• Saudi-led air strikes destroy rebel missiles

    Air strikes by Saudi-led forces have eliminated most of the ballistic missiles which Houthi fighters captured from Yemen’s army, a Saudi military officer said on Saturday. “We believe we destroyed most of these capabilities,” Brig. Gen. Ahmad Al-Asiri, adviser at the office of the defense minister,…

    Saudi Gazette
    • Anushka Sharma - Virat Kohli Jokes Go Viral

      As Virat Kohli has flopped tremendously in the semi final match against Australia, the twitterati have targeted his girlfriend Anushka Sharma. Anushka, who has flown down to Australia to support team India and  her beau has become the reason for ridicule

      Movie Talkies
      • Mannequins by designer Ralph Pucci fill NYC exhibition

        A room full of mannequins is the subject of a new museum exhibition in New York City. The Museum of Arts and Design says "The Art of the Mannequin" is the first museum show to survey the form of the mannequin. Pucci's mannequins are a reflection of the cultural trends of the past 30 years.

        Associated Press
        • US medal drought continues at figure skating worlds

          The medal drought for American singles skaters at the figure skating world championships grew even longer after a couple of near-misses on Saturday. Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner narrowly missed out on medals in the women's event, finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, while Jason Brown finished…

          Associated Press
          • 4 kids rescued from stepmother’s torture in Dubai

            The management of the school where the children study informed them that the four siblings were absent from school for over a month. A notification from a Dubai-based school about the prolonged absence of four siblings led to their rescue from their stepmother, who was allegedly torturing them.…

            Khaleej Times
            • Sarah Geronimo to Matteo: ‘Seek God’ no matter what, ‘I love you’

              Singer-actress Sarah Geronimo made her actor boyfriend Matteo Guidecelli cry on stage after surprising him with a performance, a heart-felt message and a kiss on the cheek during his 26th birthday celebration in Makati on Thursday. In a series of videos posted on Yes! Magzine’s Facebook page, Sarah…

              • Ram Gopal Varma Is Happy About India Losing In World Cup Semi-Finals!

                Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has done it again! At a time when the nation is mourning the loss suffered by the Indian cricket team in the semi-finals of the World Cup, RGV took to Twitter to rave about India losing the match! Taking to Twitter, Varma wrote, ''I am sooooo happyyy India…

                Movie Talkies
                • Robin Padilla asks Rey Pamaran: Forgive Melissa Mendez

                  Actor Robin Padilla has pleaded to businessman Rey Pamaran to forgive actress Melissa Mendez over their deplaning fiasco. Padilla issued the appeal on his Instagram account after Pamaran slapped Mendez with a P3-million damage suit despite Mendez’ apology and statement that she wanted to move on…

                  • Inside Floyd Mayweather's camp, where the cars are clean

                    While Floyd Mayweather Jr. worked inside, a man with a spray bottle and cloth worked to make sure there wasn't an offending particle of dust on the ride the fighter would pilot home. This was a relatively light day of work at the gym Mayweather owns in this city's faux Chinatown just west of the…

                    Associated Press
                    • Review: Galaxy S6 phones are Samsung's best yet

                      A better design, a sharper camera and easier-to-use software make the new Galaxy S6 phones the best Samsung has yet to offer. Although Samsung has been praised for its improved hardware, much of what I like is in the software — specifically, what's not in it. After a few years of making phones…

                      Associated Press
                      • Meet the sexy new Jaguar XF sedan – that drove across a high wire in London!

                        Last year, the British luxury car maker created a full-blown musical to introduce the Jaguar XE compact sedan. Before that, Land Rover rented out the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier and conducted a laser light extravaganza to introduce the Land Rover Discovery Concept. Now, to debut its second…

                        Business Insider
                        • Engineer jailed for forging SUV export papers

                          An engineer was sentenced to six months in jail for forging an export certificate issued from Sharjah Police’s traffic department to export a sports utility vehicle (SUV) to his country. The 40-year-old Iraqi engineer tampered with the production date of the 2007-model SUV by making it read 2011 on…

                          Gulf News
                          • Lessons from Ryan Agoncillo’s private haven

                            Ryan Agoncillo has always seemed a little detached from the attention-seeking and public-pandering excesses of his show-biz life—and his unguarded views about his multifaceted skills as a TV host, actor, model, photographer, sports enthusiast and family man affirm this. When we visited Ryan on the…

                            Philippine Daily Inquirer
                            • Pilot suicides are uncommon, but there have been several in the past 30 years

                              As a result, pilot suicide emerged as the dominant theory to explain the incident. Investigators believe co-pilot Gameel Al-Batouti intentially initiated a dive, causing the jet the crash into the North Atlantic.

                              Business Insider
                              • Syrian army turns to women on Damascus front lines

                                Perched on a makeshift bench taking turns with a sniper rifle, the Syrian army's top markswomen await their "prey" on the front line in east Damascus. Sergeant Rim, 20, and Chief Sergeant Samar, 21, belong to the First Women's Commando Brigade of the Republican Guard, an elite unit stationed on…

                                • Complex US-Iran ties at heart of complicated Mideast policy

                                  In Syria, the United States arms insurgents seeking to oust the Iran-backed government. In Lebanon, the Palestinian territories and elsewhere, Iran supports militant groups determined to end Israel's existence.

                                  Associated Press
                                  • Jolie delivers empowerment message at Kids' Choice Awards

                                    The traditional green slime flowed at the Kids' Choice Awards, but it was Angelina Jolie's message of empowerment for youngsters that stuck. When she was young, Jolie said, "I was told I was different.

                                    Associated Press