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    Philippines seeks new jobs markets as it plans cut to Gulf reliance

    Russia and China are just some of the promising destinations for Filipinos looking for jobs abroad as the Philippines seeks to cut its reliance on the Middle East. “Russia is opening their market for the first time to the Philippines,” Bernard Olalia, head of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, said in an interview in his office in Manila. “They want a government-to-government deployment scheme, just like what we did with China.” Russia is hiring skilled workers in construction and services and China is asking the Philippines to send over 2,000 English teachers this year, Olalia said on April 20. The Czech Republic and San Marino are also negotiating labour deals, he said. For

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    Israel warns of attack if Russia air defenses used in Syria

    Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that his country would attack Russian S-300 air defense systems in Syria if they were used against Israeli targets. “What’s important to us is that the defensive weapons the Russians are giving Syria won’t be used against us,” Lieberman told the news website Ynet.

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    Saudis remember ‘Year of Hunger’ to curb extravagance

    JEDDAH: The year 1909 is known by old Saudi people as the “Year of Hunger.” In that year, Saudis suffered to such an extent that some of them perished while searching for a mouthful of food that could keep them alive for a few days. Old people tell heartbreaking stories about how miserable their ancestors’ lives were.  “Some 50 years ago, a Saudi family could have meat only on the day of sacrifice, Eid Al-Adha,” Mohammed Mousa, a retired soldier in his eighties, told Arab News.He added that wheat bread, dates and water made up the daily meals of his family of four. “The family that had a small quantity of sheep milk, ghee and tea was considered rich,” he said. Khamees Al-Zahrani, a preacher,

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    Abu Dhabi’s aviation ambitions up in the air

    LONDON: The inaugural non-stop Qantas flight between Perth and London last month may have been hailed as the future of aviation by the airline industry, but it’s unlikely to have prompted much celebrating in Abu Dhabi. The prospect of ultra-long haul flights, which reduce journey times by cutting out the need for stopovers, strikes at the heart of the business model of the likes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which have risen to prominence in recent years as major transit centers for global air travel. “The Gulf airports burst onto the scene as the airframe technology changed and the long-haul hubbing model was created,” Andrew Charlton, the managing director of consulting firm Aviation Advocacy.

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    Saudi Arabia to reward Mo Salah with piece of land in Mecca

    Vice President of the local municipality in Mecca Fahd Al-Rowky announced on Monday that he plans to give Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah a piece of land in Mecca, as a congratulatory gesture to the player for winning “Premier League Player of the Year” award, through scoring 41 goals and 13 assists, in his first season with Liverpool, reported Saudi online newspaper “Sabq. Al-Rowky told Sabq that several  options on how to present this gift are being considered. “There are several choices regarding giving this piece of land. The way to go will be determined by captain Mohamed Salah as well as the Saudi system. If the Saudi system allows the land to be owned by Salah, he will be given a piece

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    Avicii's family arrives in Oman as new details emerge on his death

    Fans gather in Stockholm Fans gathered in Stockholm on Saturday to pay tribute to the 28-year-old Swedish superstar. Avicii thrilled clubgoers with his catchy hits, flashing lights and soulful collaborations. He was one of the world's most successful DJs and a big name in the electronic dance music genre known as EDM. He worked with artists such as Madonna and Chris Martin, and had a crossover pop hit in 2013 with "Wake Me Up." But despite a life of jam-packed arenas and screaming fans, he constantly struggled with fame and health issues. He retired from performing two years ago to take a break from touring and the exhausting lifestyle that comes with it. In messages posted on social media, he

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    Reality Check: Are you getting enough bank holidays?

    Claim: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the UK has the fewest public holidays of any European Union nation. Verdict: It's true of England and Wales, but not Scotland or Northern Ireland. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's promising four more public holidays for UK workers if his party wins the next general election, arguing they're missing out compared with those in other countries. England and Wales currently have eight a year, while Scotland has nine and Northern Ireland has 10. UK bank holidays England and Wales (8): New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Early May bank holiday, Spring bank holiday, Summer bank holiday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day Scotland (9): Similar, but without Easter Monday