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    Prison without guards or weapons in Brazil

    On the first day in her new cell, Tatiane Correia de Lima did not recognise herself. "It was weird to see myself in a mirror again," says the 26-year-old mother-of-two who is serving a 12-year sentence in Brazil. "At first I didn't know who I was." The South American country has the world's fourth largest prison population and its jails regularly come under the spotlight for their poor conditions, with chronic overcrowding and gang violence provoking deadly riots. Lima had just been moved from a prison in the mainstream penitential system to a facility run by the Association for the Protection and Assistance to Convicts (Apac) in the town of Itaúna, in Minas Gerais state. Unlike in the mainstream

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    Are eggs the new heart food?

    Though eggs contain high-quality protein and other positive nutritional components, they also have high amounts of cholesterol, which was thought might be harmful, explained Canqing Yu, a co-author of the study and an associate professor in the Peking University School of Public Health in Beijing. Yet "existing studies on the association between egg and cardiovascular diseases are controversial due to small sample size and limited information," Yu wrote in an email. Past studies have provided only limited evidence from the Chinese population, "which have huge differences in dietary habits, lifestyle behaviors and diseases patterns," Yu said. These are among the reasons why he and his colleagues

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    Chrissy Teigen reveals new baby boy's name

    Chrissy Teigen teased husband John Legend for attending the Billboard Awards just a few days after the birth of their newborn son, Miles Theodore Stephens. The model stayed at home on Sunday while John performed at the event. "Hello it's shortrib night, be home by 9," was just one of her many cheeky tweets from the night. John replied after his performance with a video of himself at the airport saying that he'd be home by eight. The couple celebrated the birth of their second child, who they named Miles after famous jazz musician Miles Davis, last week. On Sunday, days after the birth, John jetted off to Las Vegas to perform his new song A Good Night at the ceremony. Chrissy stayed at home to

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    Apple 'sweat-proof' headphones in court

    A US judge has ruled legal action against Apple over its Powerbeats headphones can go ahead "in part". Seven customers, from various US cities, say the headphones do not hold their charge for as long as Apple advertises and they are not as water- or sweat-proof as claimed. The judge said the sweat-proof claims "require amendment" but the challenge regarding battery life could proceed. Apple had asked for all claims to be dismissed. District judge Richard Seeborg said the case could go ahead but some amendments were required to the allegations the headphone failed when in contact with sweat despite being marketed as activity wear. He wrote that while the customers had not explicitly specified

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    Saudia flight makes emergency landing at Jeddah airport

    Over 50 passengers were injured when a Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) flight from Madinah to Dhaka was forced to make an emergency landing at Jeddah's King Abdulaziz International Airport The flight SV3818 suffered a malfunction with its landing gear mid-flight was forced to circle Jeddah for several hours around Jeddah, making two low passes before it landed safely with its nose gear retracted at 10pm local time. All 141 passengers and ten crew members were safely evacuated via the Airbus 330’s emergency slides. Saudi Arabia's Aviation Investigation Bureau, in its initial report, said that 52 passengers suffered minor injuries.  Saudi Arabian Airlines spokesperson, Eng. Abdulrahman al-Tayeb,

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    US issues alert after employee in China reports 'abnormal' sound sensations

    (CNN)US officials have issued a health alert after a US government employee stationed in southern China reported "abnormal sensations of sound and pressure" that indicated a mild brain injury. The official, assigned to the city of Guangzhou, reported a range of physical symptoms from late 2017 through to April 2018, and was sent back to the United States for assessment, the State Department said. The US Embassy in Beijing learned on May 18 that the clinical findings of the evaluation matched that of a "mild traumatic brain injury," an embassy spokeswoman told CNN. The alert will raise comparisons with a series of unexplained incidents in Cuba that led to the withdrawal of most US personnel from

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    29 million people in US tuned into the royal wedding

    Move over, "The Bachelor." The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle -- now the duke and duchess of Sussex -- was a huge ratings draw. In the US, about 29 million people tuned in on Saturday morning, according to Nielsen's total of the 15 channels that showed the wedding. Some viewers awoke at 4 or 5 a.m. ET to watch the arrivals. But the ceremony officially started at 7 a.m., so that's what the 29 million figure measures. Between 6 and 9 a.m. ET, including the arrivals and the procession afterward, NBC averaged 6.4 million viewers, ABC averaged 6.3 million, and CBS had 4.8 million. On cable, Fox News had 1.9 million, CNN had 1.8 million and MSNBC had 1 million viewers. In the UK, the