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    Iranian general: We've exported our culture to armed groups in Yemen, Lebanon

    The assistant to the Iranian army's chief, Brigadier General Hassan Seifi, said that they have been able to “export their culture” to armed groups in Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza, and Afghanistan who can “overcome the largest army in the world.” Last Update: Saturday, 25 May 2019 KSA 19:42 - GMT 16:42

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    Pakistan PM warns against war in region amid Iran tensions with US, Saudi

    ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warned against the risk of conflict in the region, following a visit to Islamabad by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif as tensions between Washington and Tehran escalated. Strains have increased between Iran and the United States, which is a firm backer of Tehran's regional rival Saudi Arabia, in the wake of this month's attack on oil tankers in the Gulf region that Washington has blamed on Iran. Tehran has distanced itself from the bombings, but the United States has sent a aircraft carrier and an extra 1,500 troops to the Gulf, sparking concerns about the risks of conflict in a volatile region. Khan, who has been seeking to improve

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    BREAKING: Theresa May announces her resignation

    'I have done my best,' May says "Ever since I first stepped through the door behind me as prime minister I have striven to make the United Kingdom a country that works not just for the privileged few but for everyone, and to honor the result of the referendum," May says. "I have done my best" to deliver Brexit, May says -- but she has failed to do so. "I have tried three times." May adds it is a matter of personal regret for her that she has failed to deliver on her flagship policy.

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    Iran can sink US warships with 'secret weapons', military official says

    DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran can sink US warships sent to the Gulf region using missiles and “secret weapons”, a senior Iranian military official was quoted as saying by the semi-official news agency Mizan on Saturday. The United States on Friday announced the deployment of 1,500 troops to the Middle East, describing it as an effort to bolster defenses against Iran as it accused the country's Revolutionary Guards of direct responsibility for this month's tanker attacks. “America.. is sending two warships to the region. If they commit the slightest stupidity, we will send these ships to the bottom of the sea along with their crew and planes using two missiles or two new secret weapons,” General Morteza

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    China unveils 600km/h maglev train prototype

    Developed by the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) -- the world's largest supplier of rail transit equipment -- the sleek-looking train is scheduled to go into commercial production in 2021 following extensive tests. "Take Beijing to Shanghai as an example -- counting preparation time for the journey, it takes about 4.5 hours by plane, about 5.5 hours by high-speed rail, and [would only take] about 3.5 hours with [the new] high-speed maglev," said CRRC deputy chief engineer Ding Sansan, head of the train's research and development team, in a statement. While the cruising speed of an aircraft is 800-900 km/h, at present trains on the Beijing-Shanghai line have a maximum operating speed of 350 km/h.

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    The media momentum for war with Iran

    On The Listening Post this week: Hyped-up headlines, 'anonymous' sources and unspecified threats - Iran is back in the news in the US. Plus, the online horrors faced by female journalists. And our own network - Al Jazeera - comes under fire. We set the record straight.  The media momentum for war with Iran This would not be the first time the US media have made the case for war on the basis of vague, anonymously sourced intelligence. In 2003, it was Iraq - in 2019, it is Iran. Much of American news reporting on US-Iran relations glosses over President Donald Trump's role and the history of American aggression against Iran. While Islamic Republic - ruled by authoritarians and involved in wars

  • He met a woman online and proposed a week later. Then he scammed her out of 80K, police say

    When he got the money, he cut all contact with the woman, police said. He had another home and another family As investigators looked into the case, they unveiled a scam that went beyond Georgia. The man lived with another woman and a child in Duluth, Georgia -- and he's wanted in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey for similar scams, authorities said. Since then, several women have come forward and said they were in a relationship with him, or knew women who were. Hill has changed his name at least five times in two and a half years, police said. Police arrested him Wednesday at a hotel in Franklin, Tennessee. "He attempted to evade ... officers by darting into a hotel conference room