• Manila alerted about 2nd wave of layoffs

    RIYADH: A Filipino expat rights advocacy group in Saudi Arabia is urging the Philippine government to prepare for a second wave of Oversees Filipino Workers’ mass layoff.John Leonard Monterona, convener of the United Overseas Filipinos Worldwide (U-OFW), said the possibility of a second wave of mass layoff might happen sooner or later. “The Saudi government is the main source of infrastructure projects, but the financial standing of the host government, which is trying to fix its budget deficit, the slowdown or phasing of activities in the construction sector and other related trades are bound to lead to downsizing and thus mass layoff,” said Monterona. He noted that some of the top 10 construction

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  • Love Island will return for a third series

    Good news for fans of Love Island - ITV has announced it will be back next year. Bosses have ordered a third season of one of the summer's most talked about shows. Its second run is thought to have doubled last year's viewing figures, with an average of 1.3 million people watching each episode. "We can't wait to do it all again next year," said ITV Studios creative director Richard Cowles. Although the series officially finished last night with Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde crowned champions, it will return for a special episode on Sunday 17 July. Love Island: Heading Home will follow the islanders as they're reunited at the wrap party. Which will no doubt mean clashes as exes come face-to-face

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  • Meet Rajinikanth the Indian superstar

    Box office bonanza The excitement has also translated into commercial success. In the U.S. alone, Kabali brought in an estimated $4.1 million in ticket sales over the weekend, making it the ninth-highest grossing film this weekend and the only non-English language film in the top ten. In India, industry analyst Sreedhar Pillai says the figure for the weekend is around 110 crore rupees or $16 million, beating out the Bollywood film, Sultan, which stars North Indian superstar Salman Khan. Much of its commercial success comes from the audience's devotion to Rajinikanth, which has spawned toilet constructions and a life-sized chocolate statue, among other things. Its release day became a sort of

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  • Stranded in the Gulf, duped Indian workers call for help

    ABU DHABI — Indian workers stranded in the United Arab Emirates with expired work permits, no pay and limited food, water and sanitation have appealed to the Indian government for immediate repatriation and financial assistance. “Please help us reunite with our families,” a migrant said in a video clip, adding that there were nearly 100 workers stuck with no money or documents to get back home. Fifteen workers from southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, who are among those at a camp for migrant workers, have urged the Indian government to bring them home immediately. “We received their complaint a few days back and sent it to our mission in Abu Dhabi asking for immediate repatriation and ensuring

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  • Why ice cream won't help your sunburn but oatmeal will

    After catching some rays on the hottest day of the year, some of us may be feeling a bit pink today. Obviously the best way to avoid sunburn is to wear sunscreen but what if you forgot and got burnt? There's lots of advice on what to do and some of it can be a bit misleading. Newsbeat's been speaking to Dr Nisith Sheth from the British Skin Foundation who tells us what is good - and what isn't - for burnt skin. Ice cream When your skin is burning up, it may be tempting to cool off with the coldest thing you can find on the beach. But Dr Nisith Sheth says putting ice cream on your skin is not a good idea. "Whilst the cooling affect of the ice cream may reduce the inflammation, the contents of

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  • 28 pages later: What the US findings on 9/11 mean

    The 28 previously classified pages of the US Senate report on the Sept. 11 attacks have now been made public. Prior to this, opponents of Saudi Arabia claimed the pages would prove that the kingdom aided and abetted the attacks. However, they show what many had suspected for quite some time, that there was nothing significant to add to what we already knew. Transparency Last Update: Tuesday, 26 July 2016 KSA 12:41 - GMT 09:41 Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Al Arabiya English's point-of-view.

