• Kuwait Times

    Man arrested with 125 liquor bottles in Subhan

    KUWAIT: An Asian man was arrested in Subhan with possession of 112 homebrewed liquor bottles and 13 imported ones. He was sent to concerned authorities. Swindling A Kuwaiti woman accused a Lebanese man of swindling her out of KD 4,500 by promising to remodel her restaurant in Salhiya. The woman said that she met the man and agreed with him to decorate her Italian restaurant and paid him the deposit. The woman could not reach him four days later and his phone was switched off. Under the influence A citizen and a Saudi were found under the influence of drugs when stopped in Oyoun in Jahra. The two resisted arrest and hurled insults at police. They were taken to Taima police station, where it was

  • Arab News

    Saudi crown prince wins over US media with promises of reform

    WASHINGTON: Photos of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Donald Trump meeting at the White House were published on the front pages of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, in what commentators saw as a public relations coup for Saudi Arabia. The New York Times headlined its story: “Saudi Prince’s White House Visit Reinforces Trump’s Commitment to Heir Apparent.” The crown prince has dominated a significant amount of the capital’s attention this week and the glowing headlines would have been warmly welcomed by the Kingdom’s officials. “The early judgment appears to be that US opinion hopes that MBS’s social and economic reforms will succeed, for the benefit of the Kingdom

  • Arabian Business

    Prince Alwaleed: how I spent my days during purge detention

    Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has revealed his typical day in the Ritz-Carlton Riyadh during his 83 days of detention as part of an anti-corruption crackdown in Saudi Arabia. Alwaleed, who was the most prominent among hundreds of Saudi businessmen, government officials and princes who were swept up in November, also described the moment when he was caught up in the purge. In a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg Television, he denied he was mistreated during his detention, saying: “Doctors used to come twice a day. We had the best food service - best food, best everything." He added that all is forgiven after his three-month detention. "I am not a person who is going to say I forgive

  • News

    UAE expat community show support to family after husband dies on Emirates flight

    The UAE’s expat community has come together in a time of need after a young British family residing in the country lost a husband and father onboard an Emirates Dubai-bound flight. The late man, a New Zealand resident, died on a flight from Christchurch to Dubai on March 18, reported The National. The family currently awaits autopsy results at a hotel in the emirate. Upon hearing the news, social media platforms buzzed calling for support to the young family.

  • BBC News

    'Unpopular' Bollywood remix gets 18m views

    A remake of an iconic 1980s Bollywood song has been viewed more than 18 million times on YouTube in two days but has generated largely bad reviews. The song, Ek Do Teen which was released in 1988, immediately became a blockbuster hit that catapulted its heroine, Madhuri Dixit, to stardom. The remake, which was released on YouTube on 19 March, has not gone down well with fans of the original version. Many took to Twitter with the hashtag #ekdoteen to express their displeasure. Some fans even said that the remake objectified women unlike the "quirky" original. Ek Do Teen translates from the Hindi into "one, two, three" and the song lyrics describe a woman counting down the seconds as she waits

  • Arab News

    Coalition jet comes under hostile missile fire in Yemen, returns safely to base: spokesman

    JEDDAH: A coalition jet fighter on a mission in Yemen was ‘intercepted’ by hostile fire but managed to return safe to base, the spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition fighting for the Legitimacy in Yemen said on Wednesday. Col. Staff Turki Al-Turki said the incident, which happened at 3:48 p.m. on Wednesday, saw a coalition fighter jet targeted by a hostile missile launched from Yemen’s Saada airport. The jet managed to return fire as well as complete its mission, the Saudi Press Agency reported. Al-Turki said the missile used was not part of the Yemeni air defense capabilities as they have been destroyed by the coalition, but evidence that the Iranian regime is continuing to smuggle "qualitative field capabilities" to the Houthis in a flagrant challenge to the world community resolutions, including UN Resolution No. 2216.

  • Egypt Independent

    New evidence emerges implicating six girls involved in death of Mariam Moustafa: lawyer

    Mostafa Abou Hussein, lawyer of Egyptian national Mariam Moustafa, who was brutally attacked and killed by a group of young women in Nottingham city, UK, said that new evidence has emerged in the case, implicating a total of six girls involved in the assault. He explained that he accompanied British authorities to the scene of the incident, where they obtained 12 video clips from surveillance cameras of surrounding stores, which showed how the incident transpired. “On Saturday we obtained the camera footage of the attack, from the moment Mariam appears walking on the street to the moment the girls assaulted her,” he told Ahmed Moussa’s “Ala Masouleyety” program on the Sada Al-Balad channel. Abou