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    Six died in the protest against Indian citizenship law

    The death toll from violent protests in northeast India against a contentious citizenship law has risen to six, officials said Sunday, as authorities maintained internet bans and curfews to quell unrest. Tension remained high at the epicenter of the unrest in Assam state's biggest city, Guwahati, with troops patrolling the streets in vehicles amid tight security. Some 5,000 people took part in a fresh demonstration in Guwahati Sunday, with hundreds of police watching on as they sang, chanted and carried banners with the words "long live Assam". Officials said oil and gas production in the state was hit by the curfew, although the restrictions were eased during the day on Sunday with some shops opening.

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    Mass grave containing remains of 643 civilians discovered in Iraq

    A mass grave dating back to 2016 has been discovered in Iraq containing the remains of 643 civilians believed to be victims of the Saqlawiyah massacre, about 5 kilometers north of Fallujah, in Anbar Governorate. Iraqi forces and the Iranian-backed Shia Popular Mobilization Units militias (PMU - known as Hashd al-Shaabi in Arabic), had liberated Fallujah and its suburbs in the same year. Skulls, human bones, civilian clothing remains, including those belonging to children, traces of holes and handcuffs suggest that a massacre occurred in that place, according to sources from the Forensic Medicine Department in Ramadi.

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    Pakistan police raid house of PM Imran Khan's nephew

    Pakistan police raided the house of Prime Minister Imran Khan's nephew on Saturday in eastern Lahore, after a video emerged showing him taking part in deadly hospital riots days earlier. Three patients died, medical officials said, after roughly 200 lawyers stormed Punjab Heart Institute hospital in the city on Wednesday, vandalizing property and setting ablaze a police van after a dispute with doctors. TV channels ran footage showing Khan's nephew Hassan Niazi, a lawyer, at the hospital and watching as a police vehicle was set on fire. “The Prime Minister of Pakistan's nephew's house and other premises, such as farmhouse and business places were raided,” Punjab's Minister for Information Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan confirmed at a press conference on Saturday.

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    Photos - Royal pharaonic sphinx uncovered in Tuna al-Gabal

    An Egyptian archaeological mission uncovered a small royal statue of a Sphinx during archaeological survey work in Tuna al-Gabal cemetery in the city of Mallawi in Minya. A statement by the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry said that the statue is made of limestone with a height of 35 cm and a length of 55 cm. It has clear and beautiful features and details, reflecting the skill of the ancient Egyptian sculptor. The mission also found sets of amulets made of Egyptian blue faience for the goddess “Bes”, ostracon from pottery, clay pots of various shapes and sizes, and an alabaster bottle. The survey and archaeological excavations will continue to find out the reason for the presence of this statue

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    Saudi Arabia cautions citizens, residents in India following violent protests

    RIYADH: Renowned Italian restaurant Amadeo has opened up in Al-Murabba for Riyadh Season.  The pop-up has started brightly, and head chef Gianni Vietina invited Arab News to sample the menu and chat about his experience. Vietina, in Saudi Arabia for the first time, said that he loved the location he had set up in, and was very happy to be opening up in the Kingdom.  “The location is gorgeous. At night, with all the lights on, the music going, it's very nice.” Despite minor setbacks he faced while setting up, Vietina considers the experience to be a positive one and that the response was even better than he had expected.  “Like anything new, you have quests, you have problems. Up to now, we're

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    Deserted oil tanker in Yemen: Houthis ask for help

    Houthi rebels in Yemen are appealing for international assistance as a deserted oil tanker off the country's coast continues to leak into the Red Sea. Both the Houthis and Yemen's government claim ownership of the tanker - and its more than one million barrels of oil. Al Jazeera's Mohammed al-Attab reports from Sanaa.

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    Fears of Islamophobia in the UK even as record number of Muslim MPs elected

    NEW DELHI: India continued to witness unrest on Saturday as several states protested against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), which makes religion the basis for granting citizenship to migrants. The eastern state of West Bengal experienced violent protests for the third consecutive day with angry mobs burning vehicles and damaging public property. Five stationary trains were also torched in the bordering state, media reports said. “There is a large-scale anger among Muslim communities in the state with people fearing to lose their citizenship after the coming of the CAB,” Zim Nawaz, a Bengal-based social activist, told Arab News, adding that the spontaneous outbursts of anger