• China: Philippine bilateral talks over sea dispute to resume - International - World

    China and the Philippines have agreed to resume a dialogue on their dispute over the South China Sea, a senior Chinese diplomat said Thursday following talks between the countries' leaders. The move appeared to be a diplomatic victory for Beijing several months after an international arbitration tribunal invalidated China's expansive territorial claims over the resource-rich waters in a case put forward by the Philippines. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte met with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing as part of a charm offensive aimed at seeking trade and support from the Asian giant by setting aside the thorny territorial dispute. Duterte hailed a warming of relations with China

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  • No plan to deport expats above 40, says ministry

    Saudi Gazette report JEDDAH — An official source from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has denied rumors circulating on social media and online news sites that expatriates over 40 years of age would be deported. The source said that it was a false news story and that such rumors harmed expatriates in the Kingdom. He said that the ministry issues rules and directives through official websites. Professor of criminal psychology and head of academic studies at King Fahd Security College Dr. Nasser Ali Arifi said that the main motive behind spreading rumors is to destabilize the economy, spread chaos and harm the relationship between citizens and expatriates. “Enemies of the country tend

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  • Love Island will return for a third series

    Good news for fans of Love Island - ITV has announced it will be back next year. Bosses have ordered a third season of one of the summer's most talked about shows. Its second run is thought to have doubled last year's viewing figures, with an average of 1.3 million people watching each episode. "We can't wait to do it all again next year," said ITV Studios creative director Richard Cowles. Although the series officially finished last night with Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde crowned champions, it will return for a special episode on Sunday 17 July. Love Island: Heading Home will follow the islanders as they're reunited at the wrap party. Which will no doubt mean clashes as exes come face-to-face

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  • Envoy: Top Filipino drug kingpin arrested in UAE

    DUBAI: A man named by Philippines’ president as a major drug kingpin was arrested in the capital of the United Arab Emirates after apparently fleeing his country, a Filipino diplomat said yesterday. Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr was arrested Sunday night in an apartment in Abu Dhabi, Ambassador Constancio Vingno Jr told AP. Abu Dhabi investigators used intelligence gathered by the Philippine National Police to locate Espinosa, Vingno said. He said that his country hopes to extradite Espinosa soon. Filipino media quoted local police as saying an overseas Filipino worker tipped off authorities. An Interpol red notice for Espinosa, the son of a mayor also accused of being a drug kingpin, says he

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  • OPINION: Oman, between the Gulf and Iran

    To those who don’t understand it, Oman is a mysterious country. Muscat’s government has not become involved in regional conflicts for decades, despite the fact that it occasionally voices its stance on issues. Kuwait was invaded by Saddam Hussein and Saudi Arabia would have confronted this same fate if it hadn’t fought against him. The UAE has islands occupied by Iran.

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  • Duterte's China gamble: From ardent critic to unlikely ally?

    First state visit to China Currently, the Philippines and China are negotiating a 25-year bilateral military agreement which allows Manila to purchase Chinese weapons. And unlike any of his predecessors, Duterte's first state visit will be to China. Without a doubt, China will be rolling out the red carpet, charming its Filipino guest with maximum hospitality and offering assistance and good will. During his stay in Beijing, Duterte is expected to discuss various measures to normalize bilateral relations, expand economic cooperation and explore a potential modus vivendi in the South China Sea. Photos:Rodrigo Duterte has said some outrageous things. After US president Barack Obama said he would

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  • 23 Absurdly Fab Photos from Karim El Chiaty & Victoria's Secret Model Ana Beatriz Barros' Wedding

    You might have noticed people making the move to Sahel, Gouna, and other such dreamy beachy lands during the Eid weekend, but what about the mysterious case of Mykonos? Why were our social media feeds suddenly flooded with images of the Greek tropical island? A coincidence? We think not. Everyone in the country (or world) has been buzzing – about what can only be described as the biggest, most glam wedding of the year where Brazilian Victoria’s Secret supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros tied the knot with Egyptian-Greek billionaire Karim El Chiati. You could say a few celebrities made an appearance. Nothing special. A slew of luxurious villas held over 400 guests who flew from all over the world for

