World's cleanest airline revealed

    The Japanese carrier claimed top spot ahead of Taiwan's EVA Air and South Korea's Asiana Airlines in a top 30 list dominated by Asian companies. Passengers were asked to rate the standard and quality of aircraft cabins for a global survey conducted by UK-based aviation industry reviewer Skytrax. Seat areas, tables, carpets, cabin panels and washrooms are all part of the overall score. Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Qatar Airways, Swiss International Air Lines, Hainan Airlines and Lufthansa make up the rest of the top 10. Top-rated airlines for cleanliness by continent included South African Airways in Africa, Air New Zealand in Australia/Pacific, Air Canada in North

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    Yemen's Huthis say ready to strike Riyadh, Abu Dhabi if coalition moves on Hodeidah

    ADEN (Reuters) - Yemen's Huthi group said they were building their ballistic capabilities and their forces stand ready to strike Riyadh and Abu Dhabi if implementation of a UN peace deal in the port city of Hodeidah is breached. A spokesman of the Houthi forces said the group has a “stockpile of missiles” and the group can hit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the two Gulf states leading the coalition backing the government of Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, whenever the military command decides on the timing. “We have intelligence asserting that the enemy is preparing for an escalation in Hodeidah and we are following their movements closely. Our forces stand ready for any requested and

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    New Zealand mosque attacks: Social media comes under attack

    Since Friday's attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, social media platforms have been criticised for failing to stop the suspect's shooting video, and hate-filled manifesto, from going viral. Why was it so difficult for the social media giants, with all their resources and latest technology, to contain the spread of videos of New Zealand mosque attacks? Al Jazeera's Mereana Hond reports.

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    Teenager charged for live streaming NZ mosque shooting

    An 18-year-old man was denied bail at a court in New Zealand on Monday after he was charged with distributing a live stream of the mass shooting at a mosque last week, the New Zealand Herald reported. The man was arrested on Friday, but police have since said they do not believe he was directly involved in the attacks at two mosques in Christchurch which happened on the same day, in which 50 worshipers were killed. Australian Brenton Tarrant, 28, a suspected white supremacist, was charged with murder for the mosque shootings. Tarrant was remanded without a plea and is due back in court on April 5 where police said he was likely to face more charges.

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    Kylie Jenner dons a daring look by Emirati label Khyeli

    DUBAI: Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner just sported a daring ensemble by Emirati designer Ahmed Khyeli last week for a photoshoot and promptly followed it up by stepping out with a handbag by Dubai-based fashion label, L'Afshar. The 21-year-old, who was recently named the youngest ever self-made billionaire by Forbes, wore a custom-made gown by Ahmed Khyeli's London-based label, Khyeli. The dramatic black minidress featured a frilled train running up the side along with an oversized, ruffled collar. The label is snapping up celebrity fans - Lady Gaga took to the Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show in early March to talk about her recent Oscar win while wearing a gown by Khyeli. The beaded tulle gown, with a

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    Philippines officially out of the International Criminal Court

    The Philippines has officially withdrawn from the International Criminal Court (ICC), though the beleaguered tribunal has pledged to pursue its examination of alleged illegal killings in the government's drug war. Manila's withdrawal on Sunday came a year after it told the United Nations it was quitting the world's only permanent war crimes tribunal, becoming the second nation to do so after Burundi.  "The secretary-general ... informed all concerned states that the withdrawal will take effect for the Philippines on 17 March," UN spokesperson Eri Kaneko told the AFP news agency on Friday.  Under the treaty, withdrawal is only effective one year after a country gives written notice of its decision

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    In Kerala, the glittering Gulf's appeal is losing shine

    Kerala, India - Since the 1970s, the southern Indian state of Kerala has enjoyed opportunities stemming from its proximity to wealthy countries in the Gulf, around 2,500km away. About two million Kerala natives, predominantly Muslim working-age men, currently work in the region, mainly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.  "The financial contribution of migration to Kerala is unimaginable," said Irudaya Rajan, author and expert in Kerala's Gulf migration. The men's wives, locally known as "Gulf wives", number around one million. Left behind, they struggle with loneliness. Their husbands might visit once every three years.  According to Rajan, 80 percent of women do not travel to visit their partners