• Hundreds more candidates allowed to contest Iran election

    By Bozorgmehr Sharafedin DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran's powerful election vetting body, the Guardian Council, decided on Saturday to allow hundreds more candidates to take part in a parliamentary election this month, in a move that rekindled the hopes of reformists and moderates. Hardliners fear Iranian voters will now be more inclined to reward reformist candidates. Former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a close ally of Iran's moderate President Hassan Rouhani, welcomed the decision.

  • Celebrity Big Brother: Has Jeremy Cheated On Stephanie ALREADY? Rumours Surround Controversial Couple

    Couple of the moment Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis might have been shacked up and whispering sweet nothings to one another last night, but reports today have emerged that Jezza might have been less than loyal on a night out on Thursday. Twitter was quite figuratively ablaze yesterday after several users claimed that model Jeremy had hooked up at a nightclub in Newcastle with another girl.

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  • These Kids Are Playing ‘Dinner Party’. It’s Cute & Innocent, At First… #ShortFilm

    This article These Kids Are Playing ‘Dinner Party’. It’s Cute & Innocent, At First… appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. This is the child’s play that grown-ups don’t see. Tonight is special: Taha is attending a party with the other kids instead of staying at home and being parented by his mum’s voicemails. It was a lonely life to lead, so tonight was worth the trouble dressing up. It’s his first time with the group but they welcome […] Watch awesome short films at www.viddsee.com, or download our free iPhone and Android app now!

  • The Most Unusual Thing Happened When He Was Cleaning The Pipes #ShortFilm

    This article The Most Unusual Thing Happened When He Was Cleaning The Pipes appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. The most unusual thing happened when he was cleaning the pipes. His girlfriend wasn’t going to bother with his late night urges, so this young man, Paul, took matters into his own hands. He did what he needed to get the job done. In the strangest twist of events, the bath tub surprised him with a present […] Watch awesome short films at www.viddsee.com, or download our free iPhone and Android app now!

  • Rohit Dhawan Planning A Sequel To 'Desi Boyz'?

    Varun Dhawan's brother Rohit Dhawan had made his directorial debut with Desi Boyz, which had starred Akshay Kumar and John Abraham as two unemployed men, who become male strippers/gigolos to earn a buck.

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  • Syrian army advances towards Turkish border: monitor

    Syrian government troops advanced Sunday toward a rebel town near the Turkish border as they pressed a Russian-backed offensive that has prompted tens of thousands to flee, a monitor said. The town of Tal Rifaat is around 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) from the Turkish frontier, where Syrians who have fled fighting near Aleppo city have been gathering since the assault was launched Monday. It is one of the last rebel strongholds in the north of Aleppo province and government troops are just seven kilometres away, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

  • Miley Cyrus Joins 'The Voice' As A Key Adviser, But Will She Bring Drama?

    Miley Cyrus is stopping by 'The Voice' this season to advise the hopeful contestants.

  • Russia is risking ‘lowering the nuclear threshold’

    Russia has been steadily modernizing its military in an effort to offset years of military...

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  • He Overheard What His Wife Said & It Broke His Heart #ShortFilm

    This article He Overheard What His Wife Said & It Broke His Heart appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. What makes a man a perfect husband? “He was always there for me,” Ling told her nurse. Ling was very, very ill. Unable to move about on her own, she was cared for by the nurse whom she regaled with tales of her perfect husband. He was the most loving and caring husband one could wish […] Watch awesome short films at www.viddsee.com, or download our free iPhone and Android app now!

  • Celine Dion says late husband protected, grounded her

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Celine Dion's husband protected her from the gritty business details of her career as he struck the deals that defined her superstar status, including saying yes to her mega hit from "Titanic" when she wanted to say no.

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  • Kerber draws Germany level with Switzerland 1-1 in Fed Cup

    LEIPZIG, Germany (AP) — Australian Open champion Angelique Kerber defeated Timea Bacsinszky 6-1, 6-3 to draw Germany level with Switzerland 1-1 after the opening day of their Fed Cup first-round tie on Saturday.

