• Police investigate Indian MP who beat airline employee

    Police have launched an investigation after an Indian MP admitted beating an airline employee with a slipper. Ravindra Gaikwad said he "hit him 25 times with my sandal" for "arrogance" after failing to get a business class seat on an Air India flight. Air India, which filed a complaint on Thursday, said Mr Gaikwad was banned on all flights operated by the Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA). As a result, Mr Gaikwad had to return to his home city, Pune, by train. The MP lost his temper after being told he could not fly business class on the Pune to Delhi flight because it was an all-economy flight, reports said. The altercation happened when the duty manager was called after the plane landed in

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  • London attack: 'Final' photo of murdered PC Keith Palmer emerges

    A "final" picture of PC Keith Palmer taken shortly before he was killed in the Westminster attack has emerged. The photo was taken by US tourist Staci Martin as she posed with the officer 45 minutes before he was stabbed by Khalid Masood outside Parliament. Others who also met the police officer during visits to the capital have been paying tribute, calling him a "genuinely nice bloke". A JustGiving page set up for the family of PC Palmer has raised over £600,000. The Metropolitan Police said that as a mark of respect, the constable's shoulder number, 4157U, would be retired and not reissued to any other officer. Ms Martin was on a visit from Florida to London when she asked to take a picture

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  • London attack: The victims

    The stories of Khalid Masood's victims have revealed the diversity of London and its visitors. Four people were killed and 50 injured when Masood drove his car into people on Westminster Bridge and stabbed an officer guarding Parliament. On Thursday, Theresa May said the victims came from 11 countries, including Romania, the US, and China. 'Lovely man' Police named the 75-year-old man who died on Thursday night - becoming the fourth victim of attacker Khalid Masood - as Leslie Rhodes, from south London. Police said his life support had been withdrawn. Mr Rhodes, a retired window cleaner, is thought to have been visiting a nearby hospital when he was hit by the car driven by Masood. Neighbours

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  • US bans laptops, tablets from cabins on flights from Middle East

    This file photo taken on January 22, 2012 shows a Saudi man sitting near a woman as he works on his laptop at a hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Washington — The United States warned Tuesday that extremists plan to target passenger jets with bombs hidden in electronic devices, and banned carrying them onto flights from 10 Middle East airports. Senior US officials told reporters that nine airlines from eight countries had been given 96 hours, beginning at 3:00 am (0700 GMT), to ban devices bigger than a cellphone or smartphone from the cabin. Laptops, tablets and portable game consoles are affected by the ban — which applies to direct flights to the United States — but they may still be stowed in the hold in checked baggage.

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  • Week in pictures: 18-24 March

    Our selection of some of the most striking news photographs taken around the world this week. All photographs are copyrighted.

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  • IS conflict: US airlift backs new assault near Raqqa stronghold

    US-led coalition aircraft have for the first time carried out an airlift of allied fighters battling the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in Syria. The Pentagon said members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance were dropped behind IS lines close to the Tabqa dam, west of the city of Raqqa. Fierce fighting was continuing around the dam, thought to be a base for hundreds of foreign fighters, it added. The development came as coalition member states met in Washington. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the gathering that it was "only a matter of time" until IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed. The Pentagon declined to say how many US aircraft had been used to airlift Arab members

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  • Tennessee fugitive teacher was seen kissing abducted girl

    A Tennessee high school teacher accused of abducting a 15-year-old student was seen kissing the girl two months before they went missing, it has emerged. Another student reported the alleged clinch between 50-year-old Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas, but he was allowed to continue working. There have been more than 650 reported sightings of the girl since she and the teacher vanished on 13 March. Mr Cummins is believed to be travelling with two handguns. He is wanted on charges of sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping. The family is furious that Mr Cummins was not suspended after a middle school student reported the alleged kiss in January. Mr Cummins was allowed to continue

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  • France's Marine Le Pen urges end to Russia sanctions

