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Top 10 highest paying jobs in the world

The Economic research forum unveiled a list of highest paying jobs in the world and the salaries

  • Putin's latest message to Turkey could 'spin any future incident beyond control'

    Russia has reportedly equipped its warplanes flying in Syria with air-to-air missiles for...

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  • Ronda Rousey, with Boyfriend, Seen in Public for 1st Time Since UFC 193 Loss

    Ronda Rousey is back walking among mortals. After a two-week absence from the public eye, the former UFC women's bantamweight champ was spotted walking around her hometown of Los ...

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  • He Did This Just To Make Her Happy. He Took Off His Skin. #ShortFilm

    This article He Did This Just To Make Her Happy. He Took Off His Skin. appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. There was one thing she wanted, that would make her very, very happy.  He took off his skin for her, just to please him. It was a sacrifice he was willing to make. Soon, she realises that it’s taking a toll on their relationship. Of course, there’s the sheets, the heating, then there’s the problem […] Watch awesome short films at, or download our free iPhone and Android app now!

  • Confidence Was a Bra Size. So She Decided to Fake It Till She Made It #ShortFilm

    This article Confidence Was a Bra Size. So She Decided to Fake It Till She Made It appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. “Is this your girlfriend’s bra? It’s way too small. Has she hit puberty yet?” Those are the biting remarks Susan hears when she chances on her cheating ex-boyfriend… with a girl who is rather well-endowed. Her confidence in tatters, she decides to get a little help and embrace the bra pads. Lots of them. The internal voices in her […] Watch awesome short films at, or download our free iPhone and Android app now!

  • UAE says ready to commit troops to fight Syria jihadists

    The United Arab Emirates has said it is ready to commit ground troops against jihadists in Syria and described Russian air strikes in the country as attacks on a "common enemy". Quoted by the official WAM news agency on Monday, Emirati State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said the UAE would "participate in any international effort demanding a ground intervention to fight terrorism". "Regional countries must bear part of the burden" of such an intervention, he said during a Sunday discussion on Syria.

  • Qatar 'shamed' by inaction on labour reform: Amnesty

    Qatar has done "almost nothing" to end labour abuse in the five years since being awarded football's 2022 World Cup despite huge global pressure to reform, Amnesty International said Tuesday. In a damning indictment, the human rights group said the lack of substantive change "shames" the gas-rich Gulf state and FIFA, football's governing body. Its statement was published to coincide with the controversial decision taken on December 2, 2010 to allow Qatar to host world sport's biggest tournament.

