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Monk attempts 'running on water' record

Shi Liliang from the Quanzhou Shaolin Temple's previous record was set at 120 metres - can he beat that feat?

  • Iran's supreme leader bans negotiations with the United States

    Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday banned any further negotiations between Iran and the United States, putting the breaks on moderates hoping to end Iran's isolation after reaching a nuclear deal with world powers in July. Khamenei, the highest authority in the Islamic Republic, already said last month there would be no more talks with the United States after the nuclear deal, but has not previously declared an outright ban.

  • Fringe Benefits

    They can make a broad forehead look smaller, hide wrinkles and face framing fringes can even make your cheekbones prominent.   No wonder, they have had the biggest star following in 2015.  Be it Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian or Selena Gomez all have made style statements with a bang. Closer home Kangana Raaut, Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma have each used fringes to highlight their stronger features and hide the weaker ones. You can wear your fringes straight but try curling the rest of the hair for a chic look.

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  • Nicki Minaj just burned Miley Cyrus again after their blow up at the VMAs

    Just after Nicki Minaj went off on Miley Cyrus onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, some...

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  • Syria extends major offensive to retake territory in west

    By Sylvia Westall and Tom Perry BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian troops and allied militia backed by a fresh wave of Russian air strikes and cruise missiles fired from warships attacked rebel forces on Thursday as the government extended an offensive to recapture territory in the west of the country. The assault focused on western areas where rebel advances earlier this year had threatened the coastal region vital to President Bashar al-Assad's support base. The Russian Defence Ministry said it fired missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea for a second day and had hit weapons factories, arms dumps, command centers and training camps.

  • U.S. mulls sailing near disputed South China Sea islands: Pentagon official

    The United States is considering sailing warships close to China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea to signal it does not recognize Chinese territorial claims over the area, a U.S. defense official said on Thursday. The Financial Times newspaper cited a senior U.S. official as saying U.S. ships would sail within 12-nautical-mile zones, that China claims as territory around islands it has built in the Spratly chain, within the next two weeks. The Navy Times quoted U.S. officials as saying the action could take place "within days," but awaited final approval from the Obama administration.

  • 10 Most Famous And Powerful Star Wives Of Bollywood

    Their men are able to create magic on-screen, because these ladies support them through thick and thin. They are talented, influential and command a position of their own. They are not dependent on their husbands and can run the world (READ Single Celebrity Moms). So, meet the most famous and powerful Bollywood star wives, who are anything but ordinary.
  • Manny Pacquiao to retire next year after one last fight

    Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao announced on Wednesday he would likely retire next year after one last fight so he could focus on a career in politics, hopefully as a senator. The born-again Christian, winner of an unprecedented eight world titles in as many weight divisions and at times touted as a future president of the Philippines, said he had taken career advice from God.

  • Hillary Clinton has broken with Obama on a major cornerstone of his legacy

    Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that "as of today" she opposes the...

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  • Hollande warns of total war if MidEast conflict not solved

    Europe must live up to the challenge of an upheaval that has forced hundreds of thousands of refugees to flee Syria, where everyone including Iran, Russia and the West must seek a political solution, French President Francois Hollande said on Wednesday. Speaking alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France, Hollande said the risk of failure was "total war" and that Europe, if slow to grasp the scale of the refugee exodus, had now made a start. As for Syria, Hollande reiterated the Paris line that any solution for Syria had to be based on an alternative to President Bashar al-Assad.

  • Beyonce, Rihanna, others sue Paris firm over clothing knockoffs

    Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Rihanna have teamed up to sue a Paris clothing retailer they say has been "brazenly" selling shirts, hats, backpacks, cellphone cases, and other items featuring their likenesses without permission. The complaint filed on Tuesday in federal court in New York said ElevenParis has ignored the singers' warnings to stop the sales, including in a store in Manhattan's Soho district, and on its website. The artists accused ElevenParis and its affiliates of being "habitual, willful intellectual property infringers that, without authorization, usurp the trademarks, copyrights and other rights of A-list celebrities." ElevenParis did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

  • The Golden State Warriors already look scary good

    The Golden State Warriors opened their preseason Monday night, and it looks like they haven't...

