Kuwaiti Instagram star slams days off for Filipino domestic workers

    The reforms to Kuwaiti regulations for Filipino domestic workers were sparked by a diplomatic spat between the Philippines and the Gulf country. The murder of a Filipina maid earlier this year prompted Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to ban Filipino workers from traveling to Kuwait. In January, the body of Filipina Joanna Demafelis, 29, was discovered stuffed in the fridge of her Lebanese employer and his wife. Kuwaiti authorities have since sentenced the couple to death. "I will sell my soul to the devil to look for money so that you can come home and live comfortably here," Duterte said after news broke of Demafelis's death. The Philippines President said he was ready to take "drastic

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    Russia shows off new weapons after Trump summit

    In videos posted on YouTube and in stories on the Russian state-run TASS news agency, Moscow gave new detailed looks at five advanced weapon systems -- the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile; the Avangard hypersonic missile system; the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM); the Poseidon underwater drone; and the Kinzhal hypersonic missile. The Russian President has previously proclaimed the great strides made by the country's military, describing the technological advancements as among the best in the world.

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    US woman jailed for collecting seashells

    A Texas woman visiting Florida's Key West for holiday has been jailed after she took some seashells from the beach. Diana Fiscal-Gonzalez, 30, was arrested by a Florida Fish and Wildlife officer after she was found with a group of children taking the protected mollusks. She pleaded guilty to taking 40 still-living queen conch shells, telling the judge she did not know it was illegal. Ms Fiscal-Gonzalez has been ordered to serve 15 days in jail and pay a $500 (£385) fine. MS Fiscal-Gonzalez apologised in court, and told the judge she had planned to clean out the shells to give as gifts to friends. Ms Fiscal-Gonzalez had been visiting from Dallas when an anonymous tipster called police on 13 July

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    Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin morph into the same person in Time magazine cover

    Trump has weathered heavy criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike for his performance at the meeting, where he publicly sided with Putin over US intelligence agencies' assessment that the Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Since coming back home from Finland, the President has changed his messaging and now says he holds Putin personally responsible for the election meddling and believes the assessment of government intelligence agencies.

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    Mystery black sarcophagus opened in Egypt

    Two weeks ago, archaeologists in Egypt found a massive black granite sarcophagus in Alexandria, untouched for 2,000 years - and fleet-footed rumour quickly got to work. Could it contain the remains of ancient Greek leader Alexander the Great, or (less appealingly) a deadly curse? According to experts who have now unsealed it, it's a no to both. Instead, it revealed three skeletons and red-brown sewage water, which gave off an unbearable stench. Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities had appointed a committee of archaeologists to open the relic, which was unearthed at a construction site. According to Egyptian news outlet El-Watan, they initially lifted the lid of the tomb by just 5cm (2 inches) before

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    Elderly Egyptian woman arrested in Saudi Arabia to return to Egypt: Foreign Ministry

    The Egyptian Consulate General in Jeddah has completed the legal procedures for the return of Saadia Abdel Salam, an elderly Egyptian woman who went to Saudi Arabia on an Umrah trip and would up being arrested for drug smuggling charges. Abdel Salam was tricked by three Egyptians, who told her she would be paid the price of an Umrah trip by a Saudi philanthropist in return for transferring a bag in Saudi Arabia that turned out to contain drugs, leading to her arrest. The consulate thanked all the official bodies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, especially the public prosecution services of the two countries, which cooperated to reveal the truth and end the case. The Foreign Ministry stressed in a statement

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    Israel launches strikes as soldier killed

    Israel launched a wave of attacks on military targets in the Gaza Strip, after its soldiers came under gunfire at the border. The Israeli military announced that one soldier had died from his wounds, the first in the most recent clashes. Gaza officials said four Palestinians were killed in the strikes, three of them members of militant group Hamas. A fourth Palestinian was shot dead during protests along the border, the health officials said. The violence came during another Friday of protests by Palestinians at the border between Israel and the Gaza strip. The Israeli army said three projectiles were fired into Israel by Palestinian militants. Israel last week carried out its biggest attack