• Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates

    Several international human rights groups sent a letter to the UNHCR on Monday, asking them to reject a move by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Egypt to have the National Human Rights Committee of Qatar removed from the 'A' rating of the International Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions list. "As human rights organisations, we call upon your esteemed office to reject this complaint, we also hope that you will call on the four countries, through their permanent representatives at the UN headquarters in Geneva, to stop harassment  on human rights defenders, and work to upgrade their national bodies, so as to work efficiently to defend the human and his rights, in accordance with international

  • Newcastle health boss Sir Leonard Fenwick sacked

    The longest-serving chief executive in the NHS has been sacked for gross misconduct. Sir Leonard Fenwick joined what later became Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 1977, and has been on extended leave since January. A disciplinary panel dismissed him after an investigation into claims of bullying and abusive behaviour. Sir Leonard described it as "an orchestrated witch hunt", but the trust denied this. The trust has referred "a number of concerns" arising from the investigation to the NHS counter fraud team, known as NHS Protect. Sir Leonard said this team had "yet to approach" him. See more on this and other stories from across the North East. He said there had been pressure

  • Kimmel roasted by Trump supporters

    Jimmy Kimmel reads social media responses after he begged Trump supporters to stop supporting the President on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

  • 'Logan Lucky' finds winning hand in low-key caper

    (CNN)A star-studded caper from "Ocean's Eleven" director Steven Soderbergh, "Logan Lucky's" business model is at least as interesting as the film itself, designed to bypass the major studios. The result is a breezy, slight, Southern-flavored movie where the cast appears to be having enough fun to prove mildly infectious. Channing Tatum stars as Jimmy Logan, who -- facing the prospect of losing shared custody of his daughter when his wife (Katie Holmes) moves away -- decides to knock off a NASCAR event at the nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway. Laid off from his construction gig there, Jimmy knows the setup, enlisting his brother Clyde (Adam Driver), sister Mellie (Riley Keogh, who starred in the

  • Trump responds to Barcelona terror attack by spreading debunked rumor

    President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that before he makes a statement on an important matter he likes to "know the facts" and "be correct." On Thursday, he responded to the Barcelona terror attack by spreading a debunked rumor. "Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught," Trump urged his 36.1 million Twitter followers. "There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!" Trump was likely referring to a supposed practice of shooting Muslims with bullets dipped in pig's blood or burying them with the bodies of pigs. For some time, there have been rumors that claim Gen. John J. Pershing employed such tactics following the Philippine-American War in order

  • After Trump's Charlottesville remarks, Fox News focuses on the left and the media

    Only Fox News can bring down President Trump, a recent New York Times op-ed argued. "If Fox turns, it's inevitable," it said. For a few moments on Tuesday, it seemed as if Fox News was turning. Several of the network's hosts and contributors either condemned or criticized Trump's remarks blaming "both sides" for the weekend violence in Charlottesville. In the 5pm hour, for instance, "Specialists" co-host Kat Timpf went as far as to say it was "honestly crazy" she had to comment in the immediate aftermath of the spectacle because she was "still in the phase" where she was "actually wondering" if what she watched "was real life." "It was one of the biggest messes I've ever seen," Timpf said. Then

  • LeBlanc: Top Gear to 'expand the comedy'

    Matt LeBlanc has given viewers a taster of what they can expect from the next series of Top Gear. The 25th series of the show - due to air in spring 2018 - will see LeBlanc return to host alongside Rory Reid and Chris Harris. "I think we've tried to broaden the demographic of the show," the presenter said. "Try to make it not lose the petrolhead nature of it but maybe open it up to people who aren't so petrolheady. "Expand the comedy, try to have bigger, broader films, but it will be more of the same in the sense it starts with the car." LeBlanc will return to the UK in the coming weeks to shoot footage for the show - so far he's been filming in Norway, France, Italy and California. "It will