• Al Jazeera

    'Not significant': EU urges Iran to reverse nuclear deal breaches

    European signatories to the Iran nuclear deal do not see Tehran's breaches of the landmark accord as significant and do not intend for now to trigger the pact's dispute mechanism, preferring more diplomacy to ease the crisis, the European Union's foreign policy chief has said. In a statement issued on Monday after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussles, Federica Mogherini urged Iran to acknowledge the work undertaken by France, the United Kingdom and Germany to save the 2015 agreement - also signed by China and Russia - after the United States unilaterally withdrew from it last May. Since then, Washington and Tehran have been embroiled in a bitter war of words and tensions in the Gulf region have soared amid the former's imposition of punishing sanctions as part of a so-called "maximum pressure campaign" against Iran's leaders, who have responded by gradually reducing compliance with the nuclear deal.

  • Egypt Independent

    In Iran, some take off their hijabs as hard-liners push back

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - The simple act of walking has become a display of defiance for a young Iranian woman who often moves in Tehran's streets without a compulsory headscarf, or hijab. With every step, she risks harassment or even arrest by Iran's morality police whose job is to enforce the strict dress code imposed after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. “I have to confess it is really, really scary,” the 30-year-old fire-safety consultant said in a WhatsApp audio message, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of repercussions. But she is also hopeful, saying she believes the authorities find it increasingly difficult to suppress protests as more women join in. “They are running after us, but

  • Arabian Business

    Bahraini chef is condemned for uploading video of peacock being slaughtered, cooked

    Animal rights activists in Bahrain have hit out at a Bahraini chef who posted a video of himself on Instagram slaughtering and cooking a peacock, it was reported on Sunday. Video footage of the incident was uploaded to the chef's 200,000 social media followers, according to the Gulf Daily News (GDN) website. “This is not normal behaviour and this is the first time ever I have witnessed such a horrific incident in Bahrain… I am shocked at this and we are all against this. Peacocks are sacred in all regions including Islam,” Mahmood Al Faraj, chairman of the Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA), was quoted as saying by GDN. Al Faraj said he intended to file a complaint

  • Emirates24|7

    Vatican mystery over missing girl deepens as bones are found

    The mystery of the 1983 disappearance of the 15-year-old daughter of a Vatican employee took yet another twist Saturday following excavations this week at a Vatican City cemetery. The Vatican said it had discovered two sets of bones under a stone slab that will be formally opened next week. The new discovery came after Vatican on Thursday pried open the tombs of two 19th-century German princesses in the cemetery of the Pontifical Teutonic College in hopes of finding the remains of Emanuela Orlandi. The Vatican vowed to keep investigating and noted that any bones in the tombs might have been displaced during structural work carried out on both the college building and a cemetery near St. Peter's Basilica in the 1800s and in more recent decades.

  • Bahrain calls Qatar biggest threat to GCC after 'lies-filled' Jazeera documentary

    JEDDAH: Bahrain lashed out at Al Jazeera on Monday after the Qatari network aired a documentary attempting to undermine the Kingdom. The program broadcast on Sunday was filled with “lies and fallacies against the state of Bahrain,” Bahraini Foreign Minister Khaled bin Ahmed said. It is just a “new episode in a series of conspiracies from a rogue state against the kingdom of Bahrain, and against the stability of the entire region,” he added. “This state has become the biggest threat to the Gulf Cooperation Council.” Bahrain, along with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt launched a boycott of Qatar two years ago over Doha's support for extremist groups. They also accused Qatar of interfering in the

  • Egypt Independent

    UK envoy said Trump ditched Iran deal to spite Obama: report

    Britain's ambassador to Washington believed US President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal because it was associated with his predecessor Barack Obama, according to leaked documents published Saturday. “The administration is set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons - it was Obama's deal,” ambassador Kim Darroch wrote in a diplomatic cable in May 2018. The cable was included in a second batch of leaked reports published by the Mail on Sunday newspaper, the first of which caused Darroch to resign earlier this week. Separately, the Sunday Times reported that a government investigation into the leak had identified a civil servant as

  • english.alarabiya.net

    US military identifies soldier killed in Afghanistan

    A US Army soldier killed in Afghanistan was identified on Sunday as decorated Special Forces Company Sergeant Major James G. “Ryan” Sartor of Teague, Texas, the Department of Defense (DOD) said in a release. Sartor, 40, died Saturday from wounds from enemy small arms fire in a combat operation in the province of Faryab, in northern Afghanistan, the DOD said.