• RT bucks DOJ request to register as a foreign agent

    The Russian television network RT is resisting the U.S. government's request that its American arm register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. According to the network, the Department of Justice gave it an Oct. 17 deadline to register as a foreign agent. But according to publicly available DOJ filings, RT has not yet registered, and in a statement RT said it plans to fight back. "Our legal team has been doing everything possible for RT to avoid having to register under FARA and the dialogue is ongoing. On their advice we are not discussing further details at this time," RT head of communications Anna Belkina said in a statement. Though FARA experts say DOJ deadlines for FARA registrations

  • Self-harm rising among teenage girls

    There has been a steep rise in reports of self-harm among girls aged 13 to 16, according to a study of data from GP practices across the UK. The BMJ study, which looked at figures from 2011-2014, said GPs could be getting better at picking up self-harm. But it was likely that rising stress and psychological problems in young people were also behind the trend. The NSPCC said giving children support early could be a matter of life or death. Since 2001, girls have had much higher rates of self-harm than boys - 37.4 per 10,000 compared with 12.3 in boys. While self-harm rates stayed constant among 10- to 12-year-olds and 17- to 19-year-olds, there was a 68% increase among 13- to 16-year-olds over

  • Han Solo 'Star Wars' film gets a title

    "I'll see you next year," Howard said closing the video. The film, which stars Alden Ehrenreich as the young Han Solo, tells the origin story of the character made famous by Harrison Ford in the original series. It is Disney and Lucasfilm's latest attempt to expand the "Star Wars" universe beyond that of the Skywalker saga. The company saw success with its first "Star Wars" spinoff, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," which made more than $1 billion worldwide in December. The production of "Solo" hasn't exactly been a smooth ride, however. The film's original directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, left the film during its production due to creative differences with Disney's Lucasfilm. The company

  • Have the Manics made their final album?

    Manic Street Preachers won the Inspiration award at Wednesday's Q Awards, 25 years after releasing their debut album, Generation Terrorists. Michael Sheen presented the award, paraphrasing the lyrics to Design For Life, saying: "Libraries gave us power and this band gave us power!" But speaking to the BBC, bassist Nicky Wire said he "didn't know" whether the band would ever release another album. "I'm in a funny place," he said. "I've kind of given up listening to music." "There's lots of good music out there - St Vincent is great, Wolf Alice I really like - but I just listen to Radio 4." Wire, who is the Manics' chief lyricist, said the band might have "overdone it" with their last two albums,

  • His Dark Materials has an 'equel'

    La Belle Sauvage: The Book Of Dust Volume One, is the "equel" to the hugely successful His Dark Materials trilogy. Here, its author Philip Pullman, reads a snippet.

  • Protein 'can stop viruses developing'

    Researchers at the University of the West of Scotland have discovered a protein that can stop viruses developing. The team had already established that the same protein can suppress cancer. Now the fight is on to fully understand how it works in the hope of turning the laboratory research into a treatment. The protein is called Hira. Technically it is a histone chaperone complex, but it is easier to understand in terms of what it can do. Three years ago Dr Taranjit Singh Rai and colleagues at the Beatson cancer institute and Glasgow University reported that Hira could suppress the uncontrolled division of cells that causes cancer. So far, so exciting. But in the course of that research Dr Rai

  • Hanks: 'It's all got to change' after Weinstein

    Hanks: 'It's all got to change' after Weinstein Tom Hanks talks to the BBC about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, saying there will now be a "sea change" in Hollywood.