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    Stand-up comedian sued by ex-husband

    An award-winning comedian is being sued for £30,000 by her ex-husband after using material about their marriage in a show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Louise Beamont, whose stage name is Reay, has been accused by Thomas Reay of defamation and breach of privacy. It follows her 2017 show called Hard Mode about freedom of speech, which was later performed in London. Mr Reay is also understood to be seeking legal costs and an injunction against Ms Beamont. The pair married in 2013, but separated before she wrote the script for the performance, which mentioned her previous relationship and focuses on what would happen if the BBC came under the control of the Chinese government. 'Main gist' Ms Beamont

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    Florida shooting conspiracy theories: Here's how we can combat them

    In the real world, the funerals continue for victims of the Florida school shooting. In the virtual world, the survivors are the subject of relentless attacks. Yes, attacks. People on social media are sharing smears and conspiracy theories about the shooting and the survivors. Some of the attacks are designed to discredit the student activists and dismiss their calls for gun law reform. Criticism of policy positions is one thing. But lies and hoaxes are another thing altogether. These lies are like a form of pollution, poisoning our media environment and making us all sick. Case in point: The claims that student activist David Hogg is a "crisis actor," paid to pretend that he was a Parkland survivor

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    NBC's Winter Olympics ratings down but not exactly on thin ice

    NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, has been hit by a ratings drop half way through the games' two-week run, but digital consumption has made it difficult to measure true viewership success. The combined prime time viewership on NBC and NBC Sports Network are down 8% through Friday, according to the network. The two networks are bringing in a combined viewership of 21.9 million in prime time, which is down from the 23.7 million viewers who tuned into NBC for the Sochi games in 2014, when the Winter Olympics were aired only on the main network during prime time. NBCSN did not provide prime time coverage four years ago. NBC's viewership alone fell 16% compared to

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    Jack Whitehall's best one-liners at the Brits

    Comedian Jack Whitehall hosted the Brit Awards for the very first time this year. And he proved he's pretty good at his day job with some hilarious one-liners. Here are his best bits: The swipe at Olly Murs Rag'n'Bone Man took to the stage to perform Skin and it included a dramatic fire display. After the performance, Jack took aim at The Voice coach Olly Murs. He said: "That was a controlled blaze by the way. Apparently Olly Murs was in the toilet tweeting about it." He was referring to Olly's tweets from back in November when police responded to reports of an incident in Oxford Circus in London. The singer told his Twitter followers he was in the "back office" of a Selfridges store and everyone

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    Asthma inhalers recalled in device alert

    Three batches of Ventolin Accuhaler and Seretide Accuhaler asthma inhalers have been recalled because they do not deliver the full number of doses. The MHRA - the body that regulates the devices - warned that patients may find their symptoms are not relieved as normal. People with affected inhalers should take them to their pharmacy and get a replacement, it said. The fault is the result of a manufacturing problem. The two affected batches of Ventolin Accuhaler and the one affected batch of Seretide were distributed to the UK market. They are manufactured by Glaxo Wellcome UK Limited. Only a small proportion of the units are defective. They are: Ventolin 200mcg - Accuhaler 1x60D, 786G, exp 05/2019

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    Judge says state can't force IMDB to take down actors' ages

    A federal judge has blocked a California law that would have forced IMDB to take down actors' ages on request. The law was signed by Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, in September 2016. It was supported by the Screen Actors Guild, which said the law it would help prevent age discrimination in film and television hiring. IMDB quickly challenged the law in court, saying that it "attempts to combat age discrimination in casting through content-based censorship." IMDB is widely used by the public for free. It also sells subscriptions to industry professionals, offering directories and resume tools, for $150 per year. The law would have allowed paid subscribers to ask that their ages be removed. Judge

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    Jimmy Fallon interviews Paul Rudd in 60 seconds

    But on Monday, Fallon managed to pack a lot into those 300 seconds. He gave viewers a short version of his nightly monologue, which he spent poking fun at Fergie's rendition of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, and still had time a celebrity guest.