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    Russia says it will counter new US sanctions on Iran

    Russia and its partners will take steps to counter new sanctions that Washington has said it will impose on Iran, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies on Monday. In the comments reported by TASS and RIA, Ryabkov did not specify what those steps would be. He said the imposition of US sanctions would aggravate tensions, and Washington should instead be seeking dialogue with Tehran, the agencies quoted him as saying. New sanctions imposed by the US on Iran are illegal, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

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    Air Canada reviewing how crew left passenger on parked plane

    OTTAWA: Air Canada said Sunday it's looking into how crew members could have disembarked from a plane without noticing a sleeping passenger who was left behind. The airline was responding to an incident involving a woman who described waking up “all alone” on a “cold dark” aircraft after a flight to Toronto earlier this month. “I think I'm having a bad dream bc like seriously how is this happening!!?!” Tiffani Adams recounted in a June 19 Facebook post sent by her friend, Deanna Noel-Dale. The airline confirmed the incident took place but declined to comment on its disembarking procedures or how the passenger may have been overlooked. “We are still reviewing this matter so we have no additional

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    Dubai plane crash that killed 4 'followed others too close'

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: Experts investigating a fatal airplane crash that killed four people working on improvements at Dubai International Airport say the aircraft involved had followed too close to other larger planes just before the crash. A preliminary report released Sunday by the United Arab Emirates' General Civil Aviation Authority focused on the May 16 crash of a Diamond DA62 aircraft flown by contractors working on the project. The report says the aircraft failed to keep the “minimum separation” between it and large jets landing at the airport. It also says that there was “inconsistency” by air traffic controllers in warning the small plane about turbulence from landing aircraft.

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    Plane spotting at Thailand's controversial airport beach

    Phuket, Thailand (CNN) - It's 9:55 a.m. and all's quiet on Phuket's Mai Khao Beach. Tourists stand on the shoreline, scanning the cloud-free skies for approaching aircraft, some looking at their phones for flight data. As the blurry form in the distance begins to take shape, the crowds scatter across the light brown sand, which is already scorching in the 35-degree Celsius heat. A dozen or so more visitors rush out from the shelter of nearby trees to claim their spots on the shore. Partners, family members and friends dutifully squat down, phones and cameras at the ready. The plane is now fully visible and the crowd freezes in place, almost in unison. Some pose outlandishly, waving their arms,

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    Trump says he is not 'looking for war' as he prods Iran for talks

    US President Donald Trump has said he is not seeking war with Iran, as he dispatched two top officials to the Middle East amid heightened tensions. "I'm not looking for war," Trump said on Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press programme. The downing of a US surveillance drone on Thursday by Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had brought the two foes to the brink of war. Tehran said the drone violated its airspace but Washington insisted it was flying over international waters in the Gulf. Trump had earlier said that he called off a military attack to retaliate for the downing of the unmanned aircraft out of concern it would have been a disproportionate response. Trump has indicated

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    View from Tehran's streets: US, Iran playing 'childish dare game'

    Tehran, Iran - "If we go to war, it will push us back a hundred years. Do I like going to war? No, but I'll go if I have to," Amirhossein Eliasi, who runs a fruit shop in central Tehran, told Al Jazeera. This fatalistic sentiment seems to carry the day among many Iranians in the capital on Friday, a day after a military escalation that, according to US President Donald Trump, brought the two nations to the edge of open conflict. Indeed, a quick loss of temper by Trump or a simple miscalculation by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) could drag the country's population of 80 million into a devastating war with the United States, many Iranians fear. But despite the looming threat, many

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    What has changed since Saudi women started driving?

    RIYADH: Today is the first anniversary of the female driving ban being lifted in Saudi Arabia, and many women are celebrating this day by talking about their journey, their moments of joy and what has changed since they started their engines.  Today in the streets of Riyadh or Jeddah or Dammam, you will find that many women have started to exercise their right to drive, although many feel not as many as expected.  Official numbers have yet to be released, but it is widely believed that female driving schools cannot keep up with the demand. It can take applicants several months to start their lessons at one of the schools, most of which are located within Saudi universities. Tala Abdulfattah,