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    India's Modi awarded UAE's highest civilian honor

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received the United Arab Emirates' highest civilian honor during a visit on Saturday reinforcing ties between the countries. The induction of Modi into the Order of Zayed shows the importance the UAE places on India, the world's third-largest consumer of crude oil. India is home to a rapidly growing consumer market and labor pool that the UAE relies on for its own economy.

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    Child watches as mom brutally murdered by ex-husband in Turkey

    A video circulated on Twitter of a Turkish woman screaming “I don't want to die” as she fights to stop her neck from bleeding while her 10-year-old daughter is heard yelling “mom, please don't die” in the city of Kırıkkale, triggering widespread condemnation of violence against women. Emine Bulut, 38, was reportedly stabbed in the neck by her ex-husband at a crowded restaurant, where she was enjoying a meal with her daughter. Hundreds of Turkish Twitter users took to the platform calling for an end to domestic violence and for stricter laws protecting women and children, with Emine Bulut trending in the country.

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    Cleared for takeoff: Saudi women start exercising their newest right

    Salma, a 40-year-old mother of three, travels abroad regularly with authorization from her legal guardian - formerly her then-husband and now her father. But those rules were canceled this month, so when she went to Riyadh airport on Thursday, she crossed passport control on her own authority. “You just feel like you're human, you're a complete human,” she told Reuters from the gate. “Not half, not part of, but you're a complete human.” Saudi Arabia has long endured Western censure over guardianship, which assigns each woman a male relative - a father, brother, husband or son - whose approval is needed for various big decisions throughout a woman's life. While some significant controls remain,

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    Brazil: Concerns grow over burning Amazon as probe launched

    Federal prosecutors in Brazil said on Thursday they will investigate a spike in deforestation and wildfires raging in the Amazon state of Para to determine whether there has been reduced monitoring and enforcement of environmental protections. The investigation announced by the prosecutors' office in Para follows a surge in fires and destruction of the Amazon rainforest that experts blame on reduced protection of the environment under right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro. Drone images showing the magnitude of the fires have prompted global outrage, with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday saying he was "deeply concerned". "In the midst of the global crisis, we cannot afford more damage to a major source of oxygen and biodiversity," he said on Twitter, referring to the Amazon rainforest, which is often referred to as the "lungs of the planet".

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    US officials confirm Israeli strike in Iraq

    US officials have confirmed that Israel was responsible for the bombing of an Iranian weapons depot in Iraq last month, an attack that would mark a significant escalation in Israel's years-long campaign against Iranian military entrenchment across the region. The confirmation comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is strongly hinting that his country is behind recent airstrikes that have hit bases and munitions depot belonging to Iran-backed paramilitary forces operating in Iraq.

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    Iran test fires new missile

    SANAA: Yemeni military officials say forces loyal to the country's internationally recognized government have wrested control of a military camp from a separatist militia striving for the independence of southern Yemen just outside a key southern city. They say government forces seized control on Saturday of the Elite Force militia's camp, west of the city of Ataq, the capital of oil-rich Shabwa province. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to brief the media. The camp's takeover came a day after government forces pushed the Elite Force out of Ataq. The militia is part of the Southern Transitional Council, which launched an offensive earlier this month

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    Putin orders 'symmetric' measures after US missile test

    COLOMBO: Sri Lanka has ended a four-month state of emergency declared after Easter suicide bombings by extremists that killed 258 people, officials said Friday. President Maithripala Sirisena has been extending the emergency on the 22nd of each month since the April 21 attacks on three hotels and three churches. However, his office confirmed that Sirisena had not extended it for another term and thereby allowed the emergency to end on Thursday. “The president did not issue a fresh proclamation extending the emergency by a further period,” an official source said. The official government printer also confirmed that there was no notification reimposing the state of emergency, which gives sweeping