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    Kids recreate royal wedding

    Stories you may have missed this week, including a mini Meghan and Harry.

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    Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool: ‘Flawed Karius pays for lack of focus’

    I feel sorry for Loris Karius, because he will be absolutely heartbroken after his nightmare display in the Champions League final - but I don't see any way back for him at Liverpool now. Karius had an awful night and it was horrible to watch the Reds goalkeeper completely alone in his penalty area at the end of the game. The Real Madrid players were the first to console him, followed by a member of the Liverpool coaching staff. I know from experience that when you lose a big game as a player, you sometimes need a few minutes to collect your thoughts, and those are times you are really just thinking about yourself. But surely one of his team-mates could have gone over, put their arm round him

  • Al Jazeera

    Mohammed bin Salman and the gold rush of singularity

    Masayoshi Son, with a net worth of $21.5bn, is reputed to be Japan's wealthiest person. He is also one of the world's slickest and smartest salesmen. In September 2016, Son met then Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. By the end of the 45-minute meeting, bin Salman, MBS, as he is known, had committed $45bn from Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) to Son's Vision Fund. That's nearly half the value of what has become the biggest investment fund the world has ever seen. A year later, Son was asked by Bloomberg's David Rubenstein if he got the money from MBS in one hour. To which the answer was "No, that's not true. I got $45bn in 45 minutes, that's $1bn per minute." When Rubenstein

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    Gwyneth Paltrow reveals Brad Pitt threatened Harvey Weinstein

    The actress spoke to Howard Stern about the day Harvey Weinstein allegedly sexually harassed her when she was 22.

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    Ariana Grande gets bee tattoo

    Ariana Grande has posted a picture of her new bee tattoo, a symbol of Manchester. This week the city marked the one year anniversary of the terror attack at the Manchester Arena where 22 people died, shortly after Ariana came off stage. To remember the victims, thousands of people have had a bee inked on their body. Ariana has followed suit and captioned her post: forever. For many Mancunians, the bee represents both hard work and working together. The symbol comes from the era of the Industrial Revolution when Manchester's factories were often referred to as beehives. It was used because workers there were so busy and productive, and in 1842 the bee was officially incorporated into the Manchester

  • Al Jazeera

    Abu Dhabi's problem with the Muslim Brotherhood

    In March 2011, buoyed by the revolutions sweeping the region, a group of 132 Emirati intellectuals and activists petitioned President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to institute reforms. Days later, the government they petitioned deployed hundreds of police officers to Bahrain, where they joined a contingent of Saudi troops to end an uprising on the island kingdom. It was the first of several Saudi-Emirati measures to rein in the "advances" of the Arab Spring and eliminate critical voices that questioned their rule. By most accounts, the Emiratis who signed the petition represented a cross section of society - doctors, lawyers, judges, and academics - and included members of Al Islah (Reform), a social movement ideologically linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (the Brotherhood).

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    Amanda Holden opens up about stillbirth

    Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has spoken about the loss of her son Theo, who was stillborn seven years ago. The TV star was seven months pregnant when she lost her son in 2011. In an interview with ITV Tonight to mark the 70th birthday of the NHS, Holden said her son "looked so normal and so peaceful". "I was still his mummy," she said of her last moments with Theo. "So I held him in my arms and I said goodbye." She went on to praise the NHS staff who supported her and her husband Chris Hughes. "I couldn't have done it without the incredible team around us," said Holden, who has two daughters. "And, you know, my husband, obviously, was so strong and so amazing. But they got him through