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  • Flipkart's Myntra to buy online shopping rival Jabong

    Myntra, a subsidiary of Indian online shopping giant Flipkart, says it has bought rival fashion shopping site Jabong. The company did not disclose the size of the deal. Once a big player in India's online retailing industry, Jabong has fallen on hard times in the past year amid poor sales and management shake-ups. India's e-commerce industry has a high profile and rapid customer growth but the sector continues to make losses. The sector is marked by tough competition - only last month, industry pioneer Amazon announced it would step up investment in the country. The US firm plans to increase its investment in India by $3bn (£2.1bn), bringing the total amount invested in the country to more than

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  • Islamic State group: Crisis in seven charts

    In 2014 militants from so-called Islamic State (IS) seized large parts of Syria and Iraq, putting as many as 10 million people under their control. In June of that year, the jihadist group overran the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, and then moved southwards towards Baghdad, routing Iraq's army and threatening to eradicate the country's many ethnic and religious minorities. Two months later, after the militants advanced on the Iraqi Kurdish city of Irbil, the US launched air strikes on IS positions in Iraq. A multinational coalition led by the US extended the air campaign to Syria that September. Since then, IS has lost approximately 40% of the populated territory it once held in Iraq, and 10-20%

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  • Duke of Cambridge says George got 'far too many' gifts

    The Duke of Cambridge says that Prince George has been 'far too spoilt' during his recent third birthday celebrations on 22 July. There hasn't been an official gift list, but speaking to a schoolboy at an event, Prince William said his son had been given 'far too many' presents. The problem for the little Prince is that usually people don't buy him normal toddler gifts, like building blocks or colouring-in pens, but special 'official' gifts from countries or organisations. Here are SIX unusual gifts he's been given in the past A SURFBOARD Prince George got this adult-size surfboard from the Mayor of the famous Manly Beach in Australia. During the trip to Australia, the royal visitors attended

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  • What it's like looking like Taylor Swift

    Olivia Sturgiss is like many 19-year-old women. She's studying at uni, she works in a clothes shop and she lives in a house share. Except Olivia looks rather a lot like Taylor Swift. And it could make her a lot of money. "I wore the red lipstick like any other fan does, and I wore a sparkly outfit and then ever since then, it was something commented on every day," Olivia told Newsbeat. "Even when I was wearing no make-up at work, I'd have just have my hair tied back, natural face and I'd still get comments on it. "It's always been a natural resemblance and it's always been an ongoing thing since I was really young." Olivia's been a fan of Tay's for more than seven years and says it's flattering

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  • Brexit Watch: At-a-glance day-by-day summer briefing

    The UK voted to leave the European Union in a referendum on 23 June. Here's your daily summer briefing of the latest Brexit-related news... Recap for new readers The UK public voted 52% to 48% to leave the European Union in June's referendum. During the campaign there were warnings from the Remain side about the economic impact of leaving, while the Leave side suggested the UK would be able to take back control of immigration and the £350m a week they said the UK sent to the EU. New Prime Minister Theresa May has said "Brexit means Brexit" - but no-one yet seems to sure what Brexit means. Will the UK stay as a member of the EU single market? Will EU nationals retain the right to live and work

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  • China asks Vietnam to probe passport slur

    China has asked Vietnam to investigate reports that a Chinese visitor's passport was handed back with obscenities written on two pages. Pictures show a four-letter word written on the pages that contain a map including China's "nine-dash line". The line marks China's claim to territories in the South China Sea. Those claims, which overlap with Vietnam's, were recently rejected by an international tribunal. The tourist, surnamed Zhong and from China's Guangdong province was entering Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. She told local media that she was "very disappointed at the personal qualities of Vietnamese officials". The Chinese consulate in Ho Chi Minh City said in a statement the act was "shameless

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  • The tiny restaurants delighting Indians with just one wonder dish

    What do you need to run a successful restaurant? Apart from good chefs, many restaurateurs will tell you that an excellent menu boasting many scrumptious dishes is a must. That seems like a good formula but not everyone would agree. Some Indian restaurants have relied on one signature dish to become legendary among food lovers. The BBC's Vikas Pandey profiles five such restaurants across the country. Giri Manjas, Mangalore Giri Manjas has established itself as an institution in the southern coastal city of Mangalore. It's a small eatery and people have to often wait patiently for their turn to eat its signature fish fry. Seating only 25 people at a time, Giri Manjas serves around 200-300 portions

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  • Two Muslim Women Kicked Off JetBlue Flight for ‘Staring’ at Flight Attendant

