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    Ariana Grande apologises to Kanye West

    Ariana Grande has apologised to Kanye West after he accused her of using his feud with Drake to promote her own music. The 41-year-old music mogul went on a social media rant against the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker earlier this week, which prompted Drake to simply post a series of laughing emojis on his Instagram story, and Ariana got herself involved to joke that people should be listening to the new music dropped by herself and Miley Cyrus, rather than paying attention to the rappers' feud. Ariana's original tweet read: "guys, i know there are grown men arguing online rn but miley and i dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight so if y'all could please jus behave for just like a few hours so the

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    ANALYSIS: What needs to be done over Iran’s crisis in 2019?

    For the Iranian regime, looking back at 2018 will mean looking back on a year of brutal crackdowns on its citizens, on increasing sanctions and failed European terror attacks. Despite its year of brutality and planned attacks, the protests that sprung up almost a year ago continue across the country, the economic situation continues to deteriorate and opposition groups, namely the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), continue to gain ground. So what should the international community’s 2019 resolution on Iran be? In this regard, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) held an international conference in 50 cities around the world including Tirana, Paris, London, Berlin, Oslo, on Saturday 15 December, which were connected via video links.

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    Saudi Justice Ministry’s guide answers 330 most common questions asked

    JEDDAH: The Saudi Justice Ministry has prepared a list of over 330 of the most-common questions asked through its official Twitter account on various issues. The ministry studied the pattern sfor one year before compiling the list so as to help people receive answers to common questions regarding the Saudi judicial system. Majid bin Mohammed Al-Khamis, the ministry’s general supervisor of media and institutional communication, said the interactive legal communication service was launched in 2017 via Twitter. “It ensures direct communication between people and the legal department and helps the ministry to introduce various services it has to offer to facilitate the public to assist them,” he said.

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    Egypt releases camel operator accused of facilitating Pyramids pornographic

    After a five-hour interrogation session, the Cairo appeals court released a camel tour operator at the Giza Pyramids on LE5,000 bail, over charges of helping a Danish photographer and his girlfriend shoot a pornographic video atop the pyramid. The prosecution released a second woman, who knew the photographer and his girlfriend online. According to police investigations, 33 year-old Andreas Hvid, the Danish photographer, arrived in Cairo in November 19, and left in December 4. His girlfriend, 20 year-old Josephine Sara, arrived in Cairo on November 28 and left November 30. The camel operator Moussa Omar Moussa helped the two climb Khofu Pyramid on November 29, in return for LE4,000, in coordination

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    One of Khashoggi killers said 'I know how to cut' on audio, Erdogan says

    ISTANBUL (Reuters) - One of the killers of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was heard saying “I know how to cut” on the audio of the killing Turkey shared with US and European officials, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday. Erdogan also slammed Riyadh for its changing account of how Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist and prominent critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Oct 2. The journalist had gone there to collect documents for his forthcoming marriage. The case has caused global outrage and has damaged the international standing of the 33-year-old crown prince, the kingdom’s de facto ruler. The US Senate on Thursday delivered

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    Statue of 'racist' Gandhi removed from Ghana university campus

    A statue of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi has been removed from Ghana's most prestigious university following complaints that he was racist against the black Africans. The statue, installed at the University of Ghana in capital Accra was removed in the middle of the night earlier this week after protests from students and faculty at the university campus. India's former president Pranab Mukherjee had unveiled the statue to the global peace icon two years ago as a symbol of ties between the two nations. But professors at the university soon began a petition calling for its removal, citing passages written by Gandhi depicting Indians as "infinitely superior" to black Africans and using

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    Lebanese star Myriam Fares faces blackface backlash

    DUBAI: Lebanese singer Myriam Fares has come under fire on social media after a scene in her latest music video appears to show the star in blackface. Fares released the video for her new track, “Goumi” (Get up), on Wednesday and the jungle-themed video sees the pop star performing in African-themed costumes. In one scene, she is painted a significantly darker shade and is seen wearing a neck ring. “Are we not going to talk about @myriamfares blackface in her new video? And all that cultural appropriation is (going to) slide?” one user commented on Twitter, while another tweeted: “Myriam Fares is the perfect example (of) Arab ignorance. Is it really difficult educating yourself on what is right