• Archaeologist Discovers Elaborate Tattoos On Ancient Egyptian Mummy

    Thanks to the tremendous advancement of science in the field of imaging techniques, an ancient Egyptian mummy has been discovered with marks of heavy tattoos on her body, according to the NewHistorian. The mummy, believed to have died sometime between 1300 - 1070 BCE, was found heavily tattooed in a village in Deir El-Medina located nearby the Valley of the Kings. As per NewHistorian, it’s common for mummies to be found with primitive tattoos, usually in the form of simple patterns made up of dashes or dots. However, this mummy was markedly different in that her tattoos resembled sacred symbols, perhaps indicative of the woman’s high station in life as a noted religious figure of some sort. In

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  • The government's launched a crackdown on illegal downloading

    Do you ever get suspicious that more people in your school or office talk about Game of Thrones than subscribe to Sky? Well you're not alone. The government's launched a new crackdown on illegal downloading, and as part of it they're planning to introduce tougher sentences for internet pirates. It comes days after claims the company behind Game of Thrones has started sending out its own warnings to people who steal episodes. What does the law say? Your "intellectual property" is anything you create, like a song or a video, that you can't hold in your hands. And some of it's worth big money. The government estimates that all the intellectual property rights in the UK combined are worth more than

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  • Saudi Arabia vs Dubai: The 2020 Race For The World’s Tallest Tower

    It seems like Dubai is bored of smashing Guinness World Records, as flagship developer Emaar Properties announces plans to construct the world’s tallest tower, surpassing the Burj Khalifa that currently holds the current world record, but will Saudi Arabia steal the title? The race is on as property developer Emaar has announced plans to build a new tower, with an estimated cost of $1 billion, that will stand a ‘notch’ taller than 830-metre Burj Khalifa. The proposed project expects completion by 2020, which coincidentally will be the same year that Dubai will host the World Expo Trading Fair. The announcement explained that Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava Valls is expected to devote

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  • The touching stories of MS804 victims

    The grieving families and friends of passengers who had died in the doomed EgyptAir flight MS804 last Thursday continued to share memories of their lost loved ones. Among the lost souls were successful managers, couples traveling for treatment, families heading to holiday destinations, and those returning home to attend weddings or funerals. Bettiche Faisal, a Franco-Algerian, his wife Saoudi Nouha and their two children, two-years-old Mohamed and 8months-old Joumana were among the MS804 victims. The father was a vegetable trader and was heading to Cairo with his family for a vacation.

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  • 9 Of The Hottest Spots To Karaoke Around Town

    Karaoke is either the time to share your talents with the world or pierce a hole through your friend’s ears - either way, both are fun. Most of us think we can actually sing, but the sad truth is that, well, we can’t. It’s usually just annoying shrieking like that golden egg in Harry Potter. Maybe we should be put underwater to sound like beautiful mermaids, too… Whether you want to belt out your favourite Shakira song or sing a little 60s tune, the stage is your oyster! We've gathered a list of the nine best spots to hit for karaoke. Shriek away! *buys earplugs*Johnny's In Zamalek Located on the fancy Le Pacha 1901 boat, Johnny's has a karaoke night every Sunday accompanied with live DJs. The

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  • Vanessa Hudgens told to pay fine or appear in court over Arizona rock carving

    The 27-year-old posted a snap on Instagram of a heart carved into red rock in the desert town of Sedona. She was on a Valentine's Day trip two months ago with her 24-year-old boyfriend Austin Butler. Damaging a natural feature on US Forest Service land is punishable by up to six months in jail and a maximum £3,500 fine. The Coconino National Forest, which manages the land around Sedona famed for its red rocks, carried out an investigation in to where the photo was taken. Forest Service officials have said that Vanessa Hudgens "was cooperative in providing the specific location" of the carving after being contacted. They passed the results of their investigation to the local US attorney's office.

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  • Video: The 6th Episode of Margot vs. Lily by NikeWomen Is Out

    This short and sweet episode of NikeWomen's original web series Margot vs Lily will leave you hanging from a cliff until the next one! Margot finally figures out Internet popularity, so - like the attention-seeker she is - she goes on her ex-boyfriend’s show to leech off of his Internet celebrity by bashing her own sister and calling her a "creepy human cyborg!" This just shows how low she would stoop for subscribers! Ikhs! Poor Lily was humiliated on the Internet but, as she was watching Margot’s video rant, feeling vulnerable and hurt, she makes a new friend - Glen, the director of her web series!      

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  • Jets scrambled to monitor US plane heading to Kuwait

    ATHENS: Greece scrambled fighter jets to monitor a US passenger plane that failed to identify itself when entering Greek airspace last week, an official said yesterday, confirming media reports. The Delta Air Lines aircraft, flying from Paris to Kuwait, entered the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) at 19.10 (17:10 GMT) Thursday, the same day the EgyptAir plane crashed in the Mediterranean shortly after leaving Greek airspace. Its pilots failed to answer to repeated calls from the Greek Civil Aviation authorities, according to various media reports, confirmed to AFP by a Greek defence ministry source. Following military protocol, at 19.49 (1749 GMT) two F-16 fighter jets intercepted the Delta

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  • Crown Prince holds dinner banquet in honor of South Korean Prime Minister

    JEDDAH – On behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, deputy premier and minister of interior held here on Saturday evening a dinner banquet in honor of South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn and his accompanying delegation on the occasion of his visit to the Kingdom.

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  • 9 Unexpected Reasons You Could Get Detained in Egypt

    In every country certain rules are implemented, and while no country is like its neighbours, Egypt is especially exceptional when it comes to its laws and there are some very strange things that can get you arrested here. Here are nine unexpected acts that will get you detained in Egypt. You're all probably familiar with these tales but just in case you're not, each headline will lead you to the full story with all the glorious details of what happened and how and why the people involved got into hot water... Drawing Doodles Just recently Islam Gawish was arrested for publishing a satirical doodle of President Sisi. Moral of the story: it's best to doodle flowers and rainbows, not presidents.

