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    Germany, UK warn Iran over uranium plans as EU urges caution

    Germany and Britain on Monday warned Tehran not to breach uranium stockpile limits set by the 2015 nuclear deal, as the EU's diplomatic chief dismissed Iranian threats as “political dialectics”. Iran set a 10-day countdown on Monday to exceed the 300-kilogram limit set on its enriched uranium stocks, dealing another blow to the crumbling nuclear accord signed by Tehran and six international powers. The EU has battled to save the agreement since US President Donald Trump withdrew and re-imposed sanctions, but Iran said it would step back from exceeding the 300-kg limit on June 27 only if “other parties live up to their commitments”.

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    Brazil lifts visa requirement for citizens of four countries

    (CNN) - If watching a game at Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã stadium has been on your bucket list since the 2014 FIFA World Cup, you can now do so without adding a trip to the consulate as part of your itinerary. Travelers with a valid passport will be able to explore Brazil for up to 90 days, with the possibility of extending their stay to up to 180 days (though expect a visit to the Federal Police to get the extension approved). Brazil is known for the bright colors of its flag, landscapes and cities. In a joint news statement released on March 19 by President Donald Trump and President Bolsonaro, the duo announced that along with lifting the requirement, "the Presidents agreed to take the steps

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    Duke and Duchess of Sussex reveal Archie's face in sweet Father's Day snap

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed baby Archie's face for the first time in a sweet Father's Day (16.06.19) photo. The happy couple - who became parents to their first son last month - shared the adorable snap on the official Sussex Royal Instagram account in a post that also wished Prince Harry the best for his first year celebrating the occasion. The caption read: "Happy Father's Day! And wishing a very special first Father's Day to The Duke of Sussex." On Monday (10.06.19), Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan sent their well-wishes to Harry's grandfather on his 98th birthday, affectionately referring to the Duke of Edinburgh as "grandpa". shared two photos of Philip, one of him besides Harry

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    White nightclub in Jeddah shuts down on opening night

    The opening of an alcohol-free Saudi nightclub was halted on Thursday as authorities claimed it violated legal proceedings. White nightclub, which operates as a licensed venue in Dubai and Beirut, was scheduled to open a pop-up 'halal' branch in Jeddah, but was shut down by authorities ahead of the arrival of its headline act, American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo. The brand is one of several operated by Dubai-based Addmind Hospitality Group, which runs venues including Indie restaurant and lounge, Italian kitchen Matto, rooftop lounge Iris, Drai's beach club and many more. Its CEO Tony Habre told Arabian Business in April that White would open in Saudi Arabia as a “high-end café”. However, the Saudi

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    Saudis say Shia teenager will not be executed: Report

    A young man from Saudi Arabia's minority Shia Muslim community who was arrested at the age of 13 will not be executed and could be released by 2022, a Saudi official told Reuters news agency after reports of his pending execution. Murtaja Qureiris, who was detained in September 2014, received an initial 12-year prison sentence with time served since his arrest and four years suspended for his young age, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The Saudi official said Qureiris had manufactured and used Molotov cocktails in a series of attacks against police and a pharmacy in which he also used firearms, after being recruited by a "terrorist" cell. The official said another attack in which Qureiris participated had targeted a German diplomatic vehicle in Qatif region in January 2014.

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    Russia 'closely following' case of citizen on trial in Kuwait

    Russia is closely following the case of its citizen Marsha Lazareva, who was jailed in Kuwait for over 470 days on charges of embezzlement before being released on bail last week, according to Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  “Russia's MFA will continue to closely follow the situation around Maria Lazareva and efforts to provide a thorough and objective investigation of her case, as well as respect of the legitimate rights and interests of the Russia citizen, including rights to judicial protection and qualified medical care,” it told Arabian Business in a statement. An unnamed Kuwaiti supporter paid Lazareva's KD1 million ($3.29 million) bail, which was in addition to 11 million Kuwait

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    Trump: London needs a new mayor, Khan is a disaster

    US President Donald Trump launched a fresh attack Saturday on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, calling for him to be replaced as soon as possible. The president's plane had not even touched down in London early this month for the start of a state visit when he tweeted his “loser” comment. Khan had criticized the red carpet treatment being given Trump for the visit.