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    'Black Panther: The Album' is a hit - and it could change the music industry

    "Black Panther" is a bonafide box office smash, and its soundtrack is tearing up the charts, too. "Black Panther: The Album" debuted atop the Billboard 200 this weekend after selling 154,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen Music. That number understates the success of the album, a collection of songs curated by Grammy-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar. Billboard hasn't yet factored in the additional 61,300 copies sold over the weekend after the film came out. To determine the number of copies sold, the music industry uses a formula that incorporates physical albums, digital albums, digital singles and song streams. The album has been particularly big for streaming: Nielsen's data shows

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    BBC licence fee to rise by £3.50 in April

    The UK's annual television licence fee is to rise to £150.50 from £147, the government has announced. The increase, which will come into effect on 1 April, follows last year's rise to £147 from £145.50. Last year the government announced that the licence fee would rise in line with inflation for the next five years. Anyone watching or recording TV programmes as they are shown on TV, or watching or downloading BBC programmes on iPlayer, must have a licence. The charge applies whether they are using a TV set, computer or any other equipment. The fee also contributes to the costs of rolling out broadband to the UK population and helps to fund the Welsh Language TV channel S4C and local TV channels.

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    5 things to know about the new 'Magnum P.I.'

    He said that he was discovered by a talent agent while in an elevator with his parents. "I was with my parents in this L.A. high-rise, and this guy jumped into the elevator with us and started looking at me," Hernandez told the Orlando Sentinel in 2001. "I thought, `Uh oh. Pretty weird.' My dad was like, 'What the hell?' But from the tenth floor to the first floor, he pitched me on how I had this look. If I was ever interested in acting or commercials or whatever, call him."

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    Guess co-founder steps aside amid Kate Upton allegations

    Guess co-founder Paul Marciano has stepped down from the company amid accusations that he once groped supermodel Kate Upton. Marciano has agreed to "relinquish his day to day responsibilities at the company, on an unpaid basis," as the allegations are being investigated, Guess said in a press release on Tuesday. "I have pledged my full cooperation to the company, and I have the utmost confidence in our CEO, Victor Herrero, to continue leading the Company during this time," Marciano said in the press release. The company said in the release that Marciano has denied the accusation. Marciano is the chief creative officer and a board member who co-founded Guess in 1981. The share price for Guess

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    CPAC 2018: Year after coronation, Breitbart has diminished presence at conference

    Last year's edition of the Conservative Political Action Conference served as something of a coronation for Breitbart. The conference's lineup was littered with the website's writers. Steve Bannon, Breitbart's former executive chairman who at that point served as one of President Trump's top advisers, received a rock star's welcome. And the far-right site carried an indomitable presence throughout the week, staking out a prime position on radio row and hosting a glitzy party on a boat. This year's iteration of CPAC provides a vivid picture of how much has changed for Bannon and the site he used to lead. Ousted from Breitbart and shunned by Trump, Bannon isn't anywhere to be found. After claiming

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    Florida shooting conspiracy theories: Here's how we can combat them

    In the real world, the funerals continue for victims of the Florida school shooting. In the virtual world, the survivors are the subject of relentless attacks. Yes, attacks. People on social media are sharing smears and conspiracy theories about the shooting and the survivors. Some of the attacks are designed to discredit the student activists and dismiss their calls for gun law reform. Criticism of policy positions is one thing. But lies and hoaxes are another thing altogether. These lies are like a form of pollution, poisoning our media environment and making us all sick. Case in point: The claims that student activist David Hogg is a "crisis actor," paid to pretend that he was a Parkland survivor

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    Judge says state can't force IMDB to take down actors' ages

    A federal judge has blocked a California law that would have forced IMDB to take down actors' ages on request. The law was signed by Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, in September 2016. It was supported by the Screen Actors Guild, which said the law it would help prevent age discrimination in film and television hiring. IMDB quickly challenged the law in court, saying that it "attempts to combat age discrimination in casting through content-based censorship." IMDB is widely used by the public for free. It also sells subscriptions to industry professionals, offering directories and resume tools, for $150 per year. The law would have allowed paid subscribers to ask that their ages be removed. Judge