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  • Clinton camp considered Tim Cook, Bill Gates for VP

    Hillary Clinton's campaign considered more than half a dozen prominent business leaders for vice president, including the CEOs of Apple, Starbucks and General Motors. The list of VP contenders was revealed in an email allegedly from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, put out this week by WikiLeaks. On March 17, Podesta emailed an initial list of more than three dozen political figures and business heavyweights to be considered as her running mate based on conversations with several top Clinton campaign staffers. [We] also did a first cut of people to consider for VP. I have organized names in rough food groups," Podesta wrote in the e-mail. One of those "food groups" included Apple (AAPL,

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  • Cairo's First All-Female American Football Team

    First we had the Egyptian Federation of American Football kicking off and bringing NFL stars to the motherland through the American Football Without Barriers program, and now these ladies – The Pink Warriors – are ready to kick some serious butt as part of Egypt's first ever all-female American football team. You read that right, these awesome women are playing American flag football - no tackling, but the oddly shaped ball is definitely there. Check it out the viral video from Now This. The team was founded in 2015 by two American male football players with a passion for the game  who are currently living in Cairo. As per Reuters, the popularity of the game amongst female athletes continues

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  • Hijabi Fashion and the “Enslavement of Women”

    Last week, the social media sphere was set ablaze as French Families Minister Laurence Rossignol criticised fashion labels who produce Islamic collections, accusing them of promoting the shutting away of women’s bodies and comparing veiled women with “negroes who supported slavery.” Her comment followed Yves Saint Laurent Co-Founder Pierre Berge’s harsh criticism of the fashion chains who follow the lead of Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana, who released their hijab and abaya collection last January. "Designers are there to make women more beautiful, to give them their freedom, not to collaborate with this dictatorship which imposes this abominable thing by which we hide women and make them live

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  • How Asia is viewing the race to the White House

    Kristie Lu Stout speaks with former Washington Post Beijing Bureau Chief Keith Richburg about how Asia is viewing the chaotic U.S. election

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  • Iran nuclear deal an unfolding disaster

    (CNN)When it comes to President Barack Obama's disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, it has become difficult to keep track of the troubling new revelations that seem to surface almost daily. Outrageous, potentially illegal, actions by this administration have become so commonplace that many Americans have become numb to the recent news regarding this President's policy toward Iran. Only President Barack Obama and supporters of the Iran nuclear deal refuse to accept that the pallets of cash were a ransom payment, even though it was ransom by every definition of the word. This endangers every American overseas by incentivizing kidnappers and encouraging hostage-takers, and since Iran's release of five US hostages in January, multiple American citizens have been thrown into Iranian jail cells.

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  • 'The Biles' and other famous moves named after Olympic athletes and footballers

    Even if you don't consider yourself a gymnastics "fan" you've probably heard of Simone Biles. At Rio 2016 the 19-year-old won the individual all-round gold by a larger margin than 1980 to 2012 combined. The American is credited by many for turning the artistic gymnastics world upside down and even has a move named after her. Here's her move and some of the other famous sporting moves you may, or may not, know are named after an athlete. In gymnastics, if you do a double layout with half turn then you're doing a 'Biles' No idea what we're talking about? Us neither... It was officially recognised in 2013 at the Gymnastics World Championships in Antwerp. Simone isn't the first gymnast to have her

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  • Russia's naval task force: Power play or just theatre?

