• Britain's Youngest Parents Aged 12 and 13: Grandfather says He's Proud

    A couple have become Britain's youngest parents after a 12-year-old gave birth to her 13-year-old boyfriend's baby. She became pregnant at 11 and gave birth aged 12 in Edinburgh in 2006.

    IB Times
    • Cody Simpson On Donny Osmond's 'Dancing' Critique

      Cody Simpson's fans were probably not pleased to hear "Dancing with the Stars" guest judge Donny Osmond share one particular critique with the singer on Monday night's show, but Cody didn't mind. Donny liked Cody's performance, but he suggested that the music star didn't look like he was having fun…

      Access Hollywood
      • 5 Ways To Wear Yellow

        In today's Glam Slam feature: Both Kate Middleton and Jessica Simpson brightened up the fashion landscape choosing sunny yellow dresses this week.

        Access Hollywood
        • Putin says no Russian forces in eastern Ukraine

          MOSCOW (AP) — Russia's President Vladimir Putin on Thursday dismissed claims that Russian special forces are fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine as "nonsense," but expressed hope for success of four-way talks on settling the crisis.

          Associated Press
          • Has Jake Cuenca found a new love?

            Jake turned to Instagram to post a photo of himself holding model Chanel Olive Thomas as she wrapped her arms around him. An earlier photo showed Chanel kissing him on the cheek as he held her arm. Both of them had their eyes closed. Not to be outdone, Chanel posted a photo of herself and Jake…

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            • Aiko's story of faith and forgiveness

              After forgiving the doctor who wreaked havoc on her face and the former assistant she accused of stealing money from her, Aiko Melendez's life has never been so good.

              Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom
              • Hayden Panettiere Not Asked Back For 'Heroes: Reborn'

                It appears the mission has changed for NBC's upcoming "Heroes" reboot, "Heroes: Reborn." Hayden Panettiere, who starred as Claire Bennet (the cheerleader gifted with cellular rejuvenation) on the original series, wasn't asked to return for the recently announced miniseries. "It was a shock to me,…

                Access Hollywood
                • This Might Be the Most Awesome 13-Year-Old Girl on the Planet

                  Allow us to introduce Ashol-Pan, a 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia, and perhaps the world’s only female apprentice falconer. Inhabitants of the Altai mountain range on the west side of th

                  • Iranian negotiators reject hardline criticism of nuclear talks

                    By Michelle Moghtader ABU DHABI (Reuters) - Iranian hardliners stepped up criticism of Tehran's negotiations with world powers over its nuclear program on Wednesday, but negotiators defended the planned deal that could lead to an end to economic sanctions. The hardliners, unsettled by the shift to…

                    • Toyota Camry gets a top-to-bottom makeover

                      NEW YORK (AP) — Shaken by the advances of newer, sportier rivals, the Toyota Camry is trying to shed its vanilla reputation.

                      Associated Press
                      • India holds biggest day of voting with Hindu nationalists gaining strength

                        By Ashutosh Pandey and Swetha Gopinath BANGALORE (Reuters) - India held the biggest day of its mammoth general election on Thursday, with a quarter of its 815 million-strong electorate eligible to vote during a week of fresh blows for the ruling Congress party and gains for the Hindu nationalist…

                        • Alleged exes Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra to clash!

                          Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, who were once said to be in a relationship, would be clashing with each other at the box office. Their HAIDER and MARY KOM would now be arriving together on 2nd October.Though they never acknowledged it publicly, there were strong rumours of them being a couple.…

                          • Robot sub finishes 1st full seabed search for jet

                            PERTH, Australia (AP) — A robotic submarine completed its first successful scan of the seabed Thursday in the hunt for the missing Malaysian plane, and investigators were analyzing the sub's data while also trying to identify the origins of a nearby oil slick.

                            Associated Press
                            • Pregnant Woman Dies After Horrifying Medical Mixup

                              As far as medical mix-ups go, it's a horrifying one. In October 2011, a 32-year-old woman underwent an operation at Queen's Hospital outside of London; Maria De Jesus was suffering from appendicitis and needed to have her appendix removed. Instead, her r

                              • Don Quixote: A dash of chivalric romance at Cairo Opera

                                Performed between 14 and 18 April, ballet Don Quixote takes us on a swift journey through one of Spain's most influential literary works while infusing the Opera's main hall with bright colors and many talents

                                Ahram Online
                                • What the teachers think about Dubai’s education system

                                  School fees are on the rise; gaining access to the top institutions requires registering your child’s name on a waiting list years in advance and the government is now proposing to lengthen the academic year by 10 days. With parents increasingly flummoxed by the UAE school system, it’s interesting…

                                  • Stjepanovic surprised by superb showing at Eindhoven cup

                                    Dubai-based swimmer Velimir Stjepanovic admits to surprising himself with the results he achieved at the Swim Cup in Eindhoven, where he smashed two of his own Serbian national records.

                                    • IPL in the UAE: Why Lasith Malinga was to blame for Mumbai's defeat

                                      Lasith Malinga may have picked up four wickets but he was still taking responsibility for Mumbai Indians defeat to Kolkata Knight Riders in their IPL 7 opener in Abu Dhabi.

                                      Yahoo Maktoob Sports
                                      • Megyn Kelly Rips Jenny McCarthy on Vaccine Flip-Flop: ‘She Raised a Lot of People's Fears About This!’ (Video)

                                        Fox News host Megyn Kelly was shocked by Jenny McCarthy's recent assertion that she wasn't anti-vaccine in a Chicago Sun-Times op-ed and played a greatest hits montage of the “View” host's many anti-vaccination statements over the years. “It's really shocking to hear her now talk about how she…

                                        The Wrap
                                        • The Solenn Heussaff you don't know

                                          There's no trace of the glamorous Solenn Heussaff in the jologs lady who wears simple tees, leaves her long hair uncombed, cuts her unmanicured nails short and pops her pimples at home. Yet, they're one and the same. The difference is, Solenn dresses down when she's home and glams it up in front of…

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