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    Iran Revolutionary Guards: Our frontlines are in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon

    Iranian officials occasionally boast about their meddling in the affairs of neighboring countries, but the most recent example of this was seen when the deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corp, Brigadier General Hussein Salami, described the interference as an art practiced by the Islamic Republic in the region. General Salami said his country succeeded in taking the battle with the “enemy” to far distances, describing Iraq, Lebanon and Syria as the frontlines of Iran’s war with its “enemies,” according to his statement.

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    This team is biggest suprise of the World Cup

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    Family brutally killed in Cairo, while father was watching Egypt-Russia game

    New details are emerging regarding the massacre which happened in Egypt on June 19 during the World Cup football match between Egypt and Russia, when a mother and her two daughters were found murdered at their Cairo apartment, while the father was watching the game at a nearby coffee shop. Acoording to the police report,  the  38-year-old mother was strangled to death with her head scarf, while one daughter aged 14 years was strangled using a telephone cord while the younger daughter aged 12 years was killed by suffocating her with a pillow case. When the father came home he discovered the crime and found that a case containing $19,000 was also stolen. The initial police reports and according to eyewitnesses and CCTV footage from a nearby shop,  a woman and a man who are not from the residential area, had entered the building and had gone to the apartment at the time the crime happened.

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    What you should know about the detention facility Melania Trump is visiting

    First Lady Melania Trump just arrived at a child detention center in McAllen, Texas and is expected to tour the Lutheran Social Services of the South, a facility with about 60 children, approximately half male, half female ranging from 5 to 17 years old. The children there are mostly teenagers, but some are tender age.  The facility is permanent and is run by an HHS grantee, and HHS runs and regulates it. She's expected to hold a roundtable discussion with doctors and social workers, who will tell her about the services they provide (meals, education, healthcare, psychological services), then she’ll tour that facility.  The trip came together extremely quickly - within 48 hours - and the first

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    US, Iranian top diplomats spar online

    'Frustration' Asked about the tweets on Thursday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said they reflect "the frustration that regular Iranians feel and are expressing." "I think the secretary was merely pointing out the fact that these protests continue," said Nauert. Not to be outdone, Zarif issued a lengthy statement in English on Thursday, entitled "US Foreign Policy in Crisis," in which he criticizes the US decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and other multilateral agreements. "It is regrettable that in the past one-and-a-half years, US foreign policy -- if we can call it that -- including its policy towards Iran, has been predicated on flawed assumptions and illusions

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    Eva Longoria welcomes her first child

    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend announced in November that baby no. 2 was on its way. On May 17 she hinted that their son had arrived, tweeting "'Somebody's herrrrrrre" and followed up days later with a photo of new baby is, Miles Theodore Stephens (Legend's legal name is John Stephens). Daughter Luna was born in April 2016.

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    Why India's air looks different from space

    There is something very distinct about the air over India and the surrounding countries in South Asia. It is the presence of formaldehyde - a colourless gas that is naturally released by vegetation but also from a number of polluting activities. The elevated concentrations have been observed by Europe's new Sentinel-5P satellite, which was launched last October to track air quality worldwide. It is information that will inform policies to clean up the atmosphere. Compared to the major constituents like nitrogen and oxygen, the formaldehyde signal is actually very small; in every billion air molecules just a few will be CH₂O. But it can be a signifier of more general pollution problems, says Isabelle