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    Trump says US warship 'destroyed' Iranian drone in Gulf

    The United States says a US Navy ship has "destroyed" an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz after it threatened the vessel, a claim Iran promptly denied.  In remarks at the White House on Thursday, US President Donald Trump said the drone had flown to within 1,000 metres of the USS Boxer and had ignored "multiple calls to stand down".  "This is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by Iran against vessels operating in international waters. The US reserves the right to defend our personnel, facilities and interests," Trump said. "The drone was immediately destroyed," he added. Abbas Araghchi, Iranian deputy foreign minister, dismissed the claim in a Twitter post on Friday.  "We

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    Iran military says all its drones have returned safely to base: Report

    Iran's top military spokesman said all the country's drones had returned safely to base, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported, after President Donald Trump said a US Navy ship had “destroyed” one. “All drones belonging to Iran in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz ... returned safely to their bases after their mission of identification and control, and there is no report of any operational response by USS Boxer,” Abolfazl Shekarchi, a senior armed forces spokesman, was quoted as saying by Tasnim.

  • Jeddah World Fest: Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, Liam Payne and Chris Brown take to stage in Saudi Arabia - in pictures

    There were some last minute changes to the line up for Jeddah World Festival Janet Jackson, 50 Cent and Chris Brown were among the huge stars to take to the stage in Saudi Arabia last night. The superstars were last-minute additions to the Jeddah World Fest line-up, confirming the day before the event, which took place on Thursday evening. They joined former One Direction star Liam Payne. It was the first time performing in Saudi Arabia for all the artists. "Amazing news! Janet Jackson is confirmed to perform at Jeddah World Fest! We can't wait to see this incredible icon in Jeddah," Jeddah Season tweeted on Wednesday. Jeddah Season quickly also announced the addition of Future and 50 Cent to

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    Moody's: Sharjah's rating outlook negative, A3 rating affirmed

    On Thursday, Moody's Investors Service changed the outlook on the government of Sharjah's long-term issuer ratings from “stable” to “negative” and affirmed the long-term issuer ratings at A3. The agency stated that the negative outlook reflects the government's deteriorating fiscal position. In the absence of significant fiscal consolidation measures, the government of Sharjah could face further rating downgrades. Moody's expects the government's fiscal position to continue to deteriorate unless significant consolidation measures are taken.

  • Sajid Javid warns of 'naked populism' in US

    Home Secretary Sajid Javid has condemned "naked populism" in the US and described chants made at a Donald Trump rally as "completely unacceptable". Mr Trump disavowed chants of "send her back" aimed at Democratic congresswoman and US citizen Ilhan Omar. Mr Javid said he was "deeply concerned" about polarisation in parts of the US. In a speech, he also warned of racism propelling extremist politicians to power around the world. Speaking about the chants, Mr Javid said: "This is going on in the US today. Imagine if people were saying to me "send him back". "I know how I'd feel but I'd like to think most of society would think that's just completely unacceptable in a modern liberal democracy, to

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    Somali-born lawmaker brands Trump 'fascist' after rally taunt

    Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar branded Donald Trump a “fascist” on Thursday as the president sought to distance himself from mocking chants of “Send her back!” directed at the Somali-born lawmaker by his supporters. “We have said this president is racist, we have condemned his racist remarks,” said Omar, one of two Muslim women in Congress. “I believe he is fascist.” Chants of “Send her back!” broke out at Trump's “Make America Great Again” rally in Greenville, North Carolina, on Wednesday night when he attacked Omar and three other ethnic minority Democratic congresswomen known as the “Squad.” Omar received a very different reception when she returned home to Minnesota Thursday night and

  • Father accused of zip tying son to plywood

    SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. - A Sarasota father is accused of using zip ties to bind his 13-year-old to a piece of plywood, according to deputies. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office said Frank McKay, 41, and his girlfriend Adecia Johnson, 38, are charged with aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment after they learned McKay was forcing his son to sleep on a piece of plywood without a mattress or any linens both at home and at Johnson's home. Deputies said McKay's son told them he was only fed a salad, banana and two bottles of water each day while he was bound to the plywood with zip ties. "McKay has more than a dozen prior arrests in Sarasota County for crimes including Contempt of Court for