With hair loss on the rise, Asia's men grapple with what it means to be bald

    Despite his father having an "m-shaped" hairline, Alex Han from northeast China never thought he'd experience hair loss in his 20s. While studies have suggested almost all Caucasian men will eventually face some degree of male pattern baldness -- and around half can expect to lose their hair by middle age -- Asian men, and East Asians in particular, have historically experienced the lowest incidence of hair loss in the world. A 2010 study from six Chinese cities found that fewer than 3% of men aged 18-29, and just over 13% of those in their 30s, experienced male pattern baldness. Earlier research from South Korea suggested that only 14.1% of the entire male population was affected, while Japanese men were found to develop male pattern baldness approximately a decade later than their European counterparts.

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    Iran hits back at US accusation over dissident's killing

    Tehran has hit back at the United States over accusations that Iranian diplomats were behind the killing of an Iranian dissident in the Turkish city of Istanbul in November 2019. Masoud Molavi Vardanjani was shot dead on November 14. Two senior Turkish officials told Reuters news agency on March 27 that the killing was instigated by two intelligence officers in Iran's consulate in Turkey. More: US believes Iran 'directly involved' in killing of dissident Does Turkey stand to gain after Soleimani's assassination? Is there really a Turkey-Iran rapprochment? On Wednesday, a senior US official told Reuters that Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) was behind the murder "given Iran's

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    UK PM Johnson's pregnant fiance had coronavirus symptoms

    Carrie Symonds, the pregnant fiance of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said she had spent the past week in bed with symptoms of the novel coronavirus but after seven days of rest felt stronger and was on the mend. “I've spent the past week in bed with the main symptoms of Coronavirus. I haven't needed to be tested and, after seven days of rest, I feel stronger and I'm on the mend,” Symonds said. For more coronavirus news, visit our dedicated page. Last Update: 20:44 KSA 23:44 - GMT 20:44

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    Coronavirus fuels domestic violence in the Middle East

    For many women in the Middle East and North Africa, physical violence is a part of everyday life. In countries such as Yemen, Morocco and Egypt, at least a quarter of all married women say their husbands have physically abused them, according to a Princeton University study published last year. Last week Tunisian Women's Affairs Minister Asma Shiri raised the alarm on rising domestic violence as a result of government efforts to curb the novel coronavirus pandemic. After Tunisia imposed a curfew in mid-March, the number of domestic violence cases rose fivefold. Although nearly half of the countries that make up the Middle East and North Africa region have passed laws to combat domestic violence,

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    British Muslim nurse, doctor latest medical staff to die of virus

    London, United Kingdom - A British Pakistani woman who worked as a hospital cleaner for 15 years before realising her dream and graduating in nursing has become one of the first nurses in the United Kingdom to die of COVID-19. Areema Nasreen, a 36-year-old mother to three children, was described by friends as positive, spiritual, funny and open-hearted. Despite having no underlying health conditions, Nasreen lost the battle with COVID-19 early on Friday in an intensive care unit at Walsall Manor Hospital, where she had worked for more than 15 years and where she contracted the coronavirus two weeks ago while supporting patients who had tested positive. "Areema was such an amazing person," Shabeena Kousar, Nasreen's friend of 16 years, told Al Jazeera.

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    Coronavirus: Iran health authorities fear increase in cases

    Iran has reported that 158 people have died of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. There are nearly 56,000 confirmed cases in the country. Despite warnings of a resurgence, Iran is considering a partial easing of social distancing restrictions to reduce the economic strain of the coronavirus outbreak. Al Jazeera correspondent Nour Eddine Edghir was given rare access to a hospital in Tehran, Iran.

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    South Korea conquered coronavirus without a lockdown: a model to follow?

    As countries across the world go into partial or total lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, one country is being held up as a model of how to control the disease without having to shut down the economy: South Korea. On Thursday, Seoul announced 101 new cases of coronavirus infection, marking the 20th day in a row when infections have grown at a rate of less than 150 people per day – a marked change to late February, when the country saw 909 infections in a single day. Unlike countries such as Italy or Spain, where huge increases in cases were met with countrywide lockdowns, South Korea never imposed a curfew or stopped its people from going to work. Despite this, South Korea managed to stabilize the infection rate – or “flattened the curve.”