  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus rumors and news leaks

    Enjoying the feel of that sparkly new rose gold iPhone 6S in your hand, and the joy of 3D Touch? Well, we don’t want to spoil that, but Apple’s already working on the iPhone 7, and rumors about it are beginning to spread. Here’s what we think we know about Apple’s next major smartphone release so far. Updated on 12-01-2015 by David Curry: Added in rumors that Apple is testing five different iPhone 7 models with special features like an on-screen fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, USB Type C, dual-camera tech, and more. Apple might add fingerprint sensor on the display Reports from inside China suggest that Apple is testing five models of the iPhone 7, all with one major feature that is apparently in the pipeline for future iPhones. Not all of the features will launch on the iPhone 7, we suspect, although Apple might make a huge leap in technology next year to compete with cheaper, high-end Android phones on the market. Related: Here are all the rumors surrounding the possible release of a 4-inch iPhone 6C The features include wireless charging, fingerprint recognition on the display, multi Force Touch, dual-cameras, and a USB Type-C connector. Previous patents have suggested Apple is working on wireless charging and fingerprint recognition technology on the display, though the patent for wireless charging was filed three years ago. Multi Force Touch and dual-camera configurations would be new for Apple, but dual-cameras have been attempted by HTC in the past to middling success. Of course, it’s unclear which of these features — if any — will make it into the iPhone 7. It may be made of liquid metal and waterproof As we said before, if Apple follows its own mobile trend the iPhone 7 should come with an entirely new design. TrendForce published a press release last month asserting that say the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, which would make it the first such device from Apple. An earlier post made to the Chinese social network Weibo, and reported by Macotakara, also said the iPhone 7 will have a waterproof and dustproof body. Related: Here’s our comprehensive iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus buying guide While water resistant phones have existed for a while, the popularity with manufacturers ebbs and flows, with Samsung choosing to add it on the Galaxy S5, then abandon it for the Galaxy S6. Sony continues to make water resistance a feature on its Xperia smartphones, though it became less prevalent on the Xperia Z5. Another Weibo post talks about Apple using a new, but unnamed material to make the iPhone 7 case, and it won’t be metal. Rumors have spread in the past about an all liquid metal iPhone, but have never come true, and this may signal Apple has decided to go in a different direction with the next generation phone. Apple might be planning to axe the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7, and replace it with a USB Type-C connector that supports proprietary headphones, according to sources in China. This would be a smart way for Apple to remove third-party headphones that don’t meet Apple’s standards, though it goes against the company’s move to open standards with the introduction of USB Type-C on the 12-inch MacBook. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the iPhone 7 will be the thinnest yet at between 6 and 6.5mm thick. That is around the same as the iPad Air 2, and a millimeter thinner than the current generation iPhone. More RAM and other high-end specs Up until the iPhone 6S, Apple’s phones only sported 1GB of RAM, even though many Android competitors used 3 or 4GB of RAM in their flagship phones. Now, reports hint that the iPhone 7 will get even more RAM than the 6S, with rumors of 3GB of RAM popping up for the iPhone 7 Plus. The claim has been made more than once, and TrendForce is the latest to join the fray. Analyst Kuo also chimed in on the iPhone 7 with another report, claiming it will run on a new A10 chip built entirely by TSMC, a Taiwanese chip manufacturer that has worked with Apple in the past, and built some of the current A9 processors. He also claims the iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB of RAM, while the iPhone 7 will only use 2GB. Foxconn will apparently manufacture the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and it should launch towards the end of next year, says Kuo. It’s very early days for the iPhone 7, despite what these rumors may make you think. We don’t even know if Apple will continue with adding an increasing number to the iPhone name, or if it’ll come up with something new for this edition. Whatever the case, we’ll keep you updated with all the news and rumors over the months leading up to the next iPhone’s 2016 introduction. Article originally published on 09-28-2015 Updated on 11-20-2015 by Malarie Gokey: Added in rumors that the next iPhone 7 will have more RAM than before and may be waterproof. Updated on 11-04-2015 by David Curry: Added in news the next big-screen iPhone may have more RAM than before. Also watch: Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Sania is only 28, it is too premature to make a biopic on her – Farah Khan

    While there have been umpteen number of reports that tennis ace Sania Mirza is next in line to have her story told on the big screen to be shot by director Farah Khan, latter refutes these rumours, saying, “Sania is only 28 years old and it is too premature to make a biopic on her.” “I would love to make a film on her but the show is still on, it’s not yet over for her. “Now just because Sania had said that Parineeti was best suited to play her that people are jumping to conclusions…fertile imagination is running wild ,” said Farah. Sania, off-late has been bonding big time with both, Farah and Parineeti.
  • The 25 Best Hip-Hop Instagram Pictures Of The Week

    Nicki Minaj showed out at the #AMAs, Drake spent some quality time with his mom, and more.

  • Grandma Called Her “Little Angel”. Now, She Lives Up To The Name. #ShortFilm

    This article Grandma Called Her “Little Angel”. Now, She Lives Up To The Name. appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. Kassie is on her way to visit Grandma and she’s never been more excited. Throughout the years, she’s seen the woman who had loved her and taught her hide her own fears and pain. Grandma kept smiling even when she was in pain, and kept the sweet-making family business afloat for as long as she […] Watch awesome short films at, or download our free iPhone and Android app now!

  • He Took Advantage Of A Drunk Girl & Thought His Life Would Just Move On #ShortFilm

    This article He Took Advantage Of A Drunk Girl & Thought His Life Would Just Move On appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. He thought it was just another job, but he thought wrong. While servicing a client — a drunk girl — this driver tries to take care of her. He thought that his perversity might go unnoticed, but he gets a call from cops who are investigating her sudden disappearance. He panics, but realises that he might just get away […] Watch awesome short films at, or download our free iPhone and Android app now!

  • NASA satellites reveal something startling about the future of food on Earth

    As world leaders convene in Paris this week at the United Nations Climate Summit (COP21) to...

