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    Al Jazeera

    US Navy seizes huge weapons cache in Arabian Sea

    The US Navy says it seized a huge cache of illicit Russian and Chinese weapons from a stateless vessel sailing in international waters of the northern Arabian Sea. The US Fifth Fleet, which is based in Bahrain, said on Sunday the guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey intercepted the boat and discovered the cargo during a routine boarding in a two-day operation on May 6-7.

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    Why American politicians cannot say the words 'Israeli apartheid'

    It is disappointing, although not surprising at all, that American politicians choose to use such language that obfuscates the reality of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. Yet, the problem here is not just what they say but also why they feel compelled to say it. This is the language that has long been entrenched and engineered by the powerful Israeli Lobby in the US to whitewash the Palestinian reality by presenting the Israeli apartheid and colonialism as an issue of “conflict resol...

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    Al Jazeera

    China: Rocket debris burns up safely during re-entry

    Remnants of China’s largest rocket launched last month plunged back through the atmosphere on Sunday, landing west of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean and ending days of speculation over where the debris would hit. After monitoring and analysis, at 10:24 [02:24 GMT] on May 9, 2021, the last-stage wreckage of the Long March 5B Yao-2 launch vehicle has reentered the atmosphere,” the China Manned Space Engineering Office said in a statement. It added most of the components burned up in the re-entry.

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    Egypt Independent

    As cases grow, India's vaccination campaign falters

    Since India opened vaccinations to all adults this month, hoping to tame a disastrous coronavirus surge sweeping across the country, the pace of administering the shots has dropped with states saying they only have limited stock to give out. Cases meanwhile are still rising at record pace in the world’s second-most populous nation. Alongside a slowdown in vaccinations, states have gone to court over oxygen shortages as hospitals struggle to treat a running line of COVID-19 patients.

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    As a girl, sewing helped her recover from hand burns. Now her designs grace red carpets and runways

    Fashion designer Linda Rowe Thomas remembers playing "dress-up" on November 26, 1971. Linda was two years old, her sister was six. Shortly after she put on a fur coat, a kerosene heater exploded in her Douglasville, Texas home.

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    UK delivers tourism blow as the UAE remains on 'red list'

    UK Transport Secretary says transit hubs of Dubai, Abu Dhabi are an issue while aviation expert predicts amber rating for UAE going forward The announcement means arrivals from the UAE – along with all countries on the red list – are required to travel straight to a government-mandated hotel for 10 days at a cost of £1,750 per adult.

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    Kuwait Times

    'Dracula's castle' offers tourists COVID shots

    Visitors to Romania’s forbidding Bran Castle, widely known as the inspiration for the lair of Dracula, are being jabbed with needles rather than vampiric fangs this weekend in a coronavirus vaccination drive. I came to visit the castle with my family and when I saw the poster I gathered up my courage and agreed to get the injection,” said 39-year-old engineer Liviu Necula.