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    Duchess Meghan's father 'furious' she's not supporting him financially

    Duchess Meghan's father is said to be fuming with her because she hasn't offered him any money or support over the years. The 74-year-old retired lighting director is said to be bitter that his daughter - who was known as Meghan Markle before she married Prince Harry in May - hasn't offered him any financial support over the years even though she had a successful acting career in Hollywood before joining the royal family. A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "He says they have not given him a f***ing dime back. "He is growing increasingly bitter about it. It has not been helped by how his ex-wife, Meghan's mum, has been so welcomed into the Royal fold. Photo: Reuters "While he was working,

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    Iranians vent anger at Trump as the wheels come off their economy

    It is a stark reversal in the US's policy toward ordinary Iranians. Taraji was the kind of middle-class, outward-looking family man that the Obama administration felt might encourage moderation in Iran, were the economy to benefit from the lifting of western sanctions. That was the logic behind the nuclear deal signed in 2015, under which the US, several European countries, Russia and China agreed to lift an effective economic blockade in exchange for Iran submitting to checks on its nuclear facilities. The agreement brought a string of billion dollar deals with Western firms for airplanes and oil exploration in Iran. But the benefits were largely stymied by a fall in global oil prices and the

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    Neom Airport planned for Saudi Arabia's $500 billion mega-city

    Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion city of the future, Neom, will see its own airport being built near the kingdom’s Tabuk area. The mega-city, part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s plan to diversify the country’s economy away from oil, is planned for Saudi’s Red Sea coast and revolves around artificial intelligence. Neom Airport is reportedly located 10 kilometers from Sharma, 75 kilometers from Daba and will be initially coordinated with Prince Sultan City. The airport’s code registered with the International Civil Aviation Organization is OENN. Moreover, it will boast a runway of 3,757 metres long at 151 degrees on one side and 331 degrees on the other. Neom, short for Latin-Arabic term Neo-Mustaqbal,

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    China rebuffs Philippines president's South China Sea rebuke

    BEIJING (Reuters) - China rebuffed Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s call for Beijing to rethink its conduct in the South China Sea on Thursday, saying China had the right to react to foreign ships or aircraft that get close to its islands. Duterte said China has no right to repel foreign aircraft and boats passing by its artificial islands in the disputed waterway, and that he hoped China would “temper” its behavior and stop restricting movements. In a statement sent to Reuters, China’s Foreign Ministry said the Spratly Islands are China’s inherent territory and that China respects the right to freedom of navigation and overflight that all countries enjoy in the South China Sea under international

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    Man settles £36k Dubai speeding fines

    A Welsh tourist has been allowed to return home from Dubai after settling £36,000 in speeding fines. Farah Hashi, 25, had his passport seized by a hire car firm after setting off dozens of speed cameras in a rented £160,000 Lamborghini. The firm said it would not give him his documents until he paid the fines. But police officers have helped Mr Hashi come to an agreement with the firm meaning he will now pay £26,000. Mr Hashi, from Newport, hired the luxury supercar from Saeed Ali Rent a Car on 7 August while visiting friends in Dubai. In four hours he triggered every speed camera on the Sheikh Zayed Road by driving at up to 150mph (240km/h). His fines totalled 175,000 dirhams, or £36,000. Saeed

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    US dad denied bail in missing family case

    A father in the US state of Colorado has been denied bail after his arrest following the disappearance of his pregnant wife and two young daughters. Appearing in court for the first time on a day after his arrest, Chris Watts, 33, said nothing other than to acknowledge his rights. He has reportedly confessed to killing the family, according to local media. Shanann Watts, 34, was 15 weeks pregnant when she was reported missing on Monday. The couple's daughters Celeste, three, and Bella, four, were reported missing at the same time. No formal charges have yet been filed in the case, but Mr Watts could face murder charges and three counts of tampering with evidence, Weld County Jail in Colorado

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    'Why I never want babies'

    An increasing number of South Korean women are choosing not to marry, not to have children, and not even to have relationships with men. With the lowest fertility rate in the world, the country's population will start shrinking unless something changes. "I have no plans to have children, ever," says 24-year-old Jang Yun-hwa, as we chat in a hipsterish cafe in the middle of Seoul. "I don't want the physical pain of childbirth. And it would be detrimental to my career." Like many young adults in South Korea's hyper-competitive job market, Yun-hwa, a web comic artist, has worked hard to get where she is and isn't ready to let all that hard graft go to waste. "Rather than be part of a family, I'd