Iran's Rouhani warns US that 'war with Iran is the mother of all wars'

    Exclusive: Iranian president on nuke deal (full interview)08:51 (CNN)Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is warning the US that war with Iran would be "the mother of all wars" but did not rule out the possibility of a peace agreement. Americans "must understand that war with Iran is the mother of all wars and peace with Iran is the mother of all peace," Rouhani said while addressing diplomats Sunday in Tehran, according to Iran's state-run news agency IRNA. The Iranian leader also had a message for US President Trump: "do not play with the lion's tail, because you will regret it eternally." His comments come months after the Trump administration announced that the US is quitting the Iran nuclear

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    Rise in expat terminations result in $1.8 bln bad bank debts in Kuwait

    The number of foreigners terminated from public sector jobs in Kuwait has left banks in the country with a sizeable bad debt problem. Local media said that Kuwait’s efforts to create more jobs for nationals by releasing foreigners has created a problem when thousands of laid off expatriates became unable to fulfill their financial obligations towards local banks. Kuwait Times reported recent data from the Central Bank of Kuwait that shows the total bad debts for expatriates during the past four years reached $1.8 billion, a sizable portion of which comprise the debts of foreigners who were laid off by the government, according to sources.

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    Indonesian 15-year-old raped by brother jailed over abortion

    JAKARTA: A 15-year-old girl who was raped by her older brother has been jailed for six months for having an abortion, an Indonesian official said Saturday. The girl was sentenced Thursday alongside her 17-year-old brother in a closed hearing at Muara Bulian District Court on the island of Sumatra, court spokesman Listyo Arif Budiman said. “The girl was charged under the child protection law for having an abortion,” he told AFP. Her brother was sentenced to two years in jail for sexually assaulting a minor. Indonesia forbids abortion unless a woman’s life is at risk or under certain circumstances if she is raped. The law requires that an abortion must be performed by a registered professional

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    Saudi security forces launch assault on drug smugglers

    In its continuous war on drug, Saudi Arabia’s security forces arrested 1,628 among them 604 Saudi nationals, for drug crimes in the past year. Last Update: Saturday, 21 July 2018 KSA 13:22 - GMT 10:22

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    A second Trump-Putin meeting would be madness

    (CNN)Donald Trump is President, but he is not king of America; the country is not his private property. When he was running his "Trump Organization," he was free to hold secret meetings -- even with his enemies -- to ignore everyone's advice and then tell no one what transpired. All we have is a new plan likely to make it all worse with another meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Thursday, America's top intelligence official, Director of National Security Dan Coats happened to be on stage, on camera, when he was informed by NBC's Andrea Mitchell that the White House had just tweeted yet another bombshell: Trump had invited Putin to visit the White House this fall.

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    You judge… Is this the worst kick ever in a football match?

    With mid of July behind us, most of the football clubs in Europe are back to routine and preparations are underway for the next football season. In this regard, a match in Hungary- within the qualifying matches for the Champions League on Tuesday night- saw one of the worst scenes of violence ever in a football match. Bryan Melisse of Luxembourg's F91 Dudelange got an instant red card after an extremely messy Kung Fu-like kick against his Hungarian rival Matti Patkai  of Videoton. The hopes of the Luxembourg team, which emerged from the competition after a 2-1 defeat in Hungary, were shattered when their 29-year-old French defender had to leave the game after receiving a red card.

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    The man behind the world's first jet suit

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