    Russian president Vladimir Putin has met France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in Moscow, saying she represents a "fast-growing element" of European politics. Mr Putin defended the meeting - a coup for Ms Le Pen - saying that he was not seeking to influence France's election. Ms Le Pen has garnered widespread support at home but her extreme views have deterred most foreign leaders. Russia was accused of meddling in the US election in support of Donald Trump. "Of course I know that the election campaign in France is actively developing," said Mr Putin. "We do not want to influence events in any way, but we reserve the right to talk to representatives of all the country's political

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  • ‘The Fast and the Furious’ to be re-released in cinemas to celebrate 15th anniversary

    "The Fast and the Furious", the first ever film in the franchise of the same name, is set to be re-released to mark the movie's 15th anniversary. Fans will be able to see the film on the big screen once again when it is released in around 1,500 cinemas on Wednesday June 22, the date when the original movie opened back in 2001. The original story follows a police officer in Los Angeles tasked with infiltrating and breaking up the street-racing scene, only to find himself hooked on the illegal sport. The film was a surprise hit at the time — partly due to a cast of mainly unknown actors and actresses — and has gone on to spawn six sequels to date. The original film featured male actors Paul Walker

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  • Laptop ban: Emirates president Tim Clark says 'amazing' to suggest Dubai airport not safe

    Emirates President Tim Clark said Wednesday he believed the airline's home airport in Dubai was as safe as any other in Asia, Europe or the Americas. Speaking to CNNMoney a day after the U.S. banned passengers from bringing laptops and other large electronic devices on some flights from the Middle East and Africa, Clark said the U.S. must have "clear evidence" of a threat. But he said the measures would be "hugely disruptive" for Emirates and he questioned why some airlines and airports were affected by the new security measures, and not others. "After all, if these devices are viewed by the United States and the United Kingdom as potential instruments of threat, they can be loaded on any airplane

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  • North Korea 'blows up US carrier' in latest propaganda video

    DUBAI: North Korea has released an action-packed propaganda video showing a US aircraft carrier being blown up. The video features images taken from North Korean ballistic missile launches as well as snaps of South Korean and American military exercises. Then, an image of the USS Carl Vinson on fire is shown while a female narrator excitably says: “A knife will be stabbed into the throat of the carrier.” Pyongyang released a similar video in 2013, during a period of heightened tensions with Washington. The video was released after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s statement on Friday that pre-emptive military action could be on the table. “Let me be very clear: The policy of strategic patience

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  • Corruption Perceptions Index Names Egypt the 68th Most Corrupt Country in the World

    According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, Egypt ranks 108 out of 176 countries assessed for corruption in 2016, making it the 68th most corrupt country assessed. The Index uses a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean), with the global median sitting at 43 – below the midpoint. According to this scale, Egypt ranked 34 – well below the midpoint.  Somalia, South Sudan, and North Korea were the top three most corrupt countries that were assessed, scaled at 10, 11, and 12 respectively. The least corrupt countries assessed were New Zealand, Denmark, and Finland scaled at 90, 90, and 89 respectively. The assessment was reported based on a country’s ability to

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  • 'Cool or not, I'm proud to play' says England's netball captain

    England's netball captain, Ama Agbeze, has hit back after a newspaper published an article calling netball "Britain's least cool ball game". The article in the Guardian singled out the sport as uncool and criticised its many rules. Ama took to Facebook to defend her sport, saying the article is a risk to netball's growing popularity. The hashtag #NetballOnTheRise has since been trending on Twitter. The article starts off praising England Netball for securing a £10.5 million government grant and ends with writer - and regular netball player - Morwenna Ferrier likening the sport to her high school PE lessons. "I can say it's uncool because I play netball every week, and have gone to great lengths

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  • New Biopic About Egyptian-Born Superstar Dalida Set to Premiere This Month

    The French production was released in France today, opening to critical acclaim.Dalida rose to fame after she won the Miss Egypt pageant in 1954 when she was spotted by the French director Marc de Gastyne, who persuaded her to move to Paris to pursue a career in motion pictures. The move was a kick-start to Dalida's three decade long career, in which she performed and recorded countless international hits in more than 10 languages, including Arabic, French, English, and Italian, selling more than 130 million copies worldwide, before her tragic death in 1987. In a press statement by Bernard Regnauld-Fabre, the French Ambassador to Bahrain, he said, “We welcome the news that the world premiere of Dalida will take place here in Bahrain during So French Week.” So French Week is an annual week-long celebration of French culture, held by the French Embassy in Bahrain, a tradition which started in 2013.

