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    Saudi crown prince gives first US television interview

    Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed’s much-anticipated interview on CBS’ 60 minutes is being aired in which the royal is expected to talk on a wide-range of topics. The television interview, the first in which he is addressing an American audience, is being broadcast two days before the crown prince’s meeting with United States President Donald Trump. Co-host of CBS This Morning Norah O'Donnell bagged the exclusive interview in which the crown prince said Saudi Arabia country will build its own nuclear capabilities immediately if Iran develops a bomb. In a preview of the interview posted by CBS online a week before the full sit-down aired, the crown prince also likened Iran's supreme leader to Adolf Hitler during the rise of Nazi Germany.

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    Is Stormy Daniels more media savvy than Trump?

    Is adult film star Stormy Daniels beating the president at his own media game? Jeff Greenfield and Alicia Menendez discuss how Daniels has kept her case in the news spotlight ahead of her

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    Kuwait, Philippines reach deal on domestic helpers

    Workers to retain passports - Kuwait calls to lift labor ban, Manila in no hurry KUWAIT: Kuwait and the Philippines signed a draft deal to regulate the work of domestic helpers, a Kuwaiti diplomat said yesterday. Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Consulate Affairs Sami Al-Hamad told KUNA that the deal, which was signed on Friday night, came as a result of a meeting between a visiting Kuwaiti ministerial delegation and Filipino authorities in Manila. The deal will ensure the rights of both employers and employees, said Hamad. The deal may end a two-month crisis sparked by reports that abuse by employers in Kuwait had driven several Filipinos to suicide. The Philippines stopped sending workers

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    Toddler crushed to death by school bus in the UAE

    DUBAI: A toddler was crushed to death by a school bus in the UAE on Sunday, Gulf daily Gulf News reported. The 18-months old was waiting with his family’s house maid for his brother to return from school when the horrific incident happened at about 3 pm. It is thought the driver of the school bus had not seen child, the report added. The toddler was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

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    Saudi Crown Prince says black abayas not obligatory ‘decent attire’ for women

    In his first televised interview with a US media outlet, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discussed women’s rights and the black gown, or “abaya,” traditionally worn by Saudi women. The young royal told CBS This Morning’s Norah O’Donnell that women should be free to choose their interpretation of decent attire, and that this should not be limited to the black abaya. This, however, does not particularly specify a black abaya or a black head cover. O’Donnell had asked the crown prince to elaborate on earlier remarks he had made on taking Saudi Arabia back to a time of ‘moderate Islam’.

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    Thomas Friedman says Qataris are parading their power ‘like children’

    American author Thomas Friedman has said he believes that Qataris are trying to “showcase their power like children do with their toys,” as they are population of around 300,000 with $300 billion in funds. During a panel on the Saudi Crown Prince’s upcoming US visit at the Arabia Foundation last week, he said that Qatar will not be able to change the Middle East. Friedman also said that the region needs peace between Sunnis and Shiites and noted that it’s enough to compare graduation photos from Cairo’s University in the 1960s and now to see how the Islamic revolution in Iran and the Juhayman al-Otaybi incident in Mecca affected the region. Meanwhile, Princeton University Professor Bernard Haykel

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    1,500 jobs at Jeddah airport to be localized soon

    Saudi Gazette report JEDDAH - King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah will localize more than 1,500 jobs at foreign airlines and ground service companies operating at the airport, Madinah Arabic newspaper reported on Saturday. Director General of Jeddah airport Eng. Abdullah Al-Raimi called on all companies working at the airport to quickly replace foreign workers with Saudis in jobs limited to citizens. A memo to this effect was recently circulated to all companies and operators at the airport. The Executive Committee for Saudization at the airport will carry out inspection tours with the participation of a number of government agencies. Fines will be imposed in case of failure to comply