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  • Daisy Ridley 'will not apologise' for her body size after Instagram criticism

    Daisy Ridley says she "will not apologise" for her body shape. She responded to an Instagram post of her character Rey, which criticised how thin she looked in Star Wars. "I can't believe the unrealistic expectations I'm setting for young girls," a speech bubble read. "Don't they know real women have curves?" She replied: "'Real women' are all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, all levels of brave. I am a 'real woman' like every other woman in this world." Daisy deleted her initial response on the post. The actress said it wasn't her intention "for anyone to send messages to that poor person that posted the original picture". She then posted a full response on her own official account which included

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  • Hijabi Fashion and the “Enslavement of Women”

    Last week, the social media sphere was set ablaze as French Families Minister Laurence Rossignol criticised fashion labels who produce Islamic collections, accusing them of promoting the shutting away of women’s bodies and comparing veiled women with “negroes who supported slavery.” Her comment followed Yves Saint Laurent Co-Founder Pierre Berge’s harsh criticism of the fashion chains who follow the lead of Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana, who released their hijab and abaya collection last January. "Designers are there to make women more beautiful, to give them their freedom, not to collaborate with this dictatorship which imposes this abominable thing by which we hide women and make them live

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  • 7 Gadgets The World Never Needed

    It seems like every day some new technological wonder pops into existence, totally reinventing some aspect of 21st Century life. Especially since the advent of smartphones, bajillions of gadgets have come out, taking advantage of the tiny supercomputers in our pockets. Still, for every smartwatch or wireless speaker that comes out, there are thousands of gadgets no one ever needed.  Oh, America, your love affair with firearms is funny and scary at the same time. Not only do some of them demand it is their right to possess military grade firepower, but now they want to be able to pack heat without anyone being able to notice. Ideal Conceal has created a .308 caliber double barrel pistol that can

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  • Harry Potter star Devon Murray loses court case

    Devon Murray, who played Seamus Finnigan in the Harry Potter films, must pay his former agent 260,000 euros (£210,000) in unpaid commission, the High Court in Dublin has ruled. His former agent Neil Brooks claimed he was owed 286,000 euros (£231,000) in fees by the actor and his parents. The court has found the agency agreement was valid but ordered that the amount sought should be reduced. Now the Murray family must pay the commission along with costs. Mr Justice Michael Moriarty said Murray's career seemed marvellous and said he was sorry it did not work out with Mr Brooks, who did so much to enhance things. The actor's mother had told the court he had been paid well for his work but had "gone

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  • Why this giant rat photo may not be quite what it seems

    This is the giant rat photo being shared and talked about on social media. An electrician is holding it up for the camera after he found it dead in a bush on a housing estate in Hackney Downs, east London. His colleague Tony Smith took the photo and he claims the rat was four feet long and was bigger than his cat and Jack Russell dog. "We were going to stick it in the bin," said Tony. "But before we did we thought we better take a picture... people won't believe it's real." They say the rat was found near a children's playground which backs onto a railway track. Professor Jane Hurst from the Institute of Integrative Biology at the University of Liverpool doesn't believe the photo. "No way a brown

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  • Paul Walker's daughter gets $10m settlement over crash death

    Paul Walker's daughter has reached a $10.1m (£7.2m) settlement with the estate of the man driving the car in which he and the actor died in 2013. Walker was a passenger in the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, which was being driven by Roger Rodas when it crashed. Travelling at speeds between 80 and 93 mph, the car crashed into trees and a utility pole in Santa Clarita, north west of Los Angeles. The money will be held in trust for Meadow Walker, 17. Rodas was only partly responsible for the crash, a statement from Meadow's lawyer, Jeff Milam, says. The settlement represents a "fraction of what her father would have earned as an international movie star had his life not been tragically cut short". The

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  • Janey Lee Grace sits in, Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs

    A blend of classic love songs, dedications and real-life romance stories.

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  • VIDEO: Mission Accomplished As SpaceX Lands Reusable Rocket On Drone Ship At Sea

    Over the weekend, Elon Musk’s private space exploration company, SpaceX, finally landed its Falcon 9 reusable rocket on a drone ship at sea in the Atlantic Ocean. The rocket took off from Cape Canaveral, bringing its Dragon cargo capsule up to the International Space Station and safely returning to Earth.  SpaceX has already successfully landed its rocket on dry land but this is its first successful landing at sea after numerous delays. Elon Musk spoke at a press conference alongside NASA after the landing and joked, “what was different about this is that the rocket landed instead of putting a hole in the ship or tipping over." The successful landing of rockets after they deliver their cargo

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  • Egypt Turns Over Two Islands To Saudi Arabia Angering Social Media

    From former military officials to political analysts, from Bassem Youssef to Amr Hamzawy, many Egyptians have taken to social media to share their differing opinions on which country the two disputed islands, Sanafir and Tiran, belong to.

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  • What it's like looking like Taylor Swift

    Olivia Sturgiss is like many 19-year-old women. She's studying at uni, she works in a clothes shop and she lives in a house share. Except Olivia looks rather a lot like Taylor Swift. And it could make her a lot of money. "I wore the red lipstick like any other fan does, and I wore a sparkly outfit and then ever since then, it was something commented on every day," Olivia told Newsbeat. "Even when I was wearing no make-up at work, I'd have just have my hair tied back, natural face and I'd still get comments on it. "It's always been a natural resemblance and it's always been an ongoing thing since I was really young." Olivia's been a fan of Tay's for more than seven years and says it's flattering

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