    A Russian aircraft carrier and other warships will soon head towards the UK. The naval task force from Russia's Northern Fleet will proceed past the British Isles, down to Gibraltar, and through the Mediterranean Sea to join the Russian combat mission in war-torn Syria. Why is Russia enhancing its naval presence off Syria now? The answer is part capability and part theatre. Russia has already flexed its naval power during its operations in Syria, with warships firing cruise missiles at land targets from both the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean. But naval involvement has never been a critical factor. Most of the targets hit could equally have been struck with aircraft either based in Syria or

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  • Egyptian Girl Sold Into Slavery at the Age of 8 Publishes Her Memoirs

    Despite having been heavily covered by western media, the sad saga of an Egyptian girl who was robbed of her childhood in the cruelest way possible is only just beginning to become known here in Egypt after one Facebook user took to the social network to share her story, which is rapidly going viral  Although born in 1991, Shyima Hall’s life didn’t really begin until 2002 when she was freed from the shackles of slavery her own parents had sold her into for the mere price of $30. Born in grinding poverty, little Shyima lived with her parents and ten siblings in an Alexandria slum until she was traded to a rich family for whom her older sister used to work as a maid. The wealthy employers accused

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  • India: Karan Johar pledge not to use Pakistan actors goes viral

    A statement by popular Bollywood director Karan Johar promising not to work with Pakistani actors in the future has gone viral in India. It came after a right-wing group threatened to attack cinemas screening his latest movie starring Pakistani actor Fawad Khan. Anti-Pakistan sentiment has grown after a militant attack killed 18 soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir last month. Social media is divided over Johar's statement and what it says about India. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), a regional right-wing party, has vowed that it will not allow the movie to be screened. The cadres of the party have traditionally resorted to violence to fulfil their demands, and have threatened other

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  • Exorcism in Italy a job 'too scary' for young priests

    "That is a possessed woman there," says Fr Vincenzo Taraborelli as he points up to an 18th Century fresco in his Roman church. "They're holding her with her mouth open. She has little devils coming out of her body. She's being freed." It is a scene the 79-year-old priest says he knows well. For the past 27 years, Fr Taraborelli has performed exorcisms - the Catholic rite of expelling evil spirits. He stumbled into the job when a fellow priest needed help. "I didn't know what it was, I hadn't studied it," the father says. "He told me what to do. I was totally ignorant." He has since become one of Rome's busiest exorcists, and the Catholic Church is struggling to find younger successors. Working

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  • Ibrahimovic vows to be clinical after Anfield miss - World - Sports

    Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has vowed to be more clinical in front of goal after miscuing a header in Monday's goalless draw at Liverpool. Ibrahimovic, who has struck four Premier League goals this season, combined with Paul Pogba for United's best moment at Anfield, only for the Swede's close-range header from the Frenchman's cross to bumble harmlessly across goal. "I needed to chase the ball instead of attacking the ball, but still I should have put it at least on the target. But the next game, I will do better," Ibrahimovic told reporters. "I think the game was a good game, a difficult game at the same time. I mean away against Liverpool - Liverpool are unbeaten against the

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  • Eurovision: Why Norway's Agnete is open about her mental health struggles

    When she's on stage, Norway's Eurovision entry, Agnete, is confident and assured. Offstage, the 21-year-old singer struggles daily with depression. She's now cancelled all interviews in the run-up to the contest. "We made room for her to focus," says Stig Karlsen, the head of Norway's Eurovision delegation. "She's a strong, intelligent girl who's taking control of her own situation." Third party content may contain ads. "She's been open about her bipolarity and health issues because it's not that common to talk about it." "I think she's an inspiration," Karlsen adds. "In Norway, she's very successful and she's a role model for dealing with her challenges." Agnete's performing her single Icebreaker

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  • Police van rams protesters in front of US Embassy in Manila

    MANILA, Philippines: A Philippine police van rammed into protesters, leaving several bloodied, as an anti-US rally turned violent Wednesday at the American Embassy in Manila. At least three student activists had to be taken to a hospital after they were ran over by the van driven by a police officer, protest leader Renato Reyes said. Associated Press TV footage showed the van repeatedly ramming the protesters as it drove wildly back and forth after activists surrounded and started hitting the vehicle with wooden batons they seized from police.

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