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    Ethiopian crash crew's voices may unlock high-stakes Boeing inquiry

    The investigation into the final minutes of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 turned on Tuesday to the secrets in the cockpit voice recorder as Boeing and a shaken global aviation industry hung on the outcome. The voices of Captain Yared Getachew and First Officer Ahmednur Mohammed could reveal what led to the March 10 crash of the Boeing 737 MAX that has worrying parallels with another disaster involving the same model off Indonesia in October. The twin disasters killed 346 people. Black box data was downloaded in France but only Ethiopian experts leading the probe have heard the dialogue between Getachew, 29, and Mohammed, 25. The data was back in Addis Ababa on Tuesday, sources familiar with the

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    Egypt's Morsi: The Final Hours

    The 2011 Arab Spring had seen the end of President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule and within 18 months, Mohamed Morsi had become Egypt's first democratically-elected president. But after one year in office, almost weekly street protests and riots appeared to reach a climax with calls for Morsi to resign and even for the military to intervene. In July 2013, Morsi was overthrown. Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal reported on events in Egypt at the time - and now reveals new exclusive evidence of top-level conspiracy, power-broking and betrayal in the turmoil that led to Morsi's last days in office. Until now, much of what took place in the final days of the Morsi presidency was known only to those who

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    King Salman launches $23 billion entertainment projects in Riyadh

    Saudi Arabia's King Salman has launched four entertainment projects in the capital Riyadh, together worth $23 billion (86 billion riyals), state television reported on Tuesday. The projects include a park, a sports track, and an art center. Through establishing the largest urban garden in the world, the park project aims to increase the per capita share of green space in Riyadh by 16 times, where more than 7.5 million trees will be planted throughout the city of Riyadh. The art center is set to include cultural and artistic institutions such as museums, theaters, and galleries, in hopes of transforming Riyadh into an “open exhibition” hosting the works of 1,000 local and international artists.

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    Dubai Police arrest over 300 suspects with AI-powered cameras

    A network of AI-powered CCTV cameras helped Dubai Police arrest 319 wanted suspects last year, according to First Lieutenant Ali Al Shehi. Speaking at an international symposium on police best practices being held in Dubai, Al Shehi said that the Oyoon (eyes) project's approximately 5,000 cameras cover a number of tourist sites, public transportation and traffic in the emirate. “The cameras helped arrest 319 suspects in different areas in Dubai through their automatic facial recognition technology,” he said. The project, he added, is being ramped up as part of Dubai's Vision 2021 strategy. “The project will tackle crimes in the city as using AI and [the] latest technologies will help realise

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    Syrian businessman linked to Assad arrested in Kuwait

    KUWAIT CITY: A prominent Syrian businessman with close ties to Syrian President Bashar Assad has been arrested in Kuwait, his lawyer said Tuesday. Mazen Al-Tarazi was arrested late Monday at his offices, his lawyer Badr Al-Yacoub told AFP. He said that he did not yet know the reasons behind his client's arrest. Local authorities did not immediately release the charges against Tarazi. But Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas, citing unnamed informed sources, reported that the businessman is accused of money laundering and printing texts without authorization. A longtime resident of Kuwait, Tarazi owns a publishing and advertising firm in partnership with a high-profile local businessman, Ahmad Al-Jarallah.

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    In Kerala, the glittering Gulf's appeal is losing shine

    Kerala, India - Since the 1970s, the southern Indian state of Kerala has enjoyed opportunities stemming from its proximity to wealthy countries in the Gulf, around 2,500km away. About two million Kerala natives, predominantly Muslim working-age men, currently work in the region, mainly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.  "The financial contribution of migration to Kerala is unimaginable," said Irudaya Rajan, author and expert in Kerala's Gulf migration. The men's wives, locally known as "Gulf wives", number around one million. Left behind, they struggle with loneliness. Their husbands might visit once every three years.  According to Rajan, 80 percent of women do not travel to visit their partners

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    Singaporean couple jailed for 'worst of its kind' maid abuse

    SINGAPORE: A Singaporean couple was on Monday jailed for abusing a Myanmar maid after the pair force-fed her with a funnel, made her eat her own vomit and threatened to kill her family if she reported the maltreatment. In a case described by Singapore prosecutors as “arguably one of the worst of its kind” in the city-state, the married couple - who were sentenced two years ago over the abuse of another maid - beat and kicked their helper and made her clean the house in her underwear. Moe Moe Than, 32, was also given little food, limited use of the toilet and faced threats that her parents in Myanmar would be killed if she reported the abuse, court documents showed. District Judge Olivia Low on