• Egypt Independent

    US orders new troops to Middle East to counter Iran 'threat'

    The United States said it was deploying 1,500 additional troops to the Middle East to counter “credible threats” from Iran in a move denounced by Tehran on Saturday as “a threat to international peace”. “Increased US presence in our region is very dangerous and a threat to international peace and security and must be confronted,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told the official IRNA news agency. The escalation of the US military presence follows a decision in early May to send an aircraft carrier strike force and B-52 bombers in a show of force against what Washington's leaders believed was an imminent Iranian plan to attack US assets. And it comes as the Trump administration is planning

  • Arab News

    Saudi Arabia to impose fines for breach of new public decency laws

    JEDDAH: People breaking any of 10 new rules on public behavior in Saudi Arabia face being fined up to SR5,000 ($1,333). A list of offenses relating to breaches of public decency came into force throughout the Kingdom on Saturday. Cabinet members last month approved the regulations which aim to uphold the values, principles and identity of Saudi society in public places such as parks, beaches, malls, hotels and restaurants. Shoura Council member Dr. Muadi Al-Madhhab told MBC channel: “The Kingdom isn't the only country to implement such regulations. Many countries already have them, and the regulations apply to citizens and expatriates.” With rising tourism, he said that the 10 provisions would

  • Egypt Independent

    Video: Jennifer Lopez's North Coast concert confirmed after conflicting news

    Venture Lifestyle Events confirmed on their Facebook page that renowned star Jennifer Lopez will hit the North Coast's stage this summer on August 9. The announcement alleged that the event will celebrate the global star's birthday. The concert will be held in Alamein's Seacode beach club, North Coast. The intriguing news was confirmed when Lopez officially announced that she will perform in Egypt, displaying the concert's date on her official website. “You are promised a once in a lifetime musical experience, as you will be witnessing the QUEEN herself smashing new and classic hits, dazzling wardrobes & jaw dropping dancing choreography,” Venture Lifestyle Events said on Facebook. The organizing

  • Egypt Independent

    Iran can sink US warships with 'secret weapons', military official says

    DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran can sink US warships sent to the Gulf region using missiles and “secret weapons”, a senior Iranian military official was quoted as saying by the semi-official news agency Mizan on Saturday. The United States on Friday announced the deployment of 1,500 troops to the Middle East, describing it as an effort to bolster defenses against Iran as it accused the country's Revolutionary Guards of direct responsibility for this month's tanker attacks. “America.. is sending two warships to the region. If they commit the slightest stupidity, we will send these ships to the bottom of the sea along with their crew and planes using two missiles or two new secret weapons,” General Morteza

  • CNN

    China unveils 600km/h maglev train prototype

    Developed by the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) -- the world's largest supplier of rail transit equipment -- the sleek-looking train is scheduled to go into commercial production in 2021 following extensive tests. "Take Beijing to Shanghai as an example -- counting preparation time for the journey, it takes about 4.5 hours by plane, about 5.5 hours by high-speed rail, and [would only take] about 3.5 hours with [the new] high-speed maglev," said CRRC deputy chief engineer Ding Sansan, head of the train's research and development team, in a statement. While the cruising speed of an aircraft is 800-900 km/h, at present trains on the Beijing-Shanghai line have a maximum operating speed of 350 km/h.

  • Naked pub pops up in London

    Only there's a twist -- you're totally naked. If this image sounds like something from a fever-dream, maybe it's not for you. But for the city's thriving naturist community, it's an exciting step forward. Landlord Alastair Choat says it's all part of the community atmosphere he's fostering in his pub -- which he might be about to lose. London landmark Soho's Coach & Horses pub is now nudist-friendly. The Coach & Horses -- once famed for playing host to "London's rudest landlord," Norman Balon -- has been run by Choat since 2006. Over the past 13 years, he's turned the establishment into what he says is London's first vegan and vegetarian pub. Choat and his daughter Hollie also revived traditional

  • Al Jazeera

    Iran vows no surrender - even if bombed by 'enemies'

    Iran will not surrender to US pressure and will never abandon its goals even if it is attacked, President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday. Earlier in the day, Iran's top military chief said the standoff between Tehran and Washington was a "clash of wills", warning any enemy "adventurism" would meet a crushing response, the semi-official Fars news agency reported. After pulling out of Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, US President Donald Trump restored punishing American sanctions on Iran last year and tightened them this month, ordering all countries to halt imports of Iranian oil or face sanctions of their own. "More than one year after the imposition of these severe sanctions, our people have not bowed to pressures despite facing difficulties in their lives," Rouhani was quoted by the state news agency IRNA as saying.