• Al Jazeera

    What's behind Saudi Arabia's arrest of religious leaders?

    Saudi Arabia has arrested prominent preacher and scholar Safar Al-Hawali just days after he published a book criticising the ruling family. Three of his sons - Abdul Rahman, Abdullah and Ibrahim - were also detained. Rights groups say Abdul Rahman and Abdullah were reportedly taken into custody while attending a family wedding on Wednesday. While Hawali and his son Ibrahim were arrested the following morning. Hawali became known almost three decades ago as the leader of the Sahwa movement, which advocated for democracy in Saudi Arabia. He was previously detained for opposing the ruling family. Saudi Arabia, under Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, has launched a crackdown against activists, religious

  • BBC News

    Kate and Meghan arrive at Wimbledon

    The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex were greeted by cheers as they arrived at Wimbledon on Saturday, on their first engagement together without their respective spouses. Kate and Meghan spoke to the ball boys and girls, as well as junior players and were greeted by cheering crowds at the grounds in south-west London. The pair will watch Serena Williams - who was at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding in May - play in her 10th Wimbledon singles final.

  • CNN

    Trump's fascination with the royal family

    After President Donald Trump's meeting with Queen Elizabeth II today in London, CNN's Jason Carroll takes a look at Trump's history with the royal family.

  • BBC News

    Secret nuclear test videos released

    For the past five years, physicists and experts at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have been declassifying films of atmospheric nuclear tests conducted in the US. The team has located around 6,500 of the estimated 10,000 films that were created during the Cold War testing.

  • BBC News

    Thousands celebrate Bristol Pride Day

    Some 36,000 people are expected to join in celebrations to mark Bristol Pride Day which highlights LGBT issues. A parade will begin at 11:00 BST from Castle Park and end at the Harbourside where the live music events will be. Organiser, Daryn Carter said: "It's a chance for us all to come together and show our support to the LGBT community and also to say we don't welcome prejudice and hatred here." Some of the acts include Alexandra Burke and 90s Britpop band Republica. The parade, featuring a 50m rainbow banner, will make its way around the Horsefair, Cabot Circus, Baldwin Street. Some 7,000 are expected to join the procession with thousands more expected to line the streets and cheer them

  • Arab News

    Earthquake of 6.2 magnitude strikes off Yemen - USGS

    BEIRUT/DAMASCUS: By ousting opposition groups from Daraa, the cradle of the Syrian uprising, Bashar Assad strengthened his grip on the country - but large swathes of territory remain beyond the regime’s control. Syrian opposition fighters in Daraa were surrendering their heavy weapons to regime forces on Saturday, state media said, under a deal brokered by Russia. It came a day after the regime and opposition began dismantling the dirt barriers that had divided the city for years, AFP’s correspondent said. The agreement reached on Wednesday will see Daraa city fall back into regime control. Negotiated by Moscow, it provides for the opposition to hand over heavy- and medium-duty weapons and to

  • BBC News

    What does it take to be a billionaire?

    Forbes caused a stir this week when it reported that social media star Kylie Jenner had a self-made fortune worth nearly $1bn. It's a distinction very few can claim. There were only about 5,700 people in the world worth more than $500 million last year, according to Credit Suisse's annual Global Wealth Report. True billionaires are even rarer. So what does it take to become a billionaire? 1. Start your own company Looking at the top tier, big names such as Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Zara's Amancio Ortega and Alibaba's Jack Ma dominate. And the trend holds: Forbes identifies about two-thirds of the 2,208 people on its 2018 billionaires list as self-made - a share has increased