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    Class 9 student gang raped, attempts suicide

    Patna: A gang-raped Class 9 student was seriously injured on Friday after she leapt from a building and landed on high voltage wire in Bihar’s Lakhisarai district, triggering mob violence, police said. The victim was battling for life after jumping from the roof of a three-storey building in Chitranjan where she was raped after being intoxicated, Lakhisarai Superintendent of Police Kartikey Sharma said. According to Sharma, the girl along with one of her friends had gone ‘pandal’ hopping on Durga Navami on Thursday. It was unclear how she reached the third floor of the building, Sharma said. The police suspect that she must have jumped from the building after gaining consciousness. She was recovered

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    Iran’s chief prosecutor: Women watching half-naked men play soccer is sinful

    Iran’s Chief Prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri threatening officials who allow women to enter football stadiums has caused an uproar among Iranian activists. Montazeri, the powerful head of the country’s judiciary, claimed that women should be banned from going to stadiums because it is “sinful” for them to watch “half-naked men play soccer.” He added that action will be taken if they continue to go. Soccer stadiums have been off-limits for women for the past four decades in Iran, a ban that has divided Iran’s political establishment.

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    Why are Arab leaders silent over Khashoggi's disappearance?

    The case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance has gripped international attention, but Arab leaders have either chosen to remain silent or reiterate their support for Riyadh.  For more than two weeks, there has been no trace of Khashoggi, who was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2. US senators, British parliamentarians, French and German officials have all voiced their concern and vociferously demanded Saudi Arabia come clean about the Saudi dissident's whereabouts. A handful of Arab governments including Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) did issue statements, but those were in solidarity with Saudi Arabia, which has

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    Explaining Meghan Markle’s fashion on tour

    As if packing for a two-week visit to Australia, Tonga, Fiji and New Zealand - due to be jammed with 76 engagements that could demand up to 35 outfit changes - wasn’t tricky enough, one can only imagine the tailspin Team Meghan would have been sent into when they heard that their tourdrobe efforts would also need to accommodate the Duchess of Sussex’s burgeoning bump. From as far back as July, there has been speculation about how the Duchess might approach her style strategy for her first major foreign tour. Reports even emerged of a rare rift between Harry and his new wife over her fashion choices. “Meghan is being told she needs to stop dressing like a Hollywood star and start dressing like a royal,” someone with knowledge of these top-level meetings allegedly told a tabloid.

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    If Trump will not respond to Khashoggi killing, Congress might

    US President Donald Trump seemed prepared to accept Saudi Arabia's explanation that 60-year-old journalist Jamal Khashoggi became involved in a fist fight in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul and was accidentally killed. However, senators and representatives from Congress, including from the president's own party, are greeting the story with incredulity. With midterm congressional elections coming up, members of Congress have begun clamouring for the US to respond and are claiming that they are willing to act, if the president is not. Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane reports.

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    Pilot pulls off incredible sideways landing

    (CNN) - Ever been in an airplane that's landed sideways? Probably not given that it's a very tricky maneuver to pull off. That didn't stop a TUI Boeing 757-200 make an incredible dramatic landing at Bristol Airport, in the UK, last week. The pilot used a technique called crabbing to ground the plane, angling the nose of the plane into the wind until right before it touched down on the tarmac, whereupon it swiftly turned to glide down the runway. During the maneuver, the airplane's wings can be seen flexing up and down as they're buffeted by the storm's powerful gusts. A pilot landing into Bristol Airport in the UK managed to coordinate a sideways landing. "We're very proud of TUI Airways Captain

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    US sanctions drive Iran to cut off Internet access, replace Apps

    The Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali said that his country is in the process of cutting off internet access, launching instead a national network as the US re-imposed sanctions near in early November, in a move seen by observers that it comes within the Islamic Republic control of possible protests due to further deterioration of economic and living conditions. Last Update: Friday, 19 October 2018 KSA 19:24 - GMT 16:24