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    IRGC commander warns US battleships in Strait of Hormuz under 'complete Iranian control'

    ANKARA: Turkey has until next month to cancel a multibillion dollar S-400 missile system deal with Russia, or face harsh US penalties, CNBC reported on Tuesday.  If Ankara does not cancel in favor of buying the US-made Patriot missile defense system instead, it may also be removed from Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet program, costing thousands of jobs. Turkey is currently producing about 800 parts for the world's most advanced fighter. The delivery of 100 F-35s to Ankara may also be halted, and other defense and industrial cooperation projects with the US may be put at risk.    In his latest visit to Turkey in early May, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said its procurement of the S-400

  • CNN

    Trump says he can't work with Democrats

    Trump says he can't work with Democrats President Trump says he told Democratic leaders at the White House on Wednesday he couldn't work with them while they were pursuing investigations into him and his administration. "I've said from the beginning - right from the beginning - you probably can't go down two tracks. You can go down the investigation track or you can go down the investment track," Trump said in last-minute remarks in the Rose Garden. Trump was supposed to have a meeting with Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this morning on infrastructure. That meeting lasted just a few minutes: During it, Trump told them he couldn't work with them until their

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    Inmates show off crochet creations in Brazil prison fashion show

    The catwalk came to a Brazilian prison Wednesday when models from the Sao Paulo Fashion Week paraded a collection at a maximum security facility in front of the inmates who created them. Intricate crochet bodices, cheeky skirts and denim finishes featured in the fashion show at the Adriano Marrey prison outside Sao Paulo, where inmates looked on, lavender-colored yarn in hand. A rehabilitation project at the facility teaches convicts crochet - a technique similar to knitting - to build self-esteem and life skills. “I was proud of myself seeing my creation being modeled for the public and even more proud to know that people liked that piece that I made,” said Fidelison Borges, 41, who is serving

  • Al Jazeera

    Iran vows no surrender - even if bombed by 'enemies'

    Iran will not surrender to US pressure and will never abandon its goals even if it is attacked, President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday. Earlier in the day, Iran's top military chief said the standoff between Tehran and Washington was a "clash of wills", warning any enemy "adventurism" would meet a crushing response, the semi-official Fars news agency reported. After pulling out of Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, US President Donald Trump restored punishing American sanctions on Iran last year and tightened them this month, ordering all countries to halt imports of Iranian oil or face sanctions of their own. "More than one year after the imposition of these severe sanctions, our people have not bowed to pressures despite facing difficulties in their lives," Rouhani was quoted by the state news agency IRNA as saying.

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    Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day in Iran

    Tehran, Iran - Reza Abdollahi isn't just a fan of cryptocurrencies. He's among the fledgling ranks of business owners in Iran who accept them as a form of payment. For the past six months, customers at his Mashhad restaurant, 1001 Nights Cinema Pizza, have been able to cover their tabs in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They even get a 50 percent discount if they choose these forms of payment over other types of legal tender. "We have up to 200 people paying with crypto each month, mostly consisting of large groups who throw parties at the restaurant to use the discount," Abdollahi told Al Jazeera. Abdollahi says that 90 percent of crypto payments at his restaurant are made using Ethereum.

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    Italian man set free after almost three years of captivity in Syria

    An Italian man held hostage in Syria for almost three years has been freed, the Italian prime minister's office said in a statement on Wednesday. The statement said Italian intelligence, police and the foreign ministry had worked together to secure the release of Alessandro Sandrini - a 32-year-old from the northern city of Brescia. Sandrini flew to Turkey in October 2016 for a holiday but soon disappeared. A year later, he called his family, telling them he had been seized off a street in Adana, southern Turkey.

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    Iran will not surrender even if it is bombed, says Rouhani

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that Tehran will not surrender to US pressure and will not give up on its goals even if it is bombed, as tension rises between the Islamic Republic and the United States. Rouhani was quoted by state news agency IRNA as telling a ceremony in commemoration of the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s: “We need resistance, so our enemies know if they bomb our land, and if our children are martyred, wounded or arrested, we will not give up on our goals for the independence of our country and our pride.” Last Update: Thursday, 23 May 2019 KSA 20:36 - GMT 17:36