    In what would have been a shocking but is now an all-too-familiar Islamophobic incident, two Muslim women were led off a passenger plane as a flight attendant did not like the way the women ‘stared’ at her, according to DailyMail. On Saturday, two Muslim women in hijabs onboard JetBlue Flight 487 between Boston and Los Angeles were escorted out of the airliner by police as one of the flight attendants was concerned about the way the two women were looking at her. A video showing the two women being escorted out for questioning was posted on YouTube on Monday by Mark Frauenfelder, taken by his friend Sharon Kessler. In regards to the incident, Kessler told DailyMail that "it was a terrible moment

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  • Philippines’ ex-President Arroyo: ‘I was persecuted’

    Former Philippine president Gloria Arroyo has declared herself a victim of political persecution, following her release from nearly five years in detention over a corruption case. In her first public comments since being freed from a military hospital on Thursday after the Supreme Court dismissed plunder charges against her, Arroyo insisted her detention was “unjust”. Arroyo was jailed in 2011 under the administration of then president Benigno Aquino, who sought to make his predecessor a high-profile scalp of his anti-corruption campaign. Firebrand leader Rodrigo Duterte succeeded Aquino in June, and offered to pardon Arroyo.

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  • The Saudi FM’s response to Iranian slander

    The Iranian consul in Belgium tried to tamper with history. He wanted to throw dust in the eyes when he spoke of Saudi Arabia’s supposed involvement with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). However, the only proof he found is that Al-Qaeda’s late leader Osama bin Laden was Saudi. It is akin to the consul accusing Britain, France, Germany and the United States of supporting ISIS because their citizens are among its ranks. The absence of wisdom from Iranian politics has worsened regional problems. Tehran thinks if it tells the same lies again and again, people will eventually believe it Turki Aldakhil State relations Last Update: Tuesday, 26 July 2016 KSA 12:21 - GMT 09:21

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  • Rita Ora confirms she's leaving The X Factor

    Rita Ora has confirmed that she's leaving The X Factor. The singer, who joined the show last year, tweeted: "I had a ball on The X Factor last year and will miss the team. "@simoncowell can't wait to work with you again... I'll be round for dinner soon. Thank you for the experience & love X" Rita took on the role after moving from The Voice UK, which is moving from the BBC to ITV. The singer mentored the girls category and went on to win the show with her act, Louisa Johnson. In a statement ITV told Newsbeat: "Rita brought a great energy to the show last year and did a brilliant job mentoring the girls' category, leading Louisa to victory. "We wish her all the best with her music and film plans

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  • Shakespeare Lives - Ballet, Opera and the Bard

    Great music and performance from the world of ballet and opera, presented by Ore Oduba. We join Royal Ballet stars Lauren Cuthbertson and Edward Watson as they rehearse The Winter’s Tale. Also featured; the potion scene from Kenneth MacMillan’s classic Romeo and Juliet and music from Verdi’s two great Shakespearean operas Otello and Falstaff. Watch live and on demand via the BBC Live page

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  • Study Suggests Egypt Has 16th Largest Gas Reserves In The World

    In a noticeable progress that will have a positive impact on the economy, a study prepared by Edison International titled “Challenges and Opportunities for Egypt’s Gas Sector” corroborated that Egypt possesses the 16th largest gas reserves and is the 15th largest producer of gas, reported Daily News Egypt. The study demonstrated that there has been the equivalent of 12bn barrels of oil discovered in Egypt’s gas reserves in the eastern region of the Mediterranean Seas through 2015, followed by the Gulf of Suez where roughly 11bn was extracted, 9bn barrels in the Nile Delta oil fields, and the equivalent of 10bn barrels in the concession areas in the western desert, explained Daily News Egypt.

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  • Expats can’t buy property in holy cities, Riyadh — Shoura

    The Shoura Council has reiterated its last year’s decision preventing non-Saudis from owning property, real estate or locations within the boundaries of Makkah, Madinah or Riyadh. The Shoura, according to a report in Okaz Arabic daily, has defined non-Saudis to be the natural persons who do not have the Saudi nationality, the non-Saudi companies or the companies established by Saudis but have foreign shareholders. The Shoura called for severe punishment against violators and said the decision was aimed at preventing any harm to the two holy cities while at the same time preserving the investment environment in the Kingdom. It also said the decision was aimed at ending the crime of tasattur (expatriates doing business in the name of Saudis against certain fees).

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