'Crazy Rich Asians' features all-Asian cast

    David Daniel talks with the 'Crazy Rich Asians' cast about filming in Singapore as the 1st all-Asian ensemble of a contemporary US studio film in 25 years.

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    Iran media omits Khamenei statement on nuclear deal: I personally made a mistake

    For the first time since he became Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, described by Arab media as the supreme leader of the regime, recognized what he considered as his mistake in allowing Iran to join the nuclear negotiations a few years ago, which led to the nuclear deal and the eradication of international sanctions. Many official and semi-official Iranian news agencies reported Khamenei’s speech on Monday where he discussed a variety of domestic and foreign affairs, including the nuclear agreement.

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    Lebanese singer Elissa reveals fight with breast cancer in new video

    Beloved Lebanese singer Elissa has released a new video titled “Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni” (For all those who love me), detailing her battle with breast cancer and calling on women to perform early detections. Elissa, 45, broke taboos in the Arab world surrounding the disease by utilizing a song that narrates her journey struggling against the cancer. She was diagnosed back in December, but kept the illness a secret and even collapsed on stage while performing in February. “You are the reason I am strong and healthy … you are my strength. And this story is a thank you,” Elissa wrote. The video starts with Elissa inside an MRI, being informed that she is in the early stages of breast cancer. A voice

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    Madonna's Mini for sale

    The Mini Cooper that Madonna drove while living in London is up for grabs on Auto Trader. She sang about it on her 2003 hit American Life: "I drive my Mini Cooper and I'm feeling super-duper." The Queen of Pop used the car - which has a guide price of £55,000 - in the early 2000s when married to Guy Ritchie and later sold it to her driver. He then sold the black Mini Hatch 1.6 Cooper S on to a collector, who is now offering it on the used car website. The vehicle is described as being in "immaculate condition". Madonna used the three-door car for four years to drop her daughter off at school and to drive to the recording studio where she was working on her ninth studio album, also titled American

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    Turkey ‘frustrated with Qatar silence’ amid US sanctions imposed on Ankara

    A state of frustration is currently permeating Turkish society due to the “silence of Qatar” regarding the crisis that hit Turkey’s economy as a result of US sanctions against Ankara, Turkish daily newspaper Takvim reported. In a report published on Tuesday, the newspaper said that instead of supporting Ankara, Qatar has chosen to remain silent about what is happening in Turkey, although the latter was quick to support the Doha during the Arab Quartet’s boycott.

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    Mike Pompeo holds telephone talks with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince: US State Department

    WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman via telephone on Monday to discuss the ongoing situations in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, according to a US State Department statement. It said Pompeo thanked the Crown Prince for "Saudi Arabia's support for northeast Syria's urgent stabilization needs" and Riyadh's "engagement with the Iraqi government." They also "discussed their support for a ceasefire in Afghanistan over the coming Eid, and peace in Afghanistan more broadly." The statement said they also reviewed the UN Special Envoy's work to resolve the conflict in Yemen and other topics of mutual interest.

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    Beijing should 'temper' its behavior in the South China Sea, Duterte says

    Duterte said despite China's behavior to the contrary, the majority of the South China Sea was international waters. "The right of innocent passage is guaranteed. (Countries) do not need any permission to sail through the open seas," he said. A 2016 international tribunal case, brought against China by the Philippines, found Beijing's claims to the region for invalid. To reinforce the region's status as international waters, the US Navy regularly runs "freedom of navigation" operations through Chinese-controlled waters, infuriating authorities in Beijing. But Duterte said the behavior of the Chinese and US navies in the South China put the region at risk of conflict. "One of these days, a hot