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  • India ranks below Pakistan, Nepal among world’s happiest countries

    India ranked a lowly 122 on a list of the world’s happiest countries, dropping four slots from last year and coming behind China, Pakistan and Nepal. Nations such as China (79), Pakistan (80), Nepal (99), Bangladesh (110), Iraq (117) and Sri Lanka (120) fared better than India on the ranking. Norway ranks as the happiest country in the world, according to The World Happiness Report 2017, which ranks 155 countries by their happiness levels.

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  • Thailand coin-eating sea turtle 'Piggy Bank' dies

    A turtle in Thailand that had an operation to remove nearly 1,000 coins from her stomach two weeks ago has died from blood poisoning. The 25-year-old sea turtle fell into a coma after a second operation on Sunday, following intestinal problems. Named Omsin, meaning "Piggy Bank", she was found to be eating coins thrown into a public pond where she lived, in Chonburi province. By the time they were removed, she was carrying 5kg (11lb) of coins. The unusual mass of metal had cracked her shell, making the initial seven-hour operation necessary. She was said to have been doing well after that surgery but developed blood poisoning at the weekend, which doctors said was the cause of death. The coins

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  • Freerunning community left 'scarred' after Nye Newman's death in Paris

    The UK's freerunning community has been left "scarred" after the death of Nye Newman. The 17-year-old's parkour group, Brewman, says he died on New Year's Day in an accident on the Paris Metro. The group has denied he was train surfing at the time. Speaking to Newsbeat, his friend Jacob Kohn described Nye Newman as "such a great person, an independent person - he was always doing stuff for everyone else". "It's going to leave a big scar on the freerunning community. "I don't think anyone's going to get over it anytime soon. It's going to be tough." Brewman posted a video of Nye freerunning in Paris days before he died. Jacob says he knew Nye when they first started freerunning together, but says

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  • This Female Entrepreneur Just Created an App to Fight Sexual Harassment in the Arab World

    Zaineb is walking cheerily down the street in the Moroccan city of Efrane when she hears a whistle. Agitated, she pulls her hood over her head, alters her route, and army marches her way along with a poker face - but with no luck. He is still following her. His footsteps seem closer. Zaineb feels her heart pound faster as she fastens her pace and leaves the dimly-lit street. She finally reaches her destination, but she doesn’t feel safe. Across the Middle East and North Africa, thousands of women mirror Zaineb’s experience and have to walk the daunting path of everyday sexual harassment; according to research by UN Women, 93 percent of women across the MENA region have suffered it at least once

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  • Saudi forces intercept ballistic missile fired by Houthis

    RIYADH — The Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces intercepted a ballistic missile fired by the Houthi militias in Yemen toward the Kingdom on Monday, the Saudi Press Agency reported. The missile was fired from the Yemeni capital Sanaa and targeted the southern Saudi city of Yemen, it said quoting a statement from the command of the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi rebels and supporting legitimacy in Yemen. The missile was intercepted at around 6.30 p.m. Monday and destroyed without any casualties or damage on the ground. The coalition forces immediately retaliated by attacking the missile’s launch site, the statement added.

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  • London attack: What we know so far

    Five people died, including the attacker, and at least 50 people were injured in a terror attack near the Houses of Parliament on 22 March. This is what we know about events: What happened? At 14:40 GMT on Wednesday 22 March, a man identified by police as Khalid Masood drove a car that he had hired from a depot in Birmingham over Westminster Bridge, near the Houses of Parliament. One witness said he sped up, mounted the pavement, and began hitting pedestrians indiscriminately. Two people, Aysha Frade, a British national, and US tourist Kurt Cochran, were killed and dozens more were injured. A 75-year-old man, Leslie Rhodes from Clapham in south London, died from his injuries the next day. The

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