• Life expectancy rises 'grinding to halt' in England

    Rising rates of life expectancy are grinding to a halt in England after more than 100 years of continuous progress, says a leading health expert. University College London expert Sir Michael Marmot said he was "deeply concerned" by the situation, calling it "historically highly unusual". He said it was "entirely possible" austerity was to blame and said the issue needed looking at urgently. But the government said its policies were not responsible. The Department of Health said ministers were providing the necessary support and funding to ensure life expectancy "continues to increase". How life expectancy rises have slowed Using Office for National Statistics projections for babies born since

  • Dunkirk: Do Oscars beckon for Nolan's war epic?

    The reviews are in - and most film critics have heaped praise on Christopher Nolan's World War Two film Dunkirk. It stars Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, and of course, One Direction star Harry Styles. The film is set in 1940 and is about the rescue of 338,000 Allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk, France. The film is released across the UK on Friday. So is it the best film of the year so far? Here's what the experts think: Peter Debruge - Variety Though the subject matter is leagues (and decades) removed from the likes of Inception and The Dark Knight, the result is so clearly a Christopher Nolan film - from its immersive, full-body suspense to the sophisticated way he manipulates

  • Get to know 'Aladdin's' new stars

    The Egyptian actor was raised in Canada and had a small role as an Al Qaeda operative in a 2011 episode of "Nikita." His bigger break came when he was cast as Jared Malik in 2015 in the Teen Nick series "Open Heart." Massoud's character was known to be a bit of a jerk. The actor told Defective Geeks in an interview that people sometimes think he's a bit standoffish when they first meet him so he understood Jared. "It was like playing myself to the next degree and getting to explore that side of me," Massoud said. "Many people might watch the show and not like Jared at first glance but I've grown to really like him and understand there is more going on under the surface, like most of us." "Aladdin"

  • 'Pretty Little Liars' actress opens up about her mental illness

    (CNN)A "Pretty Little Liars" star got candid about her history with mental illness in a new essay. Troian Bellisario has spoken about her past battles with an eating disorder, but in a piece published on Tuesday in Lenny Letter, she opened up about how bad her struggles once were. "There is a part of my brain that defies logic," she writes in the latest edition of Lenny Letter. "Once, it completely convinced me I should live off 300 calories a day, and at some point, it told me even that was too much. That part of my brain is my disease, and there was a time when it had absolute authority over me." Bellisario recently released a film called "Feed," that was in part inspired by her battle with

  • Rupert Murdoch's papers criticize Trump; is the mogul sending a message?

    Rupert Murdoch speaks regularly by phone with President Trump. But Murdoch also makes his views known to Trump through his newspapers and television networks. Lately the messages in those outlets have not been altogether positive for the president. The conservative media mogul's papers have run a series of critical editorials and stories, spurring speculation among observers that Murdoch is trying to get through to the president. Murdoch's most prestigious outlet, the Wall Street Journal, ran an eye-popping editorial in its conservative-leaning opinion pages on Tuesday. Titled "The Trumps and the Truth," the editorial scolded the president's family for withholding information about Russia-related

  • NHS pilot scheme taps into skills of refugee doctors

    A pioneering scheme that aims to harness the skills of refugees fleeing conflict and unrest in their home countries could help boost health services in north-east England. Middlesbrough has the highest number of asylum seekers in the UK. Around one in every 186 people in the town is seeking refugee status, well over the government guidelines of no more than one in every 200 of the local population. But many of the refugees are skilled professionals such as doctors or pharmacists, skills that happen to be in short supply in the area. I have been to meet the foreign doctors who are participating in the scheme. Unable to practise their profession at home, they are embracing the opportunity to use

  • North Carolina man cheats death after 40 minutes with no pulse

    A North Carolina man whose heart stopped for about 40 minutes has paid tribute to the emergency workers who brought him back from the dead. John Ogburn, 36, suffered a cardiac arrest while working on his laptop near his Charlotte home on 26 June. Two police officers who happened to be nearby began CPR on the father-of-three within a minute of the 911 call. They took turns resuscitating Mr Ogburn for around 42 minutes until his pulse returned. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers Lawrence Guiler and Nikolina Bajic's lifesaving efforts are all the more praiseworthy given that emergency workers are not required to perform CPR after 20 minutes without any vital signs. 'I'm doing really well' After