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  • The Pentagon Will Buy 404 Lockheed Martin F-35 Jets Over the Next Five Years

    The U.S. Defense Department plans to buy 404 Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jets over the next five years, a net decrease of 5 to 7 percent from last year's plan, sources familiar with the plans said on Friday. The orders will amount to about $40 billion in new revenue for Lockheed, the Pentagon's No. 1 supplier, and engine maker Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp . The revised procurement numbers will be released on Tuesday when the Pentagon issues its fiscal 2017 budget and the new five-year plan, said the sources, who were not authorized to speak publicly before the budget release.

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  • Barbara Bush: Putin 'the killer' endorsed Trump, and he's 'the worst'

    Former First Lady Barbara Bush appeared alongside her son and presidential candidate Jeb Bush on...

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  • How one Colombian family allegedly helped 'El Chapo' dominate global drug trafficking

    The fugitive drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán has finally been recaptured after...

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  • North Korean rocket puts object into space, angers neighbors, U.S.

    By Ju-min Park and Louis Charbonneau SEOUL/UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - North Korea drew renewed international condemnation and the threat of more sanctions on Sunday after launching a long-range rocket in defiance of United Nations rules just weeks after it carried out a nuclear bomb test. South Korea and the United States said they would explore whether to deploy an advanced missile defense system in South Korea "at the earliest possible date." The U.S. Strategic Command said it had detected a missile entering space, and South Korea's military said the rocket had put an object into orbit. North Korea said the launch of the satellite Kwangmyongsong-4, named after late leader Kim Jong Il, was a "complete success" and it was making a polar orbit of Earth every 94 minutes.

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  • Saudi Cement halts production at clinker kiln, scraps mill upgrade

    Saudi Cement will halt production at a clinker kiln that manufactures 3,500 tonnes daily and has scrapped plans to install two new cement mills, the company said on Sunday. It cited a cement export ban and market conditions for its decisions. Saudi Cement's clinker inventory has risen to around 4 million tonnes so it does not expect the production halt at the clinker kiln to impact its financial results.

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  • Sweden's IKEA loses right to use its own name in Indonesia

    By Eveline Danubrata and Fransiska Nangoy JAKARTA (Reuters) - Swedish furniture giant IKEA has lost the right to use its own brand name in Indonesia after a legal battle with a local company that claimed the trademark, court documents released earlier this week showed. "The clear message is that any business wanting to open up in Indonesia has to be very careful to register all its trademarks so they don't get hijacked," said Keith Loveard, head of risk analysis at Jakarta-based Concord Consulting. In 2014, a Jakarta commercial court granted the rights to use the "Ikea" brand name to PT Ratania Khatulistiwa, a company that plans to sell its own furniture with the acronym for Intan Khatulistiwa Esa Abadi.

  • Riyadh growth creates ‘major investment opportunities’

    Saudi Arabia’s capital city has major opportunities for investors across several sectors, the High Commission for the Development of Riyadh stated in its investment climate report for last year. The report, published in a local newspaper on Friday, was released in four parts, which included the background on the Kingdom’s economy, Riyadh’s growth and infrastructure, regulations for investors, and investment opportunities in the public and private sectors. The building boom in Riyadh contributed to the establishment of more than 170 factories producing building materials, ceramic and glass.

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  • Why 75 percent drop in global oil prices isn't reaching you

    Record production in the US, weakened demand from the Eurozone and emerging economies like China and Brazil, and Iran's entry into the international market have effectively slashed the price of crude oil for India, from $106 per barrel in July 2014 to $26 in January 2016 - a 75 percent drop over 15 months. The answer: As global crude prices reach a 11-year low, the centre and state governments steadily increase excise duties and value-added tax, shoring up their revenues and keeping fuel prices high for retail consumers. Although India imports more than 80 percent of its fuel requirements, which means declining global prices should, theoretically, have seen sharp declines in retail petrol and diesel prices, Indian consumers of petrol and diesel now pay about double the global rate.

  • US welcomes Saudi troops offer

    The White House welcomed on Friday Saudi Arabia’s announcement that it was prepared to ramp up its commitment to fighting Daesh in Syria. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the Saudi announcement on Thursday was a response to US Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s plea for coalition partners to step up contributions to the fight against Daesh. “So we certainly welcome the announcement from our partners in Saudi Arabia that they would be prepared to ramp up their commitment militarily to this effort,” he told reporters.

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