• BBC News

    Harry and Meghan make Ascot debut

    The Duchess of Sussex has joined the Queen to make her first appearance at Royal Ascot. Wearing Givenchy, makers of her wedding dress, the Duchess arrived at 14:00 BST in a carriage procession with her husband Prince Harry, behind the Queen. The couple, who were married a month ago at Windsor, will present the winning trophy for the St James's Palace Stakes. The royal party was attending the first of five days racing this week. Bookmakers were taking bets on the colour of the Queen's hat, which turned out to be yellow with a blue flower. Flowers appear to be a theme at this year's event, with many racegoers reflecting them in their own choices of headwear. You may be interested in:

  • Al Jazeera

    Saudi, UAE coalition enters airport compound of Yemen's Hudaida

    The battle between a Saudi and Emirati-led coalition and Houthi rebels has entered the main compound of Yemen's Hudaida airport, according to a Yemeni military source and resident. Saudi and UAE backed forces stormed the gates of the airport on Tuesday, according to sources on the ground, while Houthis used tank, artillery and mortar fire to shell the inside of the airport. "They have stormed the airport," a Yemeni military source told Reuters news agency. The facility was stormed after fierce battles broke out early in the morning between coalition forces and Houthi fighters who hold the main port city of Hudaida. On Monday, Saudi and UAE Apache attack helicopters pounded Houthi positions as

  • CNN

    MTV Movie & TV Awards 2018: Photos from the red carpet

    See what celebrities wore at this year's MTV Movie & TV Awards in Santa Monica, California.

  • BBC News

    Why your skin doesn't need microbeads

    The ban on microbeads in certain products has begun in England and Scotland. "Rinse-off" health products with the tiny plastic particles in them, like shower gel and face scrub, aren't allowed to be sold from today. MPs have said that they damage oceans, and that a single shower can send 100,000 microbeads into the sea, which can be eaten by marine animals. The Welsh National Assembly is voting today on whether to introduce the ban. You may have already noticed a difference in your beauty products, as the manufacture of items with microbeads in them has been banned since January. One purpose of microbeads is to exfoliate the skin, but some doctors say you can get the same effect without using

  • Arab News

    Lebanon to review move to let Iranians in without passport stamps: Source

    RIYADH: Landmines by Houthi militias have caused many civilian casualties on a daily basis in area across Yemen, where the Iranian backed militants have been defeated, according to a report from SPA. Reports say that Yemen became has one of the largest land mine battlefields in the world since the Second World War, with more than half-a-million mines planted by the Houhtis across several Yemeni cities. This vast amount of land mines continues to pose a very dangerous threat to the lives of Yemeni civilians, as the Houthi militias insist on laying internationally-banned land mines randomly in liberated regions and near residential areas, according to reports. Minelaying by Houthis has come in

  • BBC News

    How trying to stay cool could make the world even hotter

    Air conditioning systems that keep homes, offices and shops cool on hot days are rapidly gaining in popularity in a warming world. But is all the extra electricity they use going to exacerbate climate change or can design efficiencies prevent this? The world is getting hotter, indeed 16 of the 17 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001, say climatologists. It's no wonder demand for air conditioning systems is going through the roof. The energy they consume is likely to triple between now and 2050, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says. This would mean that by 2050, the world's air conditioners would be using the current electricity capacity of the US, the European Union and Japan

  • CNN

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z drop joint album

    (CNN)Beyoncé has retained her title as queen of the surprise music drop. This time she had some help, as she and husband Jay-Z released a joint album, "Everything Is Love," Saturday on his Tidal streaming service. The singer gave a sneak peak Saturday of the first video off the album, "Ape S**t," which according to a rep for the project was shot in May at The Louvre in Paris. Beyoncé also shared other images from "Everything Is Love" including the album cover.