• Reality Check: Are there more women in leading TV roles?

    In the week the BBC announced it was casting a woman as Doctor Who for the first time, it also revealed that only a third of its highest-paid stars are women. Headlines about women's equality, or otherwise, in British TV abounded. It got the Reality Check team thinking about whether Jodie Whittaker's appointment as the first female Doctor was a sign of changing times, or is news from the BBC's payroll a more accurate barometer of female fortunes in entertainment? In essence: are more women getting lead roles in TV dramas? According to our research, the answer seems to be: hardly. There is a rise compared with a decade ago - but the increase is marginal. The number of females in lead television

  • Blade Runner 2049: Harrison Ford responds to Deckard replicant mystery

    It's one of the most debated theories in sci-fi - is Harrison Ford's character in Blade Runner human or an artificially created replicant? The answer was left as a mystery in the theatrical release of Ridley Scott's 1982 film - with even Scott and Ford arguing about it - and with a sequel due to be released in October, fans are hoping the issue will finally be resolved. Ford and fellow cast members including Ryan Gosling introduced a second trailer and new clips from the movie at Comic-Con on Saturday, which connect the sequel to the original film. Moderator Chris Hardwicke couldn't help but ask Ford if Blade Runner 2049 would address the lingering questions about Deckard's identity - human or replicant?

  • Comic-Con day 2: Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and more

    A round-up of the film and TV events that made headlines on the second day of Comic-Con 2017. The Big Bang Theory celebrates 10th anniversary The cast of the Big Bang Theory, along with producers Bill Prady, Steven Molaro and Cinnamon the dog were first out in the famous Hall H. Celebrating 10 years of the hit sitcom, the team talked about their favourite guest stars and memorable scenes from the show. But fans were desperate to talk about last season's cliff hanger which saw Sheldon propose to Amy. Does she say yes? The cast kept tight lipped, but Kaley Cuoco did admit she started crying behind the camera when the scene was being filmed. "We were all crying!" Kunal Nayyar said, with Johnny Galecki

  • 'Nashville' star released a song a week for a year

    (CNN)Charles Esten doesn't just play a singer on TV. The "Nashville" star is a singer and songwriter in real life who loves making music so much that he went on a mission to release one single a week for an entire year. Esten's song No. 52, "Long Haul," came out on July 7. Esten plays singer/songwriter Deacon Claybourne on "Nashville," which now airs on CMT.

  • Linkin Park cancels tour after frontman's death

    Authorities are treating Bennington's death as an apparent suicide. The group's lead singer, 41, was found dead Thursday morning in Palos Verdes Estates, California, sending shockwaves through the music world still healing from the suicide of singer Chris Cornell two months earlier. Bennington and Cornell were good friends.

  • Comic-Con: Which fans are 'crazier' - Star Wars or Game of Thrones?

    Members of any fandom are passionate, but Game of Thrones and Star Wars actress Gwendoline Christie was put in an awkward position when she was asked which of her fan bases was "crazier". During the Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con, a fan asked Christie - who plays Brienne of Tarth in the fantasy drama and Captain Phasma in the latest Star Wars films - who was more passionate. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she gave a diplomatic answer. "It's not really a craziness, but the level of passion is pretty much equal," she said. "What is noticeable is that Star Wars is something many of us grew up with, which gives many of us a sense of hope. That's how I feel - like I came home. "With Game of Thrones,

  • What can modern girls learn from Disney princesses?

    A slim figure, housework skills, and the need to be rescued by a man are some of the attributes often associated with Disney princesses. But behind the clichés, the characters can also demonstrate determination, compassion, ambition - and fearlessness. The England women's football team believes the traits of Disney princesses are exactly what you need to be come a successful player. The Football Association (FA) has joined with Disney on a campaign that focuses on the character's strong attributes - to encourage more young females into football. Striker Nikita Parris said: "My favourite Disney princess is Ariel from The Little Mermaid because she was fearless. "I was the same when it came to