Iran official condemns woman's treatment by 'morality police' in video

    (CNN)Iran's vice-president for women's affairs has "strongly" condemned an incident in which a female member of Iran's religious police appears physically to confront a female member of the public in an altercation that was captured on a cell phone camera. The footage of the incident, which has been widely viewed online, appears to show the religious police confronting a woman wearing a scarf loosely draped on her head. It is unclear why the police officer first approached the woman. After an exchange of words -- during which the woman is told "sit, you animal!" -- a female religious police officer appears to push and shove her. The encounter then appears to grow more violent, as screams and

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    Medic suspended over sepsis death

    A medic has been suspended after a mother-of-six died from a rare form of sepsis. Natalie Billingham, 33, from Tipton died 72 hours after going to A&E at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley with flu-like symptoms and pain in her foot. The trust running the hospital said it would meet her family and is conducting an internal investigation. It comes after health inspectors had to intervene in the treatment of another sepsis patient during a review. Mrs Billingham's family claim there were delays in giving her antibiotics and medics failed to examine a purple "patch" by her ankle. Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust said she had necrotising fasciitis, a rare form of sepsis which is "difficult to diagnose".

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    'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' trailer has dinosaurs running amok

    (CNN)"Welcome to Jurassic World." That's how Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm introduces a new world of dinosaurs in the latest trailer for "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom." The preview for Universal's upcoming summer tentpole goes beyond the island where genetically engineered dinosaurs have roamed for decades, bringing the prehistoric creatures to the mainland. Owen Grady, played by Chris Pratt, is shown in the trailer barely escaping the jaws of a sleeping T-Rex before notes of John Williams' iconic score begin to play. The brief peek also presents the film's heroes trying to save the dinosaurs from being turned into weapons, rather than just trying to escape them. "A rescue op," Pratt's Grady

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    Kuwait summons Philippines envoy over offensive remarks, diplomatic violations

    Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday summoned the Philippine’s Ambassador Renato Pedro Villa and handed him two protest notes regarding offensive statements said to have been made against the country by Filipino officials. According to the official Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA), a source in the ministry said that the notes also discuss activities of some employees in the Philippines embassy. The source also expressed regret over such actions which may hurt the friendly relations enjoyed by Kuwait and the Philippines.

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    How Sofia Vergara passed husband's love test

    Actor Joe Manganiello describes how his wife, actress Sofia Vergara, downed a sandwich at one of his favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh.

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    Beyonce: Black pride symbols explained

    Beyonce finally headlined Coachella on Saturday - a year after delaying her appearance due to pregnancy. And she's returning this weekend for the festival's reprise. The first, career-spanning set, complete with a surprise reformation of Destiny's Child to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary, saw her become the first black woman to headline the festival. "The word 'iconic' only begins to scratch the surface of how black America felt when an unapologetic black woman, born and raised in the belly of the south, headlined one of the whitest music festivals in America," says Kristi Henderson, a senior member at Colour of Change - America's largest online racial justice organisation. The pop superstar

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    'Abusive girlfriend threatened to kill me'

    A male domestic abuse survivor has spoken about being beaten, stabbed and starved by his partner for five years. Alex Skeel, 22, from Stewartby, Bedfordshire was left with wounds all over his body. His former partner, Jordan Worth, 22, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and coercive controlling behaviour and was jailed for seven-and-a-half years.