sanders. Over the course of the campaign, Sanders became a hero among younger voters - promising a fairer system and a fresh start. So how do young Democrats in Austin feel about Hillary? Roland rides a pedicab and earns a living picking up and dropping off tourists around Austin. He tells Newsbeat: "Everyone who's young likes Bernie Sanders because he wants to legalise weed, and he marched with Martin Luther King back in the day." Roland

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  • Love Island will return for a third series

    Good news for fans of Love Island - ITV has announced it will be back next year. Bosses have ordered a third season of one of the summer's most talked about shows. Its second run is thought to have doubled last year's viewing figures, with an average of 1.3 million people watching each episode. "We can't wait to do it all again next year," said ITV Studios creative director Richard Cowles. Although the series officially finished last night with Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde crowned champions, it will return for a special episode on Sunday 17 July. Love Island: Heading Home will follow the islanders as they're reunited at the wrap party. Which will no doubt mean clashes as exes come face-to-face

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  • Saudi Aramco signs contracts to build $13b Fadhili gas project

    DHAHRAN/FADHILI — Saudi Aramco signed four engineering contracts to build its Fadhili gas processing project, the company said on Wednesday. The project is worth more than $13.3 billion (SR50 billion) and, when completed in 2019, will be the first program in the kingdom to treat gas from both onshore and offshore fields. Saudi Aramco President and CEO Amin H. Nasser presided over a signing ceremony of the Fadhili gas project. Joining the Aramco management team at the ceremony were CEOs and executives from engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies, and other service providers involved in the development and execution of the gas project. The company signed a contract with Saudi

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  • Pokémon Go-playing Saudi motorist receives hefty fine

    Saudi Arabia also, the general director of the traffic department, Major General Abdullah Al-Zahrani, stressed that using the game of "Pokémon Go" while driving, will cost the driver three hundred Riyals. The traffic included this on the list of violations of using the mobile phone while driving. Al-zahrani said that there will a serious step for giving tickets for those using the "Pokémon." He pointed out that there are other security agencies that have the authority to issue a traffic ticket for those who are playing the game while driving.

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  • What it's like looking like Taylor Swift

    Olivia Sturgiss is like many 19-year-old women. She's studying at uni, she works in a clothes shop and she lives in a house share. Except Olivia looks rather a lot like Taylor Swift. And it could make her a lot of money. "I wore the red lipstick like any other fan does, and I wore a sparkly outfit and then ever since then, it was something commented on every day," Olivia told Newsbeat. "Even when I was wearing no make-up at work, I'd have just have my hair tied back, natural face and I'd still get comments on it. "It's always been a natural resemblance and it's always been an ongoing thing since I was really young." Olivia's been a fan of Tay's for more than seven years and says it's flattering

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  • Margaret Thatcher aides used Prince William in media war

    Margaret Thatcher's senior aides used photos of a baby Prince William to try to distract attention from a 1983 anti-nuclear march, official papers reveal. Ministers feared protests might be so "widespread and powerful" that they could stop US cruise missiles from being based at RAF Greenham Common. Newly-released files also show they were prepared for clashes between armed troops and objectors outside the base. But they feared a public backlash if a protester was shot by US military. To prevent that, Mrs Thatcher's ministers ordered British troops to be ready to tackle protesters as the American nuclear warheads were delivered in November 1983, documents released to the National Archives in Kew,

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  • Triple blow for BJP

    Nothing seems to be going right for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which will next week complete 26 months of its 60-month tenure. In the past few days the Modi government has been struck by a triple blow — and it is not easy to pinpoint which blow is more powerful than the others. Two of the three blows pertain to Arunachal Pradesh, a peaceful state in the northeastern India which borders China, while the third one comes from the feisty high-profile celebrity Navjot Singh Sidhu who appears to be on his way out of the BJP to join the ranks of arch-rival Aam Aadmi Party, probably as AAP’s chief ministerial candidate in the poll-bound Punjab.

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