    Business Insider
  • Car of the week - November 30 - Toyota Land Cruiser VXR

    More than 320,000 Land Cruisers have been sold in the UAE since the first one arrived in Dubai Creek in 1955 which is all you need to know to back up Toyota’s proud boast that this vehicle is the best-selling SUV in its class in this country. It is truly an iconic vehicle in that many families here have brought successive generations of this SUV since that first shipment of Land Cruiser BJ’s which paved the way for what would be Al-Futtaim Motors who are now coming to the end of the 60th Anniversary. The Japanese marque, quite rightly, call the Land Cruiser the Pride of the Land and in line with the way the UAE has developed as a country they have reworked this vehicle to take it onto the next level of excellence.

  • U.S. tightens visa waiver program in wake of Paris attacks

    By Roberta Rampton and Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House announced changes to the U.S. visa waiver program on Monday so that security officials can more closely screen travelers from 38 countries allowed to enter the United States without obtaining visas before they travel. Under the new measures, which were prompted by the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris by Islamic State militants, the Department of Homeland Security would immediately start to collect more information from travelers about past visits to countries such as Syria and Iraq, the White House said.

  • Heartache? She Found The Perfect Cure. Fabulous Inner Strength! #ShortFilm

    This article Heartache? She Found The Perfect Cure. Fabulous Inner Strength! appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. Kat overcomes a bad bout of luck with men and the mat… with inner strength. Long distance relationships and yoga can be challenging for beginners. Kat was a newbie, she might not have known what she was doing. But she pushed herself. Her effusive, sunshiny personality takes a dip when she learns that David could be […] Watch awesome short films at, or download our free iPhone and Android app now!

  • Indian rupee slumps ahead of RBI review, more weakness seen

    By Neha Dasgupta MUMBAI (Reuters) - Heavy sales in equity and debt by foreign investors ahead of an expected Fed rate hike triggered a 2.4 percent fall in the Indian rupee this month, the worst performer among emerging Asia currencies, pushing it to its weakest level in more than two years. Foreign funds have sold a net $1.5 billion in bonds and shares so far this month, their biggest since August, marking a reversal from big purchases since early 2014 that had seen India outperform many emerging markets rivals. The magnitude of the selling, and the impact on the rupee, raise the stakes for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which is widely expected to hold rates on Tuesday, as central banks across emerging markets gear up for the U.S Federal Reserve to tighten monetary policy as early as December.

  • Adele smashes records with 3.38 million first-week U.S sales of '25'

    British singer Adele's new album sold a record 3.38 million U.S. copies in its first full week, Nielsen Music said, becoming the biggest-selling album of 2015 in an astonishing feat for an era when artists rarely top 1 million. In just seven days on sale, "25", the first album in four years by the Grammy-winning singer, easily outsold the entire year's figures for country-pop superstar Taylor Swift's hit album "1989", according to official figures released by Nielsen on Saturday. Swift's album has sold some 1.76 million U.S. copies in 2015.

  • Iraq blames Iran after thousands of pilgrims storm border crossing

    Iraq's interior ministry blamed Iranian authorities on Monday for allowing tens of thousands of Shi'ite Muslim pilgrims to storm a border crossing and enter the country without visas, in a rare public confrontation between the two neighbors. The ministry said in a statement that the pilgrims, traveling on foot toward the Shi'ite shrine city of Karbala to take part in the annual Arbaeen religious ritual, overwhelmed security forces on Sunday, pulling down fences and injuring border guards. It accused them of deliberately rushing the border crossing in order to pressure security forces to allow them to enter illegally, and it said the border guards had refrained from exercising their right to use force against them.

  • Mohammad pardons 129 prisoners on UAE National Day

    In his capacity as the Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, has ordered the release of 129 prisoners of various nationalities from punitive and corrective institutions in Dubai on the UAE’s 44th National Day. Dubai Attorney-General Essam Al Humaidan said that the humanitarian gesture reflects Shaikh Mohammad’s keenness to give the prisoners the opportunity to follow the right path and start a new life with their families. Al Humaidan affirmed that Shaikh Mohammad’s orders will be carried out immediately.

    Gulf News
  • The Lies We Tell Ourselves Are Worse Than The Lies Others Tell Us #ShortFilm

    This article The Lies We Tell Ourselves Are Worse Than The Lies Others Tell Us appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. It sucks to be someone’s second choice all the time. Michelle is this guy’s second choice. A backup. A fallback. A lover. An enlightened, well-meaning friend introduces her to Believe, a trendy self-help course that promises to unleash her potential. She tries to find what’s holding her back from love. It’s a lot of money to realise she […] Watch awesome short films at, or download our free iPhone and Android app now!