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    Viewpoint: Why is Modi meeting Xi now?

    Friday's informal talks between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping mark an improvement in relations. Analyst Shashank Joshi explains why. Last year, India and China were locked in their most serious border crisis in the last three decades. China's state-controlled media was issuing near-daily threats of war, as both sides built up forces on the edge of the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan. It would have seemed implausible that, just eight months on, Mr Modi and Mr Xi would be meeting at an informal summit. But this is exactly what it is happening in the Chinese city of Wuhan, as the two leaders convene far from their capitals, without aides or an agenda, and plenty of

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    'Five-second scream' before body found

    A five-second scream was heard by neighbours of a 30-year-old woman minutes before her burnt body was found, an inquest has heard. Gurpreet Kaur was discovered by her aunt lying face down in the shed of their home in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, on 10 October 2016. An inquest at Beaconsfield Coroner's Court was told a note was found on her phone stating she wanted to die. Police began a murder investigation but no-one has ever been charged. The inquest was told the route out to the garden through the garage had been locked from the outside. Four neighbours each reported hearing a scream between 16:25 BST and 16:45, with one, Shirley Graver, saying it sounded like a "lady who was frightened".

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    Mummy is 'most probably' Iran's ex-Shah

    A mummy discovered near the Iranian capital "most probably" belongs to the father of the last Shah of Iran, his family has said. The mummified remains were found on Monday during construction at a shrine in Shahr-e Ray, south of Tehran. Images and news reports shared online fuelled speculation that the body belonged to Reza Shah Pahlavi. His tomb, also in Shahr-e Ray, was destroyed after the 1979 revolution but his remains were never found. His grandson Reza Pahlavi, an opposition figure based in the US, said that the body "most probably" belonged to Reza Shah. In a statement on Twitter, he urged the Iranian authorities to allow medical professionals trusted by the family to access the body,

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    Why the snobbery about superhero films?

    Stars of Avengers: Infinity War have defended superhero films against snobbery from some Hollywood quarters. Last week, Zoe Saldana spoke about "elitists" who accuse the cast of "selling out" with the films. "I've been in rooms with people in this industry who are great at what they do, but they're absolutely elitist. "They look down at movies like the Marvel films or actors like myself," the actress, who plays Gamora, in the Marvel universe said. Fellow Avengers actor, Josh Brolin, has also chimed in saying actors "totally" turn their noses up at superhero roles. 'Avenger fatigue' But it's not just elitism that's a problem. Some Hollywood greats think there are just too many superhero films

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    Qatar Airways confirms ‘substantial’ annual loss, blames regional row

    Qatar Airways made a “substantial” loss in its last financial year because of a regional dispute that has banned the airline from four Arab countries, its chief executive said on Wednesday without revealing the extent of the losses. Qatar Airways has been blocked from flying to 18 cities in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt since June when those countries cut ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism.

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    No female WWE wrestlers at Saudi show

    WWE has been criticised for not having any female wrestlers in its Saudi Arabia show. The Greatest Royal Rumble event is one of the largest of its kind with 50 men in the headline match. No women will be taking part, despite WWE being commended by many for their development of women in the sport. In the 30 years that the Rumble has been around there has been a move to see female wrestlers like Charlotte Flair headline shows. Women once only had passive roles but have become much more well respected wrestlers. The change has been dubbed the "Women's Evolution". So the revelation of no women in the Saudi show is a stark contrast to what fans of the wrestling giant have come to expect. Women in

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    Amy Schumer explains how 'I Feel Pretty' led to love

    (CNN)Amy Schumer met her husband at just the right time. The comedienne married chef Chris Fischer in February, just a few months after they started dating. In a recent interview with CNN for her film "I Feel Pretty," Schumer said that Fischer arrived in her life as the movie wrapped. Self-confidence is also the theme of "I Feel Pretty." Schumer said she hopes that women will see the film and walk away feeling more empowered to tackle life's challenges, especially teens who can be subjected to bullying.