Fergie and National Anthems that didn't sing

    "Who saw Fergie's national anthem performance at the NBA All Star Game?" Barr tweeted. "I think mine was better lowkey." Here are a few other performances that also got the thumbs down: Michael Bolton in 2003 The crooner is known for being smooth on the mic but his 2003 National Anthem performance at a Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees baseball game was pretty choppy. There was a weird echo and then, horror of horrors, Bolton had to peek at his palm where he had written the lyrics. R. Kelly in 2005 Kelly tried to put his own stamp on the anthem with an R & B flavored version at a Bernard Hopkins vs. Jermain Taylor boxing match. There were even some dancers Chicago stepping in the ring with

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    Race on to save classic Disney cartoons

    Original drawings from Disney cartoons like Alice in Wonderland and Snow White could soon be lost to fading and decay. The individual hand-painted sheets that were used to make the films have become distorted and cracked over time. The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) is working with Disney to try to save the beloved pictures that led to some of the world's most iconic animations. They have been analysing the sheets, known as cels, to find out their composition and how to restore them. British scientist Tom Learner, of the GCI, has been quoted as saying that Walt Disney himself was an "unusual man" because of the way he kept a collection of his work. "They were archived pretty well," he told

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    Winston Duke's M'Baku heats up 'Black Panther' fans

    (CNN)He may be a villain in "Black Panther" but fans are loving M'Baku. The character is portrayed by Winston Duke, a 31-year-old actor who trained at Yale. The Tobago native has become one of the breakout stars of the blockbuster film, with fans praising everything from his performance to his look. In my opinion though #MBaku was one of favorite characters in this film.

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    Mental health groups urge action on 'crisis'

    A group of mental health charities is due to meet MPs to call for action on what they describe as the worsening mental health crisis in NI. The meetings, involving charities from Northern Ireland, will take place at Westminster. They say the situation is being exacerbated by Northern Ireland's ongoing "political dysfunction". The delegation is led by Action Mental Health and the Mental Health Foundation. The delegates are expected to demand that Westminster acts quickly to deliver the agreed mental health priorities. David Babington, the chief executive of Action Mental Health said the group had made the trip as London "needs to sit up and take notice". "The rest of the UK needs to understand

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    Pop star Cheryl's 'biggest achievement'

    Pop star Cheryl has called opening a Prince's Trust centre in her home city of Newcastle her "biggest achievement". The singer and talent show judge said she wanted to "help kids all over the country", but starting in Newcastle was a "heart thing". She said she was "not bothered" about rumours concerning her relationship with singer Liam Payne. The Prince's Trust charity aims to help young people learn new skills and find work. Cheryl's charity Cheryl's Trust started raising funds for the centre in Blandford Square three years ago. It has a music studio and media centre. The star said she wanted to help others after having struggles in her own life. She said: "It reminds you of how I actually

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    Why Thomas Friedman issued a 'code red' warning to America

    Thomas Friedman doesn't scare easily. The New York Times op-ed columnist is best known for his sober columns about foreign policy and technology. That's why his Monday column stood out. "Our democracy is in serious danger," he wrote in the opening line. "President Trump is either totally compromised by the Russians or is a towering fool, or both, but either way he has shown himself unwilling or unable to defend America against a Russian campaign to divide and undermine our democracy." There was something about his last paragraph, in particular, that struck a chord. "This is code red," he wrote. "The biggest threat to the integrity of our democracy today is in the Oval Office." Friedman's column

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    5 things 'Mister Rogers' can still teach us

    1. Slow down and be patient. In one episode, Rogers wanted viewers to hear what it sounded like when the fish in his on-set aquarium ate their food. He called in a marine biologist to install a microphone in the tank, but the biologist grew impatient when the fish weren't eating. They could have re-recorded the scene, but Rogers kept it in as a lesson in patience and the appreciation of silence. "Mutually caring relationships require kindness and patience, tolerance, optimism, joy in the other's achievements, confidence in oneself, and the ability to give without undue thought of gain." 2. Love people for who they are. On another episode Rogers showed viewers the sweaters his mother knitted for