• BBC reveals its highest paid stars and a major gender gap

    The BBC revealed the salaries of its entertainment stars and top journalists on Wednesday. The data, which was being published for the first time, betrayed an embarrassing fact: Women are being paid less than men. The highest paid personality was host and producer Chris Evans, who earned between £2.2 million ($2.8 million) and £2.25 ($3.3 million) last year. The British public broadcaster published the salaries of employees who earn more than £150,000 ($195,400) a year as part of its annual report. The disclosure was imposed by the government in order to improve transparency. The BBC has been forced to defend its pay practices and the gender gap. BBC director general Tony Hall said before the

  • Noah: Trump and 'care' don't go together

    Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel ridiculed the Republican health care bill that was defeated in the Senate.

  • Get to know 'Aladdin's' new stars

    The Egyptian actor was raised in Canada and had a small role as an Al Qaeda operative in a 2011 episode of "Nikita." His bigger break came when he was cast as Jared Malik in 2015 in the Teen Nick series "Open Heart." Massoud's character was known to be a bit of a jerk. The actor told Defective Geeks in an interview that people sometimes think he's a bit standoffish when they first meet him so he understood Jared. "It was like playing myself to the next degree and getting to explore that side of me," Massoud said. "Many people might watch the show and not like Jared at first glance but I've grown to really like him and understand there is more going on under the surface, like most of us." "Aladdin"

  • BBC stars' pay to be revealed in annual report

    The pay received by the BBC's biggest stars is to be revealed in the corporation's annual report later. It is the first time this information will be made public. The review, to be published at 11:00 BST, will list the 96 stars who earn more than £150,000 a year. Altogether, their earnings total almost £30m. Only one third of the names on the list are women. BBC director general Lord Hall said it highlighted a need to "go further and faster" on gender issues. However, he stressed the corporation was "pushing faster than any other major broadcaster". Lord Hall said he wanted to close the gender pay gap and have equality on screen and radio by 2020, saying that over the last three years nearly

  • BBC pay: How much do its stars earn?

    The BBC has, for the first time, published salaries of its highest-paid stars - with all those earning £150,000 or more included. The salaries are grouped into £50,000 blocks and are for the financial year 2016-17, where they came directly from the licence fee. They do not include each individual's earnings from other broadcasters or commercial activities. Here, we round up the top earners and what they do. Radio 2 presenters The nation's most listened-to radio station, Radio 2, has the highest BBC earner among its presenters - Chris Evans. Graham Norton, Jeremy Vine and Steve Wright are also among the top seven highest-paid stars. CHRIS EVANS (Pay bracket: £2,200,000 - £2,249,999) The top earner

  • Rupert Murdoch's papers criticize Trump; is the mogul sending a message?

    Rupert Murdoch speaks regularly by phone with President Trump. But Murdoch also makes his views known to Trump through his newspapers and television networks. Lately the messages in those outlets have not been altogether positive for the president. The conservative media mogul's papers have run a series of critical editorials and stories, spurring speculation among observers that Murdoch is trying to get through to the president. Murdoch's most prestigious outlet, the Wall Street Journal, ran an eye-popping editorial in its conservative-leaning opinion pages on Tuesday. Titled "The Trumps and the Truth," the editorial scolded the president's family for withholding information about Russia-related

  • BBC pay: Male stars earn more than female talent

    The BBC has revealed two-thirds of its stars earning more than £150,000 are male, with Chris Evans the top-paid on between £2.2m and £2.25m. Claudia Winkleman was the highest-paid female celebrity, earning between £450,000 and £500,000 last year, its annual report for 2016/2017 says. The One Show's Alex Jones was second, earning between £400,000 and £450,000. BBC director general Tony Hall said there was "more to do" on the gender pay gap. The top seven earners, in the list of the BBC's 96 best-paid stars, were all male. It is the first time the pay of stars earning more than £150,000 has been made public. The BBC has been compelled to reveal the information under the terms of its new Royal Charter.