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    Yemen's Houthis threaten to attack targets in the United Arab Emirates

    Yemen's Houthi militia, which claims it was behind the weekend attack on Saudi oil facilities, said on Wednesday it has dozens of sites located in the United Arab Emirates listed as possible targets for attacks. A military spokesman of the Iran-back militia group said the Houthis have new drones, powered by “normal and jet engines” that can reach targets deep in Saudi Arabia. Arab Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Maliki said on Wednesday that Saturday's attacks on two of Saudi Arabia's oil facilities were “unquestionably sponsored by Iran” and “did not originate from Yemen despite Iran's best efforts to make it appear so.” On Saturday drone attacks caused fires at two Saudi Aramco facilities,

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    Iran warns of crushing response, blames US for regional tension

    DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran on Wednesday threatened a crushing response to any military strike after attacks on Saudi oil sites blamed by Washington on Tehran, though it said the Islamic Republic had no desire for conflict in the Gulf region. In a letter sent on Monday to the United States via the Swiss embassy, which represents US interests in Iran, Tehran said it “denies and condemns claims” by US officials that “Tehran was behind the attacks”. “It was also emphasized in the letter that in case of any aggression against Iran, that action will face an immediate response from Iran and the response won't be limited to its source,” the state news agency IRNA reported. The Etemad daily newspaper describing

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    Food giant Del Monte accused of complicity in Philippine attacks

    Just before midday in early February 2017, Renato Anglao, a leader of the indigenous Manobo community, was riding his motorcycle with his wife and their five-year-old child on board, when they were waylaid by three unidentified men. The Anglaos had just finished buying school supplies and were heading to their home in Bukidnon province, Mindanao, in the southern Philippines when the attackers struck. On Wednesday, Global Witness, an international land rights and corruption watchdog, accused Del Monte Philippines, a unit of the pineapple and banana-producing global food giant, Del Monte, of being complicit in Anglao's death. In a report, Global Witness said the company "failed to identify historic land conflicts" and maintained agreements with a local politician and landlord, "despite violence against indigenous activists", including Anglao.

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    Saudi Aramco has determined extent of damage on oil facilities: Sources

    Saudi Aramco has already determined the extent of the damage to its oil-processing facilities - and the associated repair time - following Saturday's drone attacks on its facilities in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, sources familiar with the matter told Al Arabiya. Al Arabiya's sources noted that contractors have been called to the scene of the attacks to assess damage and repairs. The report that contractors are involved, and not other service providers, is an indication that the damage is confined to pipeline and storage unit systems, the sources told Al Arabiya.

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    Al-Maliki: 25 drones, cruise missiles from the north struck oil facilities

    Arab Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Maliki said on Wednesday that Saturday's attack on two of Saudi Arabia's oil facilities were “unquestionably sponspored by Iran” and “did not originate from Yemen despite Iran's best efforts to make it appear so.” He added that the drones used in the attack were outside the range of the drones used by the Houthi militia. “The attack was launched from the north and unquestionably sponsored by Iran.

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    Akter, 20, expelled from university for being Rohingya

    Rahima Akter hid her Rohingya identity to enrol at a private university in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar, but her dreams of pursuing higher education were dashed after she was suspended by her university earlier this month. The 20-year-old from Kutupalong refugee camp has become the face of the struggle of Rohingya refugees who want to study, as Bangladesh does not allow Rohingya to enrol in schools or colleges. Last October, she was featured in a video story by the Associated Press in which she talked about being a Rohingya and her dream to study human rights so she could raise her voice for her persecuted community. Nearly a year after it was published, the video went viral after which she was expelled from Cox's Bazar International University where she was studying law.

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    Trump says he would 'certainly like to avoid' war with Iran

    US President Donald Trump said on Monday that it looked like Iran was responsible for attacks over the weekend on Saudi Arabian oil plants, but he wants to avoid war.  "It is certainly looking that way at this moment," Trump told reporters when asked if he believes Iran carried out the attack.  Without providing evidence, Trump said "we pretty much already know" and "certainly it would look to most like it was Iran" but that Washington still wanted more proof. "We want to find definitively who did this," Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, where he was meeting with Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. "You're going to find out in great detail in the near future," he