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    White House says 'no recession in sight' despite market turmoil

    White House officials pushed back on Sunday against concerns that economic growth may be faltering, saying they saw little risk of recession despite a volatile week on global bond markets, and insisting their trade war with China was doing no damage to the United States. “There is no recession in sight,” White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Consumers are working. Their wages are rising. They are spending and they are saving...I think we are in pretty good shape.” US stock markets tanked last week on recession fears with all three major US indexes closing down about 3% on Wednesday only to pair their losses by Friday due to expectations the European Central Bank

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    Sisi orders demolition of Sufi mosque on Mahmoudiyah road

    Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday has chosen to demolish the mosque of Sufi Imam Abu al-Ikhlas al-Zarqani, located on Mahmoudiyah Road in Alexandria's Gheit al-Anab area, in order to complete the Mahmoudiyah corridor project. During the inauguration of several greenhouses during the second phase of the Mohamed Naguib's protected agriculture base project, Sisi explained that the mosque has impeded construction for the Mahmoudiyah corridor and bridge development project in Alexandria. Sisi said that “Prophet Mohammed would not accept the suspension of the project just because people see the demolition of the mosque as unacceptable.” The deputy of the Sufi movement's Chiefdom in

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    Meet Aya Barqawi, the Saudi-born social media star

    LONDON: Born in North West London to Moroccan and Pakistani parents, model Mariah Idrissi has made quite a name for herself - starring in campaigns for major high street retailers, hosting TED Talks and sharing snaps of her travels with her 88,000 Instagram followers. The hijab-wearing model has been vocal about her preference for modest fashion and spoke to Arab News about her style, faith and achievements. “I wear hijab to represent my faith, my culture, and because I genuinely love the idea of modest dress,” she said. “I think it's important to feel comfortable in what you wear and also not lose a sense of your personality, hence why there is so much diversity in modest styles.” Her breakthrough

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    Beloved Thai baby dugong dies with plastic in stomach

    An eight-month-old dugong that became a social media star in Thailand has died of what biologists believe was a combination of shock and ingesting plastic waste. The female dugong - a large ocean mammal - was named "Marium", which means "lady of the sea", and was nurtured by marine experts after she was found orphaned on a beach in the south of the country in April. The young creature became an internet hit after images of biologists embracing and feeding her with milk and grass spread across social media. She was dubbed the "nation's sweetheart" by Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR). Veterinarians and volunteers had set out in canoes to feed Marium for up to 15 times

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    Sun, sea and privacy at Egypt's 'only for women' beaches

    CAIRO: Beaches are a prime summer destination for Egyptians seeking entertainment and an escape from high temperatures. But for a growing number of women seeking privacy, women-only beaches are becoming increasingly popular. Few people realize there are women-only beaches in Egypt. Some prefer them for religious reasons or simply to enjoy a sense of personal freedom. Cameras and taking photos are prohibited, and the lifeguards and DJs are women. Many women-only beaches are located on Egypt's north coast stretching from Alexandria to Marsa Matrouh. One of the best-known is La Femme in Marina, a resort in Alamein, where religious songs are played, photography is banned and belly dancing parties

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    Currency smugglers caught at Madinah airport

    RIYADH: The Hajj and Umrah Ministry is investigating the inaccurate translation of the word “jamarat” into “anthrax,” which led to Sheikh Yusuf Estes making a video warning pilgrims of the mistake and its possible repercussions. The translation concerned a bag that was a gift to pilgrims, containing small pebbles to use for the “stoning of the devil” upon their return from Muzdalifah. The bag had the correct original Arabic description, which roughly translates as “jamarat pebble bag,” whereas the English version of “jamarat” was translated into “anthrax,” a dangerous infectious disease. According to SPA, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah was notified and opened an investigation with the contractor

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    US in secret talks with Venezuela socialist boss Diosdado Cabello

    The United States has opened up secret communications with Venezuela's socialist party boss, as members of President Nicolas Maduro's inner circle seek guarantees they would not face retribution if they cede to growing demands to remove him, a senior US administration official has told the Associated Press news agency. Diosdado Cabello, who is considered the most powerful man in Venezuela after Maduro, met last month in Caracas someone who is in close contact with the Trump administration, said the official. A second meeting is in the works but has not yet taken place, according to the report published late on Sunday. The AP withheld the intermediary's name and details of the encounter with Cabello