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    Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet, showing Rouhani in cockpit

    Iran unveiled its first domestic fighter jet at a defense show in Tehran on Tuesday. Images on state television showed President Hassan Rouhani sitting in the cockpit of the new "Kowsar" plane at the National Defence Industry exhibition. It is a fourth-generation fighter, with "advanced avionics" and multi-purpose radar, the Tasnim news agency said, adding that it was "100-percent indigenously made". State TV said the plane had already been through successful testing and showed it waiting on a runway for its first public display flight.

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    Green arts event features 'Cow-car'

    A series of pop-up artworks, including a cow sitting on top of a car, is touring the Tees Valley. The installations have been commissioned by the organisers of the Redcar-based Festival of Thrift, which celebrates sustainable living. They will tour boroughs, including Middlesbrough, Stockton and Hartlepool, until 26 August. Director Stella Hall said the works aimed to "offer different perspectives on global environmental issues". One of the works, by sculptor Andy Hazell, is of a welded a steel figure of a cow on the roof of a VW car. He said he created "Cow-car" to highlight how methane produced from intensive farming was rivalling emissions produced by vehicles. Another work, "Seed-bike", features

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    Like a Berber: Madonna celebrates 60th birthday in Marrakech

    JEDDAH: Madonna’s 60th birthday celebrations are creating quite a buzz, especially delighting her Arab fans that she chose to mark the milestone in Morocco. The Queen of Pop donned the attire of a “Berber Queen” in Marrakech on her birthday, wearing a fuchsia chiffon long-sleeved gown by Gucci with Berber jewelry and a headpiece by Marianna Harutunian. On Sunday, the American star posted pictures and videos on her Instagram of a fun photo shoot with British-Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj, known as the “Andy Warhol of Marrakech.” Madonna, who posed for pictures with her family, is seen dressed in a traditional red attire, accessorized with colorful jewelry and a Louis Vuitton headscarf. “Life can be sweet and sour and sometimes a surprise can happen that you never would think of and this was one of (those) moments; want to thank Madonna and her lovely family and being patient for the shoot at my riad,” Hajjaj wrote on Instagram.

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    Is Melania Trump trolling her husband with her anti-bullying agenda?

    After all, President Trump has made a career -- in and out of politics -- by attacking people, online and in real life. He rose to reality TV fame in the 1990s for his tough-guy character in the boardroom of "The Apprentice." During his 2016 campaign, Trump turned bullying into a political strategy -- calling his opponents names, insulting their looks and even mocking a reporter with a disability. Trump transformed the sort of bullying familiar to anyone who has ever been in 8th grade into a stand-in for anti-political correctness -- evidence that he wasn't like all the other politicians because he was saying things they would never consider saying. (The question too few people asked -- or cared

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    Kerala floods: Fake news causing panic

    Indian authorities have urged the public not to spread fake news on social media after devastating flooding hit the southern state of Kerala. The Kerala Police department has posted a series of appeals on social media warning that legal action could be taken against those who spread misinformation. Fake army officer A video showing a man dressed as an Indian Army officer has been condemned as "disinformation" by the army itself. The video shows a man dressed in camouflage claiming that Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has stopped the army from conducting rescue operations in the flood-hit region. The clip went viral in India over the weekend and has been shared many thousands of times on

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    She was raped at 15. Two years on she's still fighting for justice

    It was then, as she walked in, that he closed and locked the door behind her. Maya screamed -- but the shopkeeper, who was twice her age, covered her mouth with his hand and threatened to kill her unless she kept quiet. He then forcibly undressed her, and raped her. Maya later told police in a complaint filed in May 2016 that her rapist locked her in the shop until she was rescued by her mother, four hours later. "It's still hard to think about what happened," said Maya's mother, who went looking for her daughter after she didn't return from the shop. The women and girls of Delhi are fighting back02:03 More than two years on, Maya is still waiting for justice. CNN is not using her real name,

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    Gender, age of Alexandria sarcophagus remains identified: Antiquities Ministry

    The Ministry of Antiquities announced on Sunday that archaeological studies on the skeletons from the Alexandria sarcophagus discovered in July have identified the genders, ages and height of the remains through anthropological screening. Chief of the Central Administration of Antiquities in Lower Egypt, Nadia Khadr said that “The first skeleton was a woman aged between 20 and 25 years-old, and was between 160 and 164 cm. The second was a man aged between 30 and 35 years-old, measuring between 160 and 165.5 cm.” “The third skeleton was a man aged between 40 and 44 years-old. He had a strong body, with measurements of 179 and 184.5 cm,” she said. Mostafa Wazeri, Secretary-General of the Supreme