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  • Erdogan warns Russia over Turkey nuclear, gas deals

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday warned Russia that Ankara has alternatives to Moscow for building its first nuclear power plant and importing gas, as tensions rise over the Russian bombing campaign in Syria. Russia is building Turkey's first nuclear power plant in Akkuyu on the shores of the Mediterranean, a controversial $20 billion project aimed at improving its energy self-sufficiency. Turkey is also one of the top importers of Russian gas and had joined forces with Moscow in a major project to build a new gas pipeline underneath the Black Sea.

  • Son of a Trump: Mexican comedians hit back in insult-laden show

    By David Alire Garcia MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Decked out in dark suits and outlandish blond wigs, a clutch of Mexico's most popular comedians lambasts Donald Trump as a dangerous buffoon in a new play that hits back over his anti-Mexican comments on the U.S. election campaign trail. When he entered the presidential race in June, Trump thundered against Mexico and its undocumented migrants in the United States, dismissing them as rapists and drug runners. Trump's comments helped propel him to the front of the Republican field but have caused offense south of the border, where about a third of all Mexicans have relatives living in the United States.

  • The timeline of the increasingly twisted Sheena Bora case

    The Sheena Bora murder case, which saw the arrest of Indrani Mukherjea, the media honcho, along with her ex husband and driver over the murder of her daughter, Sheena Bora, has been getting murkier by the day. April 24, 2012: Sheena Bora takes a leave of absence and sends a resignation note. Indrani Mukherjea claims that she has gone to the United States for higher studies.

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  • Popularity of 'Putin the Shiite' sky high in Iraq

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's bullish entry into the Syrian conflict has worked wonders for his popularity in neighbouring Iraq, where some await "Hajji Putin" like a saviour. Sitting at his easel in his central Baghdad workshop, painter Mohammed Karim Nihaya touches up a portrait of Putin he copied from the Internet. "I have been waiting for Russia to get involved in the fight against Daesh," he says, referring to the Islamic State group that last year declared a "caliphate" straddling Iraq and Syria.

  • Exclusive: Modi pushes 'obsolete' made-in-India plane on reluctant military

    By Sanjeev Miglani and Tommy Wilkes NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India's government has turned down the military's request to expand the acquisition of 36 fighter planes from Dassault Aviation SA to plug vital gaps, officials said, nudging it to accept an indigenous combat plane 32 years in the making. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision, in line with his Make-in-India policy to encourage domestic industry, is a blow for not only the French manufacturer but also others circling over the Indian military aviation market worth billions of dollars. The push for India's struggling Tejas light combat aircraft (LCA) also comes at a time when the air force is at its weakest operational strength since the 1962 war against China, which is causing anxiety within military circles.

  • Oil jumps $2, breaking range as supply seen ebbing

    Oil prices jumped as much as $2 a barrel on Tuesday, breaking out of a month-long trading range on a mix of technical buying and U.S. government data suggesting that the global supply glut could be ebbing. Global benchmark Brent crude rallied for a third straight day and was set to settle above $50 a barrel for the first time in a month. Early gains were fueled by a new U.S. government forecast for tighter oil supplies next year, and indications that Russia, Saudi Arabia and other big producers might pursue further talks to support the market.

  • The 10 most important things in the world right now

    1. The US and 12 countries on the Pacific Rim finally agreed on the Trans-Pacific Partnership...

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  • Disguised as stone-throwers, infiltrators open fire on Palestinians

    In a matter of seconds, the men wearing scarves over their faces and throwing stones along with a group of Palestinians pulled out their pistols, opened fire and blew their cover. "Mustarabiin!" rang out among the crowd of about 100 Palestinians who had been hurling stones at Israeli soldiers for several hours at the Bet El checkpoint outside Ramallah. The incident on Wednesday, captured on video by an AFP journalist, offered a rare glimpse of what appeared to be Israeli infiltrators embedded in a group of Palestinian stone-throwers.

  • Poor form continues as Rafael Nadal struggles past 230th-ranked Wu Di in Beijing

    Rafael Nadal stuttered to victory against one of his former ball boys at the China Open on Tuesday as top-ranked Novak Djokovic swept imperiously to his 25th-straight win in Beijing. Out-of-sorts Nadal was broken four times by China’s 230th-ranked Wu Di, who once tossed him balls and towels in Shanghai, before winning an error-strewn first-round match 6-4, 6-4. Nadal, 29, was playing for the first time since his third-round defeat at the US Open, but it was a far from satisfying return as the 14-time Grand Slam-winner continued to struggle for form.