• Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates

    Several international human rights groups sent a letter to the UNHCR on Monday, asking them to reject a move by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Egypt to have the National Human Rights Committee of Qatar removed from the 'A' rating of the International Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions list. "As human rights organisations, we call upon your esteemed office to reject this complaint, we also hope that you will call on the four countries, through their permanent representatives at the UN headquarters in Geneva, to stop harassment  on human rights defenders, and work to upgrade their national bodies, so as to work efficiently to defend the human and his rights, in accordance with international

  • 'Bachelor' alum Vienna Girardi loses twins

    Season 14 bachelor Jake Pavelka made one of the all-time most unpopular choices when he selected Vienna Girardi. Their relationship was short-lived. After a stint on "Dancing With the Stars," Pavelka briefly appeared on the soap "The Bold and the Beautiful." Girardi told Radar Online in 2013 that she was "single and really focusing on myself and my career." In August 2017 she announced that she miscarried of twin daughters. Here's a look back at some of the other "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" couples:

  • Journalist says Fox News host Eric Bolling's lawsuit doesn't scare him

    Yashar Ali is not afraid of Eric Bolling. The journalist faces a $50 million lawsuit after he reported that Bolling, a Fox News host, sent lewd text messages to female colleagues. Ali said Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Sources" that he is standing by his words. Bolling has been suspended from Fox News. He and his legal team have denied the allegations, and the lawsuit claims Ali defamed Bolling. Ali told CNN's Brian Stelter that he sees Bolling's lawsuit as an attempt to "intimidate" him. "I spent three months on this story," Ali said. "I had 14 sources. I've spoken to the victims...I know he's wrong." Bolling's attorney, Michael Bowe, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNNMoney

  • Chris Pratt appears at Teen Choice Awards

    (CNN)Chris Pratt has made his first public appearance since the actor and wife Anna Faris announced they were separating. Pratt accepted an award for his performance in "Guardians of the Galaxy" during Sunday's Teen Choice Awards, one week after fans were surprised to learn he and Faris were splitting. During his acceptance speech, Pratt talked about moving to Hollywood from Hawaii when he was first starting out in the industry. Pratt told him yes, he did.

  • Taylor Swift lawsuit: Jury to hear closing arguments

    Testimony wraps up Mueller's legal team rested its case on Friday after four days of testimony, including from the singer herself. Also Friday, Swift's bodyguard testified that he witnessed Mueller reach his hand under Swift's skirt at the Denver photo-op in what he called a "violation" of her body. "I know she wasn't comfortable with it, that's why she moved, pushed (her) skirt down and moved closer to the woman," Greg Dent said. Dent's eyewitness testimony bolsters Swift's allegation that Mueller, a former DJ for Denver radio station KYGO, inappropriately grabbed her buttocks at Denver's Pepsi Center. KYGO is a CNN affiliate. The photographer at the meet-and-greet, Stephanie Simbeck, testified

  • Trump's 'TV lawyer' would rather talk about Loretta Lynch

    In the first six weeks since he began representing President Trump, Jay Sekulow went on television so much on the president's behalf that Axios dubbed him Trump's "TV Lawyer." But lately, Sekulow's TV strategy has been to avoid questions about Trump and instead to use Fox News, and particularly Sean Hannity, to raise awareness for his campaign against the Obama Justice Department. The strategy is right out of the Trump playbook, and likely one that pleases the president. Instead of playing defense, Sekulow is playing offense. Instead of meeting the media on its terms, he is talking to reliable boosters. And the icing on the cake: he is drawing attention -- and, likely, dollars -- to his business.

  • Anthony Scaramucci says Trump 'needed to be much harsher' on white supremacists

    Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says President Trump should have come out harder against white supremacy after Saturday's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. "I think he needed to be much harsher as it related to the white supremacists and the nature of that," Scaramucci said during an interview Sunday on ABC's "This Week." He said that if he was still working in the White House, he would not have recommended Trump make the statement he did. During the interview, his first sitdown TV interview since he left the White House after 10 days on the job, Scaramucci also told ABC he believed chief strategist Steve Bannon was one of the White House's biggest problems.